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How to Refresh the Design of Your Tiny Home

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
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Many benefits come with living in a tiny home, from reduced expenses to a minimal, eco-friendly lifestyle. Nonetheless, refreshing the style of your house requires some special considerations. You can revive your tiny home while using your small space wisely with the following tips.

Improve Your Lighting

The right lighting can make your home feel more spacious and welcoming. Furthermore, researchers have found that exposure to natural light may positively affect your mood and brain health. You should keep your windows clean and unobstructed to let in more sunlight. You can decorate with light colors and shiny textures that reflect and boost natural light, too. In the evening, use lampshades and fixtures that diffuse artificial light for a softer look. Consider installing dimmer switches that give you flexibility while allowing you to save space.

Design for Small Spaces

When redecorating your tiny home, look for design choices that let you utilize your space efficiently. For example, sliding doors create privacy while requiring less room than traditional doors. Additionally, benches give you more seating in a small area. Many even have storage compartments beneath the seats. Look for décor you can mount on your walls, or hang indoor plants from the ceiling to use your vertical space. Finally, think about installing a bar top instead of a table and chairs for a space-saving dining area.

Consider Paint or Wallpaper

Changing your walls can transform the look of your tiny home. Soft neutral paint colors, like grey and off-white, can make a room feel more open. However, don't be afraid to try pops of bold color, such as blue or orange. Wallpaper is another great option because it's durable and comes in various styles. You can easily add visual interest with peel-and-stick wallpaper, which you can reposition and remove at any time. In addition, you can customize your design by ordering wallpaper that is printed on-demand or even choose a wallpaper design from an artist across the globe, and avoid a situation in which your design is out of stock.

Change Up Your Hardware

By changing the hardware in your home, you can improve utility and design without using up precious space. Though you can mix materials, try to find fixtures that complement one another and the overall style of your house. In the kitchen and bathroom, coordinate your cabinet fixtures with your faucet and appliances for a cohesive look. You can try modern pulls if you have a contemporary style, or look for classic knobs that create a vintage feel. You can also update the hardware on your doors, including the locks and hinges. Instead of standard doorknobs, add some visual interest with a sleek metal handle or a traditional crystal knob. For interior doors, use a consistent style throughout your home.

Invest in Storage Solutions

Avoiding clutter is a challenge when you live in a small space. Investing in attractive storage solutions that improve the design of your home can help you keep your place organized and well-decorated. Multi-purpose furniture helps you conserve space. For example, a storage ottoman allows you to rest your feet while concealing your belongings. Mounted appliances and shelving can save you valuable counter and floor space. Take advantage of underused areas, such as the space below a stairway. Consider adding hanging racks to the backs of doors and using the area below your bed to stash more items.

Decorating and designing a tiny home brings some distinct challenges. However, if you're mindful of the space you have, you can improve the look of your house.

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