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Lightship L1 Electric RV: Everything You Need to Know

Updated on:
June 8, 2023
lightship L1 electric RV

As the world shifts towards sustainable transportation, the Lightship L1 is here to revolutionize the recreational vehicle industry. It combines eco-friendly technology with luxurious amenities for the ultimate travel experience. From its ultramodern design and innovative features to its price and planned release date, here's everything you need to know about this game-changing electric RV. 

Lightship L1 Electric RV: A New Breed of Travel Trailer

Engineered from scratch as a fully electric vehicle, the groundbreaking Lightship L1 Electric RV stands apart as an aerodynamic, all-electric travel trailer that seamlessly integrates power and functionality. The trailer is designed to minimize drag, enhancing range, and comes equipped with an array of solar panels to recharge your electric vehicle. Boasting ample battery capacity, the Lightship L1 generates additional energy to sustain its onboard systems, making it a true embodiment of sustainable travel for passionate adventurers while comfortably accommodating up to six people for a restful night's sleep.

Ben Parker and Toby Kraus, co-founders of Lightship, are leading the charge when it comes to innovation in the electric vehicle industry. With Ben's extensive background as a battery engineer at Tesla and Toby's expertise in finance and product management at the same company, they make a formidable team. And now, with $23 million in Series A funding secured, they're ready to transform the RV landscape.

Leading the round is Victoria Beasley of Prelude Ventures, who is also joining Lightship's board of directors. With this funding and support, Ben and Toby are on a mission to bring the beloved American pastime of RVing into the electric age. 

“With 90% of the market comprising of towable RVs, we began by creating an all-electric travel trailer that is unlike any RV available today and that is just the beginning,” said Lightship Co-Founder and President Toby Kraus. “We are leveraging our expertise in automotive EV development and design to build a brand that creates delightful outdoor travel experiences for everyone and brings even more people into the pastime of RVing.”
family on a camping with their RV

What are the best features of the Lightship RV?

The Lightship L1 has a self-propulsion system that enables near-zero range or mile-per-gallon efficiency loss for the vehicle towing it. This benefits traditional pickup and SUV drivers in terms of efficiency. It also provides an exceptional advantage for EV drivers who may have concerns about range limitations when venturing into remote areas. With this capability, exploring off the beaten path becomes more accessible and worry-free, making the Lightship L1 the perfect companion for adventurous EV enthusiasts.

It's three times more aerodynamic than classic trailers, thanks to its sleek design that includes integrated windows and tail lamps. You'll feel like you're gliding through the air when you hit the road. Plus, with its sleek front edges, tapered rear, and telescoping hard-sided walls, you'll be cruising in style. But it's not just about looks - the L1 also offers safe and stable towing, with a low driving height of 6'9" to keep crosswinds at bay. With the batteries packaged in the chassis and an electric drivetrain on the trailer's wheels, you'll have the most stable towing experience possible.

And durability? The Lightship L1 has got it in spades. Every part, from the doors and windows to the automotive-grade composite body, is engineered to last, so you can enjoy endless experiences without worrying about wear and tear. But perhaps the coolest thing about the L1 is its versatility. It comes equipped with a smart kitchen for all your camping needs. You can even swing open the glass panels to get that indoor-outdoor feel! So whether you're a seasoned camper or a first-timer, the Lightship RV has got you covered.

More specs:

- Dimensions LxWxH: 27’ x 8’6” x 6’9” (road mode) or 10’ (camp mode)

- Weight: 7,500 lbs. (Fully loaded with gear)

- Sleeps up to 6 depending on configuration

- All-electric towing range of up to 300 miles

- 40kWh and 80kWh options of battery capacity

- Enough power for 7 days of off-grid living

solar-powered roof of a trailer

Release date: When will Lightship RV be available to buy?

As anticipation builds for the Lightship L1 Electric RV, many eager consumers are wondering when this innovative travel trailer will be available for purchase. Although a specific release date has yet to be announced, Lightship has confirmed that production is expected to begin in late 2024.

Price: How much will a Lightship RV cost?

There are two models: L1 Essential starting at $125,000 ($118,400 after tax credit), and L1 Long Range starting at $151,000 ($139,600 after tax credit). This is similar to two versions of a car, with the base model costing less but having fewer features, and the long range having more features and a higher price tag. You'll be able to configure your exact vehicle at a later date.

How to buy a Lightship L1 Electric RV

If you're interested in owning a Lightship RV you can reserve one by placing a fully-refundable deposit of $500. You'll also have the option to choose from their two L1 models. So, if you're considering this revolutionary electric RV, you can take the first step in securing one for yourself by placing a deposit today.

The Lightship L1 Electric RV is set to transform the world of recreational vehicles by offering a sustainable, efficient, and luxurious travel experience for adventurers seeking an eco-friendly alternative. As we eagerly await its launch, it's clear that the L1 will not only change the way we explore the great outdoors but also contribute to a greener, cleaner future for our planet. So, stay tuned for updates on this remarkable electric RV, and prepare to embark on a thrilling, environmentally responsible journey that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

About Lightship 

Founded in 2020, Lightship is America’s first all-electric RV company on a mission to reimagine the recreational vehicle experience by designing and producing aerodynamic, battery-powered trailers for the electric age. As the macro transition to an all-electric transportation ecosystem accelerates, Lightship is building a critical element to enable the electrification of pickup trucks and SUVs, while bringing the increased convenience and superior performance that electrification offers to a pastime enjoyed by 1 in 10 American families.

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