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How to Boost Curb Appeal When Preparing to Sell Your Home

Updated on:
July 4, 2023
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If you're a homeowner preparing to sell your property, you want to do all you can to secure the best possible sale price. While many homeowners think to make upgrades to the inside, they frequently neglect the outside. Making upgrades to the property's exterior, landscaping, and garden can reap rewards in the long run. Find out how to boost curb appeal below.

Prepare for the home appraisal process first

Before you take steps to spruce up your property, consider scheduling a home appraisal appointment. Penny Mac explains that this process involves an objective third party coming in and assessing the market value of your home. They can flag issues that may detract from the property's overall value, giving you a guideline for what you should prioritize when making improvements.

A home appraiser will check the status of major systems, like HVAC, electrical, and plumbing. They will also look at basic characteristics of the house, such as the square footage, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. An appraisal generally runs from $450 to $750, although the exact price depends on the property size and your location.

Spruce up the property exterior next

Start by addressing the house's facade. Applying a fresh coat of paint can make the property look newer. You might also consider small tweaks like adding new house numbers, putting flower boxes on either side of the door, and sprucing up the trim on the door and mailbox. These little changes can add up to a more attractive appearance overall.

With the house itself taken care of, move on to the landscaping. If you have walkways leading up to the front door, take the time to seal cracks and remove weeds. Make a tidy appearance by adding fresh mulch, pruning trees and bushes, and mowing the lawn. You might also add new landscaping elements shown to boost value, like an irrigation system. Make sure to work on optimizing landscape design skills and take your outdoor game to the next level!

Adding landscape lighting is another small but impactful change worth making. Family Handyman provides tips for outdoor lighting. Start by focusing lighting on the house itself and then move on to light walkways. Instead of placing lights in a straight line, create a more inviting pathway by staggering them slightly. Motion-activated lights are also in-demand among buyers, as they can save energy.

Upgrade the garden last

After you've spruced up the basic landscaping, consider investing some time into upgrading your garden. Gardening became increasingly popular in the wake of COVID-19. According to The Guardian, this trend is here to stay. Many people are interested in growing their own food, which reduces their reliance on traditional supply chains and allows for off-grid living.

To create a vegetable garden, you'll first need a decent plot of land that gets enough sun. Aerating and fertilizing the soil will make it more productive, encouraging strong growth. You can then sketch out how you'll plant your garden, leaving plenty of room between plants for growth. To ramp up the aesthetic appeal, consider also adding an all-seasons flower garden.

When planting a garden, also consider what steps you can take to make it more sustainable. For example, you might consider creating a DIY rain barrel to catch water, boosting your property's self-reliability. A compost pile is another great addition, allowing you to create homemade fertilizer. These extras will make your property stand out to homebuyers.

Preparing to sell a home requires some time and money. Making this effort will be worth it in the long run, however. With the above steps, you can ramp up your property value and command a higher sale price.

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