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How to Declutter Your Bedroom 

Updated on:
June 10, 2024
How to Declutter Your Bedroom 

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Just when you thought it'd be easy to keep a tiny house tidy, clutter starts creeping in. How do you keep your bedroom clutter-free? You may already know the drill—installing wall shelves, maximizing vertical spaces, and using under-bed storage. But we'll take it a step further in this article. 

We'll show you proven strategies and simple habits that effortlessly integrate decluttering into your daily life. These will help make the process feel less like a chore and more like part of your routine.

KonMari Method for Tiny House Bedrooms

Instead of just sorting your stuff, the KonMari Method has you really think about each item. This follows the philosophy of “Sparking Joy.” This means that if it makes you happy, you keep it. 

This method reduces clutter and helps you value what you own more. Apply this to your bedroom by organizing items by type. Pull everything together and decide what stays. 

The KonMari Method also suggests thanking items before letting them go. This helps build a positive vibe and connects you more to your space—in this case, the bedroom.

How do you get this done?

  • Visualize Your Ideal Bedroom: Start by picturing your perfect, tiny bedroom. What’s important isn’t just looks, but how the space feels and supports your lifestyle. This vision guides you in choosing what to keep.
  • Categorize Your Belongings: Organize by category, not location. Begin with clothes, then books, papers, miscellaneous, and sentimental items. This approach stops you from just moving clutter around and helps you keep things that really matter.
  • Keep Only What Sparks Joy: Handle each item and think about whether it brings you joy. This question is crucial in a tiny space where each item's impact is greater. Focus on keeping things that are both happy and useful.
  • Organize Intuitively: Arrange what you’ve kept in a practical yet appealing way. Use organizing tools like boxes or dividers to keep your space neat. Everything should have its place, which is essential in a small bedroom.
  • Reflect and Adjust: Finally, take a moment to look over your bedroom. Does it reflect the life you want? If something’s not right, feel free to tweak it. KonMari is about maintaining a space that truly fits your lifestyle.

365 Less Things Method: A Year-Round Approach

To apply the 365 Less Things method to declutter your bedroom, make it a habit to remove one item from your room each day. Every item you remove helps make your room more functional and calming.

It will help to document your progress. Keep a log or use an app to track what you declutter. Seeing your progress can really motivate you. It also shows you what kinds of things you often get rid of, which can guide your future buying decisions and help keep clutter from coming back.

Apply the “Four-Box” Method

Have areas marked for 'Trash', 'Give Away', 'Keep', and 'Store'. This makes deciding what to do with each item straightforward and helps prevent piles from growing.

Ask for help whenever the tasks seem overwhelming. If the items categorized as “trash” have already piled up, call a junk removal company before you can change your mind or retrieve items from the pile.

Do Not Add More to the Clutter

Most important of all, help yourself when you have an urge to make a purchase. Think twice before buying new things, especially decorations or clothes. Ask yourself if they’re necessary or if they'll just add to the clutter. 

Choosing quality over quantity means your space stays meaningful and manageable.

Image Source: Canva

The Becker Method: A Four-Step Decluttering Process

The Becker Method is all about decluttering in a way that simplifies your life. It helps you make smart choices about what you need to keep and what you should let go of, so your space reflects what you truly value.

Start with the Basics—Clear Out the Trash

Kick things off by throwing out anything that's clearly trash. Aside from freeing up space, this is also about seeing some immediate results. Even in a small bedroom, just removing a few unwanted items can really open up the room.

Finding a Home for Everything

Next up, put things where they belong. Maybe a cup or a book wandered into your room and never left. In small spaces like tiny homes, keeping everything in its place is key to staying organized.

Smart Storage Solutions

Now, it’s time to get smart with storage. Think about using spaces you might overlook, like under the bed or high up on the walls. The idea is to store things in a way that keeps your room open and clutter-free.

Choosing What to Keep

The final step is often the toughest—figuring out what stays and what needs to go. When you're living in a small space, every inch counts. That's why it's crucial to hang onto only those things you frequently use or truly cherish. 

By following these steps, you can turn even the smallest bedroom into a space that feels larger and more welcoming.

The Minimalist Game: Make Decluttering Fun

Who says tidying up has to be a chore? Try the Minimalist Game. It’s a playful challenge where, each day for a month, you let go of more items. 

Start with one item on the first day, two on the second, and keep increasing. This slow buildup helps you adjust without the stress.

As you decide what to let go of, sort things into categories—keep, donate, sell, or throw away—and put them in specific spots or boxes to keep things orderly. This makes the whole process a lot more manageable and even a bit more fun!

Why not make it more enjoyable by involving friends or family? It adds a bit of competition and a lot of support. This will keep you motivated. 

At the end of the month, take a moment to reflect on all the progress you've made. Think about how the space around you has transformed and how this aligns with your minimalist goals. 

And it doesn't have to end there—keep applying these minimalist principles to prevent clutter from coming back. Regularly assess whether the things you own still deserve their place in your life. This ongoing commitment can help cement a more organized, simplified lifestyle.

The Packing Party Method: Testing Necessities

Hosting a Packing Party is a playful and enlightening way to figure out what you actually need, especially in a small space like a tiny house bedroom. 

Start by grabbing some boxes and labels, and set aside about three weeks for this experiment. This gives you plenty of time to identify the items you truly use. Begin by packing up all your bedroom belongings as though you're moving out, making sure to label each box for easy identification. 

Over the following weeks, only unpack the items you absolutely need. This method highlights what's essential and what's just taking up space. At the end of your experiment, take a look at what’s left in the boxes. 

Items that you haven't used probably aren't necessary. You might want to think about selling, donating, or throwing these away. This process is great not just for reducing clutter but also for shifting your mindset towards minimalism while helping you focus more on what adds value to your life.


Now that you know different strategies and methods you can use to effectively declutter your tiny home bedroom, it’s time to try which one suits you best. All these techniques offer practical steps to clear your space in line with your lifestyle goals. 

Remember, decluttering is not just about removing items—it's about creating a space that reflects your ideals and supports your daily life. Embrace these changes, and enjoy the calm, welcoming bedroom environment you've crafted through thoughtful decluttering and smart organization.

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