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How to Choose the Perfect Self-Storage Unit for Your Needs

Updated on:
June 27, 2023
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We all have a habit of collecting things that may seem like junk to others but hold a special place in our hearts. As a result, we often find ourselves running out of space in our homes. With the growing popularity of tiny homes and the desire for a minimalist lifestyle, finding extra storage space has become a top priority for many of us.

If you have accumulated lots of unnecessary things and have nowhere to put them, consider leasing a storage unit. A self-storage unit can give you somewhere safe and convenient to store your belongings; this post will tell you how you can choose one that meets your needs:

Considering Space

Think carefully about how much space you need, as leasing an entire storage unit to store a few small objects is an obvious waste of time and money. In the blog post Space Calculator Self Storage, it is recommended to figure out exactly how much square footage you are going to need prior to renting a unit. Very few people do use calculators when they are renting storage units, mainly out of ignorance of their existence, which means that they cost themselves huge amounts of money and end up feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled.

Once you have figured out how much space you require, you can begin exploring locker options. Typically, storage facilities do not provide detailed information about locker sizes on their websites. Instead, reaching out to them directly is necessary in order to obtain this information. When contacting them, it is important to communicate your specific space requirements very clearly. Ensure that you don't allow the locker company you intend to lease a unit to convince you to rent a larger locker than is necessary either.

Think About Cost

Cost is another factor that needs to be taken into consideration in order for you to find the storage locker that is right for you. A lot of people rush into leasing storage lockers and don’t give any thought to the cost until the last minute when payment is due. Individuals intent on leasing lockers should make price inquiries at the same time that they are thinking about measurements. When you sign a storage locker lease you are usually contractually obliged to continue renting the unit for a period of around a year. Make sure you are confident that you will be able to make payments for this long before signing any documents.

If you are unable to make any of your contractual payments, the company you have rented your locker from could theoretically seize control of all of the things stored inside the unit. In addition to seizing control of the locker’s contents, they could also take you to court. The end result of being taken to court for non-payment of one’s rent is usually a default. If a default is issued against you then you won’t be able to get a credit card or any loans for at least three years (although the total time the default will stay on your credit file is six years).

Facility Security

Security should be one of your main concerns when you are thinking about renting a storage unit. A lot of people make the mistake of randomly selecting units, not taking the security measures employed at the facilities they are in into consideration. Now more than ever, commercial burglaries are a big threat. Ideally, the facility you lease from should utilize a mix of security measures, including fences, cameras, and also dogs. Dogs are a great deterrent to theft.

For obvious reasons, facilities do not openly publicize their security measures, as if they were to do this then thieves would know what to expect. If you are seriously thinking about renting a locker from a specific company, but do not know what they are going to do to protect your belongings, you can ask them for a little bit of insight into their security protocols and strategies; if a company is not comfortable sharing this information with you, understand why this is and find another that is just so that you can allay any fears you have about your belongings not being protected.

Frequency of Use

There are likely lots of different storage facilities in your town or city. Individuals interested in making use of their locker weekly should of course find the one that is closest to their home. For people who are more interested in storing their belongings over long periods of time (and not using them), it’s better to rent lockers a little further away. Renting a unit that is quite a distance from your house will enable you to save money; generally, storage facilities in cities and towns are a lot more expensive than ones in rural areas.

Do bear in mind that if you are storing things inside of a storage unit, you are going to need to attend once in a while just to clean up. Inside storage units, mold can get out of control. If there is any dampness inside your unit and you don’t dry it up quickly then you’ll end up having to pay for new things, as they will without a shadow of a doubt get consumed and covered by and in mold. Likewise, dry air can damage things so consider putting a humidifier inside if you think it is necessary for you to.

Customer Reviews

One other thing that you need to think about if you're planning on renting a storage unit is the company’s reviews. The reviews of a storage facility can help you to determine whether or not they are the right company for you. Company reviews give you an idea of what their past clients think of them. In addition to reading a company's reviews, it is also a good idea to check out their star rating. Star ratings are a reflection of what customers who do not have the time to leave reviews think.

Storage units can come in very handy. If you are planning on renting one, follow the guidance given here so you can find the one that’s perfect for you.

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