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Kitchen Appliance Storage: How to Store Small Kitchen Appliances

Updated on:
March 18, 2024
kitchen appliance storage

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Small kitchen appliances scattered and squashed into every corner can be a constant cause of frustration. Imagine a kitchen where everything has its place, where you no longer have to rummage through clutter to find your blender. It's absolutely achievable with the right storage solutions. 

Let's discuss practical ways to store your toaster, coffee maker, blender, and other small appliances. You'll learn how to utilize your space effectively, how to categorize your appliances, and how to handle those tricky, oversized items. Don't you want to discover the secret to a clutter-free kitchen? Stay tuned.

Steps to Organize Kitchen Appliances

Starting with a clean slate, it's essential to gather all your kitchen appliances in one spot for proper assessment, allowing you to declutter and make certain everything is in working condition. This might seem like a challenging task, but it's a necessary one. By doing this, you're not only making your kitchen more organized but also ensuring that every appliance you have is functional and useful.

Next, it's time to declutter. If an appliance hasn't been used in the past year, it's probably time to let it go. You've got several options here: sell it, donate it, or recycle it. Remember, your goal is to keep your kitchen as clutter-free as possible.

After you've decluttered, categorize your appliances based on frequency of use. Those you use daily should be easily accessible, while those used less frequently can be stored away. This way, you won't waste time rummaging through cabinets looking for that one appliance you need.

Best Tips to Storing Small Appliances

Organizing your small kitchen appliances doesn't have to be a challenging task. By categorizing your appliances based on how frequently you use them, and employing smart storage solutions like shelf risers and swing-out cabinets, you can maximize your kitchen space.

Don't forget that items used less frequently can be kept up high, and lazy Susans can be a great asset for easy accessibility.

Categorize kitchen appliances by frequency of usage

Before you stash away your small appliances, it's important to categorize them by how often you use them, ensuring that your kitchen remains functional and efficient. Appliances used daily, like your coffee maker or toaster, should find a home on your counter or an easily accessible cabinet. Those used weekly, maybe your blender or food processor, can be tucked away in a cabinet yet still within reach.

Appliances used less frequently, such as your slow cooker or ice cream maker, can be stored in lower or higher cabinets. This strategy not only keeps your kitchen organized but also saves valuable time by having your most-used items at your fingertips. Remember, an efficient kitchen is the heart of an efficient home.

Use shelf risers

Moving on from categorizing your appliances, consider using shelf risers as a smart way to maximize your cabinet space when storing small kitchen appliances. Shelf risers can double the storage capacity of your cabinets. They're perfect for those awkwardly shaped appliances that don't stack well, like blenders, food processors, or coffee makers. You can place one appliance on the shelf, and another directly beneath on the riser.

This way, you're making full use of the vertical space in your cabinets. Plus, it's easier to see and access your appliances. Remember, organization is key to a functional kitchen. So, don't let that precious cabinet space go to waste. Invest in some shelf risers, and you'll be amazed at how much more you can store.

Add swing out cabinets

Consider adding swing-out cabinets to your kitchen, an ingenious solution that can dramatically increase your storage space for small appliances. They're a game-changer, providing easy access and better visibility to your kitchen gadgets. Swing-out cabinets are designed to tuck neatly into corners or narrow spaces, optimizing every inch of your kitchen.

They're perfect for storing your blender, toaster, or coffee maker, keeping them out of sight yet within easy reach. Plus, they're a breeze to install and can be customized to fit your kitchen's aesthetic.

Don't let your small appliances clutter your countertops or hide away in inconvenient places. Give them a home where they're accessible yet out of the way. You'll love the difference swing-out cabinets make in your kitchen.

Seldom-used items can be stored up high

Maximizing your kitchen's vertical space can be a game-changer, especially with storing seldom-used appliances. Consider those high shelves or cupboards you hardly ever reach.

They're the perfect place to store appliances you rarely use. This way, they won't crowd your countertops or take up valuable real estate in lower, easily accessible cabinets.

Get lazy Susans

Don't underestimate the power of a lazy Susan in your kitchen cabinets regarding organizing your small appliances. This rotating tray maximizes your cabinet space, making it a cinch to access items with a simple spin. Whether it's a toaster, a blender, or your favorite coffee grinder, you can put it on a lazy Susan for easy access. Plus, this efficient tool helps you avoid clutter and keeps your countertops clear.

They're available in different sizes, so you're sure to find one that fits your cabinet perfectly. Invest in a lazy Susan and you'll find it's a game-changer for your kitchen organization. Remember, a well-organized kitchen saves time and reduces stress, making your cooking experience more enjoyable.

Image Source: Canva

Group items

In the spirit of efficiency and convenience, it's a great idea to group your small kitchen appliances based on their use. This simple step can save you time and reduce clutter. Think about how you use your appliances.

Do you have baking tools like mixers, blenders, and scales? Group them together. The same goes for your cooking appliances such as slow cookers, griddles, and rice cookers. By grouping, you'll know exactly where to look when it's time to prepare a meal. You're also less likely to buy duplicate items because you'll have a clear overview of what you already own. So, start grouping today and bring order and harmony into your kitchen storage. It's a small change that'll make a big difference.

Have a coffee nook

Creating a designated coffee nook in your kitchen can keep all your coffee-related appliances and supplies organized, easily accessible, and it's a great way to improve your daily coffee-making experience. You can dedicate a section of your countertop or a specific cabinet to create this specialized area. 

Store your coffee maker, grinder, filters, and mugs in this space, making sure everything you need is within reach. You'll not only free up other storage spaces in your kitchen, but also streamline your morning routine. Having a coffee nook not only saves you time, it also adds a cozy, cafe-like vibe to your kitchen. 

So, consider setting up a coffee nook - it'll keep your kitchen tidy, your mornings efficient, and your coffee tastier than ever.

Create a practical pantry

With a little strategic planning, you can turn your pantry into a practical storage hub for small appliances, freeing up precious counter and cabinet space in your kitchen. 

Begin by taking stock of all your appliances and determine which ones you use most frequently. These should be stored at eye-level for easy access. Less frequently used items can be stored on higher or lower shelves. 

To maximize space, consider installing shelf risers or lazy Susans. Don't forget about the back of the pantry door; it's an ideal spot for narrow items or racks to hold smaller appliances or accessories. Remember, a well-organized pantry isn't just about saving space—it also makes cooking more efficient and enjoyable. Invest time in creating a pantry that works for you.

Streamline your food preparation

To streamline your food preparation process, it's essential to strategically store your small kitchen appliances in a way that improves efficiency and reduces clutter. Begin by categorizing appliances according to frequency of use. Place daily-used items on countertops for easy access, while less frequently used appliances can be stored in easily reachable cabinets.

Keep rarely used appliances out of the way, stored separately in a designated cabinet or closet. If appliances are oddly shaped, consider using containers or bins for organization. By maintaining this system, you'll minimize time spent searching for appliances and maximize productive cooking time. Remember, your kitchen should work for you, not against you. Through efficient storage, you'll create a more streamlined, productive kitchen environment.

Have open shelves

After streamlining your food preparation and organizing your kitchen appliances, consider the benefits of open shelving for storing small appliances. Open shelves offer easy access, which is ideal for appliances you use frequently. They also reduce clutter and save precious cabinet space.

Additionally, open shelves can be a stylish addition to your kitchen decor. They showcase your appliances, adding a professional touch to your kitchen. For a consistent look, group similar items together and keep colors and styles consistent.

Don't worry about dust or grease. A quick wipe-down keeps your appliances clean and ready to use.

Pullout shelf

Imagine the convenience of a pullout shelf that effortlessly brings your small appliances to your fingertips, eliminating the need to rummage through crowded cabinets. This ingenious storage solution easily integrates into your kitchen design, turning a standard cabinet into a practical storage space. 

You'll appreciate how it saves time, reduces clutter, and makes cooking a breeze. You can store your blender, toaster, or coffee maker on these shelves, and simply slide them out when needed. No more heavy lifting or straining to reach items at the back. 

Plus, it's a great way to maximize your storage capacity, especially if you're working with a smaller kitchen. It's not just beneficial, it's a game-changer. Invest in a pullout shelf today to transform your kitchen experience.


To sum up, arranging your kitchen appliances isn't as intimidating as it seems. With the right strategies, like categorizing by frequency of use and optimizing cabinet space, you can transform your kitchen into a clutter-free zone. Don't let odd-shaped or oversized appliances intimidate you. 

There's always a solution for every storage challenge. So, take the plunge and start decluttering. You'll be amazed at how much easier and more enjoyable your cooking experience will be in an organized kitchen.

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