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Everything you Need to Know to Have a Legal Tiny Home In Ontario

Updated on:
October 7, 2023
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There are many reasons why tiny homes have grown in popularity. First, they are super cute. Second, they offer people a more reasonably expensed roof over their heads. Tiny homes are often owned without a mortgage needed. Because of their small size, utility bills go down. If you're looking to live tiny and more simply, then a tiny home is the way to go. They are both eco-friendly and affordable

There are many rumors that tiny homes are illegal in Ontario. This article is sharing with you how that’s incorrect and how to have a legal tiny home in Ontario.

Are Tiny Homes Legal In Ontario?

Yes, tiny homes are legal as long as they follow specific rules. For example, all tiny homes in Ontario must have the following:

  • Total square footage of over 188 square feet.
  • A living/sleeping area, bathroom with bath/shower, cooking area with running water
  • The tiny home must be built to Ontario Building Code.
  • The tiny home requires a building permit from the municipality. (This means that the tiny home complies with all of the by-laws. Unfortunately, for many municipalities, this means that the tiny home can not have wheels.)

Tiny homes on wheels have different rules than tiny homes without wheels. Some municipalities won't allow tiny homes with wheels. When looking at moving into a tiny home, one avenue is going through certified tiny home builders. These companies have undergone strict procedures to have each home pre-inspected and pre-certified. This route can save a lot of time. It's also beneficial if you're not aware of all the by-laws. The building company can handle all of the details. Once the home is built, it's simply delivered and set up. No additional steps with the municipality are required. Using a building company like Forever Homes can take a lot of stress off of you.

If the building company doesn't have this type of certification, the house might need to be partially finished. This lets the municipality do its inspections on-site and ensure the building is to code. 

Where Can You Put A Tiny Home In Ontario?

Small wooden tiny house with glass

There are several places you can put a tiny home in Ontario. 

  • You can put a tiny home on an empty lot that you own, as long as the tiny home follows all building code requirements.
  • Your backyard. (Even in your backyard, you need a permit, follow the building codes and by-laws.)
  • Tiny house community. There are several throughout Ontario.
  • Your home construction site. You're allowed to live in a tiny house for up to 2 years on-site while your main house is being built. 
  • Cabin land. In some municipalities, extra living spaces are allowed on the same land.

Can You Live In A Tiny Home Year-Round In Ontario?

As long as the tiny home follows all building codes, it can be lived in year-round. The tiny home must be a minimum of 188 square feet and follow all by-laws. If the tiny home is going to be in an urban or suburban area, it needs to be connected to municipal services such as electricity and water.

Why Do People Love Tiny Homes?

There are plenty of reasons why people love tiny homes, and with the on-fire housing market, more people are switching to them. It's hard to ignore the affordability factor in regards to tiny homes. They are inexpensive to build and maintain. In addition, they use less energy, lower your carbon footprint, and because there's less clutter, you spend less time cleaning. Living in a tiny home is a more straightforward way of life with less space and less stuff. 

You can also use some small lights to make your small house more cozy and beautiful. Neon, for example, are less expensive compared to other lights, yet they have a longer lifespan. This will be an excellent choice for decorating your house on a limited budget.

How To Have A Tiny Legal Home In Ontario?

It's simple to have a tiny legal home in Ontario. It requires following a few rules, depending on the municipality you're setting roots in. However, tiny homes are a great way to lower your expenses and live a simpler life. 

Though it is a commitment, most tiny homes are under 500 square feet and don’t grow with the family living inside. It requires creative use of space, storage, and furniture. Ontario has several spaces where you can put your tiny home. It can be put on your own lot, on the lot of the home you’re building, cabin land, and a few more. Each municipality has its own by-laws and rules surrounding tiny homes.

What’s The Draw?

"Tiny homes are a great option for people who want to downsize and simplify their lives," says Richard Fung, a home builder in Ontario, Canada. "They're also more affordable and eco-friendly than traditional homes, and they can be built just about anywhere." Fung says that the trend towards small homes is being driven by a desire for simpler, more sustainable lifestyles. "People are realizing that they don't need a lot of stuff to be happy," he says. "And they don't want to spend their lives cleaning and maintaining a big house." Fung says that tiny homes can be custom-built to suit any budget and taste, and he encourages people to explore the option of downsizing. "You might be surprised at how much you can save – and how much happier you'll be."

Living in a tiny home can bring many positives. You will spend less time cleaning and doing house stuff and more time living, and that's partly what the tiny home movement is about. It's about a more simple way of living. Tiny homes are typically affordable to build and often don't cost enough to qualify for a mortgage even. They're inexpensive to take care of, and they are eco-friendly. 

If you have friends who are interested in buying a home, you may want to recommend them to buy a tiny house like this that combines many advantages. If they have successfully moved into their new house, you can bring some gifts to visit them. For example, a customized Custom Keychains Bulk with their house engraved on it would be a great souvenir!

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