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Is Tacoma, Washington, a Good Place to Live?

Updated on:
March 27, 2024
Is Tacoma, Washington, a Good Place to Live

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Is Tacoma, Washington, a good place to live? This question has become much more pertinent today as the city has created an image that draws various people.

Situated along Puget Sound and dwarfed by Mt. Rainier, which is towering, Tacoma offers a mixture of urban living and natural beauty that is tough to find anywhere else. 

The city’s rich past combined with its transformations as it grows further enhances the liveliness of this space. From bustling downtown with museums and galleries to quiet leafy neighborhoods providing beautiful views, there is something in Tacoma for everyone.

Moreover, it is much cheaper than Seattle next door making it an attractive option for those looking to enjoy the Pacific Northwest without paying top prices. 

Also, through arts and culture programs as well as improving community spaces; Tacoma can enhance quality of life. 

More people are moving here because they recognize its magnetism leading to movers becoming increasingly busy helping new residents settle down on account of the promise of balance that Tacoma gives them.

Whether you are enticed by the economic opportunities cultural scene or natural environs; Tacoma attracts those who want to start afresh.

A Summary of Tacoma

Tacoma, Washington shines out like a beacon of growth and diversity in the North Westerly part of the USA. 

The name ‘City of Destiny’ given to it has greater significance than just a nickname would sound since it talks about its past and future. 

As the third largest city in Washington State, Tacoma offers both concrete jungle sophistication coupled with natural grandeur visible only at these locale boundaries. It is where bustling city life meets serene nature hence creating unique dwellings.

Tacoma’s transformation over these years has been amazing since investments made in infrastructure development have led to its popularity among people from all walks of life (Benson).

Natural Sceneries and Outdoor Activities

This town’s landscape is ideal for those who have a love for outdoor activities. The city has panoramic views of Mount Rainier, which never ceases to amaze its people. 

This natural wonder not only adds to the skyline but also makes one feel part of the environment. Point Defiance Park is a jewel in Tacoma’s crown because it allows visitors to immerse themselves in nature without venturing out of the city. 

This vast area encompasses miles of walking trails, scenic drives, and beautiful waterfronts as well as zoos and aquariums unique experiences that can be had there (Harmony). 

Whether it is a calm walk in the park a challenging climb or a leisurely boat ride; Tacoma has options for every individual with a passion for open-air activities.

Cultural Enrichment and Diversity

Tacoma’s cultural expression is just as colorful as the ethnic mix would suggest. The Tacoma Art Museum, Museum of Glass, and Washington State History Museum among other galleries are more than just buildings but rather gateways to explore arts, history, and innovation found within this area (Gill). 

Notably on Tacoma’s calendar are festivals marking its cultural heritage whether it is maritime-related or art-based. In addition to keeping residents entertained, this vibrant cultural scene also creates bonding that brings belongingness among them.

Business Landscape and Job Opportunities

Tacoma remains the economic pulse of the region, thanks mainly to its location as a port city. Healthcare, education, and logistics are major pillars of the local economy with numerous employment opportunities. 

Additionally, over the years, Tacoma’s economic landscape has experienced significant growth through technology and green energy sectors, diversifying it further. This makes Tacoma a place where professionals and entrepreneurs can find numerous career prospects.

Image Source: Canva

Cost of Living and Housing

Tacoma presents a unique intersection of urban dwellings against the backdrop of unspoiled Pacific Northwest scenery. 

Nevertheless, those considering residing in this area must be ready for slightly higher living expenses than average in the U.S.A., the housing being a key component costing about 23% above the national average according to Numbeo and PayScale. For example, it is apparent from median home price and rent figures that housing costs in Tacoma can be high, with median home prices around $616849 while average monthly rent for apartments stands at approximately $1876 per month. 

These figures suggest a robust real estate market probably fueled by Tacoma’s appeal and its vicinity to metropolitan centers such as Seattle.

Education and Community Services

A cornerstone among community members is education in Tacoma City. The Tacoma Public School system is well-known for its excellence and innovation that enables students to have successful lives in a rapidly changing world. 

Institutions of higher learning like the University Of Washington-Tacoma make the educational environment vibrant by providing many programs for various fields of knowledge. 

Besides, there are several initiatives aimed at enhancing healthcare delivery systems; enabling well-being to prevail; as well as promoting lifelong learning within the community demonstrating a commitment to prosperity for all residents.

Connectivity and Transportation

This city excels in connectivity which implies good transportation hence easing accessibility to the entire greater Pacific Northwest region between Canada southwards to Mexico border. 

It is very easy to travel around or commute if you live in this place due to various factors that include comprehensive road networks; an efficient public transportation system and the presence of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. 

Therefore, it gives freedom to the residents of Tacoma to explore the wider region.

Safety and Quality of Life

In Tacoma, safety and quality of life go hand in hand. In comparison to national or state rates, Tacoma exhibits significantly high levels of crime thereby being among those US cities struggling with high crime rates according to various reports. 

The local crime data implies that individuals have one in ten chances of becoming victims either of property or violent crimes which is a matter requiring urgent attention for community safety. 

Especially noteworthy are violent crimes where there is a statistical likelihood to be affected by them currently standing at 1 out of 63. 

This highlights an especially urgent need for response against violent offenses such as robbery; assault; manslaughter among other severe cases whose prevalence is much higher than that observed in different-sized cities within the United States.


Is Tacoma, Washington a good place to live? It all depends on what you want in a home. With its picturesque landscapes, vibrant arts scene, and expanding economy, Tacoma offers an interesting mix of city and nature. 

However, similar to most places it has certain issues like increasing cost of living and concerns about security that may need addressing over time since populations are growing by day too.

This text is for individuals who like the Pacific Northwest and who can enjoy life in cities with all the amenities alongside the natural beauty of the region. 

It is a city where history negotiates with the future thus forming a lively and accommodating community for anyone wishing to stay there.

Ultimately, whether Tacoma suits you will be determined by what matters most to you in your personal life, career objectives, or way of living. 

Nevertheless, for numerous people out there, Tacoma presents that rare blend of chance, neighborhood feeling, and scenic splendor which make it not good but an amazing place to reside.

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