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How to Find the Perfect Piece of Land for a Tiny Home

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
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The tiny home movement is more popular than ever. People all over the world are starting to grow an interest in building or owning a tiny home. With that, there’s nothing more important than ensuring you have the right advice when shifting towards this new and unique living experience.

Of all the decisions tiny homeowners must make before moving into their new home, one of the most difficult ones is finding the right piece of land to call home. In fact, it’s a decision many people struggle with and can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety in one’s day-to-day life.

The good news is we have a ton of tips to help you avoid this stress and anxiety, but before we continue, we want to emphasize the importance of receiving help when your anxiety becomes overwhelming. If this sounds like you, reach out to a mental health professional immediately.

So, how do you pick the right location for your tiny home?

Finding the right location for your tiny home requires a large amount of planning and organizing. You’ll likely come across a wide range of challenges and obstacles, but it’s something you must expect when embarking on this new and exciting journey. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you!

In order to find success with this process, there are several questions you need to ask yourself. In fact, there are five major questions that must be answered before you can find the right location. These are necessary when determining your unique situation and preferences.

Let’s take a closer look at these questions and what they’re determining.

1. Are you building or buying a tiny home?

The first question you’ll need to ask yourself is whether you want to build your tiny home or purchase a pre-built tiny home. Your decision here will be extremely important when you start looking for a piece of land for your tiny home -- so make sure you choose wisely!

If you’re building your home, you’ll have a lot more options when customizing the tiny home to your liking. Many people decide to build their home on a foundation, which would require you to follow a ton of zoning and building codes that correspond with the potential piece of land chosen.

If you’re buying a tiny home that’s pre-built, you’ll need to make sure the home is already customized to meet these mandatory zoning and building codes. This is where many people run into problems, especially since it’ll cost even more money to change the design or features.

2. Are you looking to rent or own land?

Once you determine the type of tiny home you’re interested in, it’s time to determine the type of land you’re looking for. Some people want to rent or lease the land for temporary use, while others are more interested in owning the piece of land for long-term or permanent use.

There are certainly benefits and downfalls to each decision. For example, renting or leasing the land is perfect for those that don’t plan on staying in the area long. Some renters already have a tiny home on the land, while others have it designed for your own tiny home on wheels.

On the other hand, owning a piece of land comes with a little more frustration. Of course, you get a little more freedom when deciding what to do with the land and what features to include. If you plan on sticking around permanently or long-term, this is the perfect option for a tiny home.

Consider hiring land surveyors for professional assistance in updating boundary lines. They will help to meet your requirements so that legal disputes are prevented.

3. How much land do you need?

Whether you’re renting or owning the piece of land, the next question you must ask yourself is how much land you’re interested in. Some people prefer a smaller piece of land that’s big enough for their tiny home, while others want a larger piece of land that gives you more

When choosing a smaller piece of land, you’ll likely be saving a lot more money since you’ll be paying by the square foot. Of course, you won’t have as much land to build a garden, a small pool, or space for your pets to run around. You’ll be a little more limited in what you can do.

On the other hand, you can truly enhance your tiny home living experience with more land. It might cost you a bit extra, but it’s often worth it when you make use of it. Not only that, but larger land is much easier to find these days compared to smaller pieces of land -- keep that in mind!

4. How will you get your water and power?

Now that you know how much land you’ll need, it’s time to consider how you’ll get two of the most important things for your tiny home -- water and power. Some people prefer to be completely off the grid, while others prefer to be connected to the water line and power grid.

There’s no right or wrong answer here. If you don’t want to be connected to the power grid, you can create your own power by use of solar energy. It’s a much more sustainable way to live, it’s good for the environment, and there are a ton of affordable options in the modern world today.

For water, you don’t have to hook up to the town’s water line if you don’t want to. Some people prefer to source their water from a well, especially those that live in the countryside. Of course, the town’s water line is usually the easiest and safest, but it’s not always a viable option.

5. Are you someone that travels often?

The final question you should ask yourself is whether you plan on traveling often. This is an important thing to consider because you won’t want to build your tiny home on a foundation if you don’t plan on staying there long. You also don't want to own the land you don't end up using.

If you plan on traveling in your tiny home, the first thing is to make sure your tiny home is mobile with wheels. Next, you want to plan and organize your trips well, that way you know where to park and what your area allows -- especially since every city is different in their own way.

The easiest solution for those that travel often is getting your tiny home RV certified. This gives you the freedom to park your tiny home in just about any RV park or campground that allows it. They also come with their own water and power hook-ups for convenient living.

Does Your Piece of Land Satisfy Your Needs & Desires?

Taking everything from above into consideration, you should have a much better idea about what type of land you’re interested in when experiencing the tiny home life. There are a lot of different options and a lot of ways to enjoy your tiny home, so you must consider everything.

If searching for the right piece of land becomes too overwhelming for you, don’t panic. It’s something many homeowners experience and you’re not alone. In fact, many people reach out to mental health professionals to help keep themselves level-headed throughout the process.

For those that are new to the tiny home lifestyle and want additional advice on the tiny home movement, feel free to head over to our Tiny House Blog. You’ll find loads of information, tips, and reviews from professionals that love connecting with like-minded individuals like yourself!

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