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How Should a Student Furnish His Room on a College Campus - Top 5 tips

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
Modern staged dorm room

While going to college has its perks, it also comes with plenty of responsibilities. You would leave your comfort zone and adjust without your family to help out. As an incoming freshman, you would start living in a dorm.

Aside from the things needed in school, there is also a need to purchase items for the living space. Furniture, storage containers, appliances, and more will make the room homier, even if it's just a small space. Here are some tips to get started.

1. Make a list of the essential items you need

Start the task by creating a list of the most common items needed to make the space feel like home. How long the list will depend on how big the dorm room is. For small spaces, it's best to only furnish the room with the essentials so it won't end up being too cluttered.

Also, think about how long you plan to live in the dorm room. If you just need to spend one semester in the dorm to complete a few units, you won't need a lot of stuff. The fewer items you buy, the easier it will be to pack when moving time comes. There is also the option to decide while gradually filling up the space. While settling down, you will eventually figure out what's lacking. Each time you will shop, bring a list of items as a reference.

2. Online help for students to have more free time

Having a small space shouldn't be a problem. It's much easier to decorate and furnish a small dorm room than a big one. But if you're still trying to adjust to life as a college student, decorating on your own could feel like a difficult task. When feeling overwhelmed with all of the coursework you need to complete, you can turn to masters dissertation writing services by Ca.EduBirdie. Seeking professional help from qualified writers can help ease the stress you feel.

3. Shop at thrift stores

When working with a limited budget, going to thrift shops is a great idea. These shops offer chairs, tables, shelves, and even appliances at more affordable prices. There is also the option to shop at garage sales near the school. You're bound to find interesting items for the dorm. Furniture in these shops comes at low prices, and having these items adds character to any dull or empty space.

Modern clean staged college work desk

4. Take advantage of storage options

When shopping for furniture, it's recommended to choose items that you can use for different purposes. For instance, a bed with drawers or a chair that doubles as a storage box. These items help save money and maximize a small space. College dorms may already have built-in closets for roommates to share, along with a desk, a chair, and a chest with drawers. To add extra storage space, using multi-purpose containers is highly recommended.

You can even improvise low beds to have more storage space. Buying a set of bed risers helps you use the additional space under the bed. After lifting the bed, the space under would serve as storage for items that aren't used often. It's also a good idea to visit second-hand shops for sturdy box chests that can serve as seats and additional storage spaces for school items.

5. Bring in some second-hand items

If you plan to live in the dorm room for a long time but have a limited budget, consider bringing some hand-me-down items too. Asking relatives, neighbors, and friends for usable items can be of great help.

Often, people have something they want to willingly give away. Almost all households have items they don't use anymore. Be it a set of beddings, tableware, plates, and more. When going to college for the first time, it's a good move to turn to friends and family or a buy and sell old stuff website or app. It could be a used toaster, a small fridge, and other appliances. They might even offer advice on what or where to purchase the other items needed for the dorm.


There are many ways to decorate your small dorm room without breaking the bank. College students want their living space to have a homey feel. By buying items in garage sales or thrift shops, you can decorate the room with personality and style. Having a comfortable place to live feels relaxing after a tiring day of studying. A pleasant room can be a great place to invite friends over too. This is a huge advantage as college is all about enjoying school and socializing with friends.

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