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How to Develop Property Management Software for Real Estate

Updated on:
January 9, 2024
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Managing multiple properties within a rapidly growing real estate industry can be an arduous task. Managing pre-existing tenants, dealing with new tenants, keeping track of accounts and payments, handling property defects and repairs - all these regular processes can become easily overwhelming.

Fortunately, the use of a custom property management system can help you manage those assets more efficiently and reduce the amount of tedious data entry involved in running it. Property management systems, including the best accounting software available in the market, come with features like tenant listing and electronic account tracking, enabling landlords to streamline their leasing process and make their daily work tasks much easier.

With such an advanced tool at your disposal, you can expect to free up more time which can be put towards higher value tasks like increasing efficiency levels or doing research into ways of improving your business.

Trends in Property Management Software Development

If you want to order property management software development services, then you need to pay attention to finding a good company. Take professional real estate developers that have received a lot of positive feedback. Even if you do not plan to hire developers and develop such software yourself, you should be aware of current trends.

Virtual tour of the apartment

Virtual apartment tours made waves in 2020. They allowed people to view properties without ever needing to be present. As strange as it initially seemed, virtual tours have gained massive popularity with 41% of millennials already willing to buy an apartment they've only seen through a 3D tour.

For businesses looking to provide these services, custom property management software is the way to go. This unique technology allows businesses and customers alike the opportunity to experience properties in ways never possible before - all from the comfort of their homes. It looks like virtual tours are here to stay!

Business intelligence

Property management companies and the broader realm of commercial real estate have traditionally worked with multiple systems to achieve operations efficiency. Property management, customer relation software, and spreadsheets are all useful in their own way, but they don't always integrate well to provide a holistic overview.

In recent years, however, many businesses have begun to move towards business intelligence software that allows for data from disparate sources to be compiled into a unified platform. While traditional business intelligence software has been on the market for some time, other solutions like predictive analysis programs offer new and exciting tools that help to more accurately predict future trends in the industry.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a powerful tool in the property manager’s arsenal. From helping with customer service to aiding the sales cycle, AI can save time and money while streamlining operations.

For instance, AI-powered chatbots can take care of inquiries from tenants, providing assistance and even acting as a multilingual signposting system for global property management businesses. AI can also help identify relevant leads via predictive lead scoring, which can save considerable resources that would otherwise go into marketing and outreach efforts. As its potential continues to be explored, AI is well on its way to becoming an integral part of managing any type of real estate portfolio.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is making waves in the property market, first emerging as a gaming technology before being utilized to make selling real estate more efficient. By generating interest in a property and speeding up the response time to an offer or application, it makes an incredibly effective marketing tool.

Virtual tours and 3D property plans provide something extra on a listing that photos alone cannot do, and are particularly attractive to millennials - 80% said they are interested in such features when shopping for a home, with 40% finding comfort in having this additional information available.

Types of Custom Property Management Software

For a property development app, you need to immediately form an understanding of what type of software you need. The main types are described below.

property management software


For anyone interested in working on the cutting edge of developing software to manage properties for finance, insurance and retail businesses, commercial real estate management software offers unique opportunities. This includes having access to large amounts of data from numerous renters, efficient payment processes, and better maintenance planning.


As a proud owner of apartment buildings and/or houses, you know how important it is to have effective management and oversight of your tenants, the buildings, and your financials. It doesn't matter if you need big or small property management software, it will greatly reduce the burden on a person.

This type of software makes it easier to organize tenants into a single database, as well as receive payments from them via PayPal or credit cards. You’ll also be able to keep track of occupancy leases, schedule maintenance tasks well in advance, and gets into other important data that can help with decision-making.


Industrial property development apps are undeniably essential for any manufacturing business that wants to thrive. From warehouses and supply chains to logistics, these applications are indispensable in keeping everything in order.

With the help of property management automation software, manufacturers can provide an accurate assessment of space usage and schedule payments and maintenance. They can also actively track database updates so that their records stay up-to-date at all times. All in all, industrial property development apps provide a simple yet effective way to streamline the production process without slowing it down.


Small rental property management businesses, such as small hotels and rental apartment firms, can greatly benefit from rental property management software. This type of software allows managers to keep track of room status and check guests in and out efficiently. It also allows managers to create a client database, assign apartments quickly and manage bills with more accuracy.

Furthermore, the increased visibility this software provides in business operations makes it the perfect fit for smaller businesses. With rental property management software, small rental businesses can improve their bottom line by streamlining their operational processes.

Final Words

Here we have dealt with the types of software and the main trends, but if you are interested in the technical side of the issue contact a custom software development company for the best solution. Virtual reality and property management software are both important tools for real estate professionals. Virtual reality makes it easier to give potential customers an immersive experience of a home, while property management software can be used to streamline the operations of rental properties. With these tools at their disposal, real estate agents can improve their productivity and provide better service.

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