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Your Ultimate Guide to Moving to Fort Collins: Neighborhoods, Jobs, and Life

Updated on:
March 27, 2024
Moving to Fort Collins

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Did you know Fort Collins is one of the inspirations and models for Disneyland's iconic Main Street USA theme park? Yes, Fort Collins has a magical combination of ancient suave and modern flair that attracts visitors far and wide.

This "Choice City" pulsates with youthful energy and it's friendly to students, offering a wealth of experiences and family-friendly neighborhoods. Ranked among the top 25 U.S. cities to live in in 2023, it's no wonder lots of people are moving to Fort Collins. 

However, there is more to Fort Collins than its picturesque landscape. The city is the 12th fastest-growing in the U.S., making its job market and economy hot topics. 

Let's find out more about this Colorado gem that makes it irresistible to newcomers.

Cost of Living

Fort Collins has its share of Colorado's scenic and mountainous landscape, and the city's charms and opportunities contribute to its cost of living. 

Before you pack your bags and dream of scaling mountains, you should know that moving here is a financially juggling act for anyone on a budget.  

With the high quality of life in Fort Collins, expect to make your dollar sing. The cost of living in Fort Collins is 18.3% higher than the national average, a 2.3% increase from its rate in 2023. 

Finding a place to sleep can be quite the search, as the median home price sits around $594,173. 

If the price tag goes beyond your budget, renting might just be your best bet for a while. The average rent of $1,900 for a 923 sq. ft. apartment is a fair deal that local movers in Fort Collins can help you settle for.

There are some pretty perks to living in Fort Collins. Your energy expense is an impressive 16.3% lower than the national average, which means keeping the lights on won't break the bank. 

While housing costs are on the rise, Fort Collins remains more affordable than some other Colorado hotspots. With the median household income being $74,942, you will have enough to offset your expenses.

Job O'Clock: The Economy and Everything In-Between

Moving to Fort Collins, Colorado, is an economically rewarding decision—the city is a hotbed for entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Companies like Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HP), OtterBox, and Intel Corporation register their significant presence. Other industries, such as agriculture, education services, manufacturing, and energy, thrive in the city, employing over 93,000 people. 

Little wonder the growth rate from 2020 to 2021 was a solid 1.42%.

  • Job growth rate: 1.42%
  • Unemployment rate: 3.4%
  • 93,000+ people employed

Napa Valley of Beer and All Things Recreation

Moving to Fort Collins cannot be boring. 

In addition to parks and hiking trails, the city hosts a variety of events that showcase local art and live music, including piano performances. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the bustling downtown scene or catch a show at the Lincoln Center.

Whenever you are ready to go sipping and adventuring in Colorado, Fort Collins is a great location. Fort Collins has over 20 craft breweries and has earned a top spot as the Napa Valley of Beer, with beer pints ever-ready for sampling. 

But in your fun, here's a fun fact to remember: riding a horse in Fort Collins under the influence is illegal.

Other top attractions in Fort Collins include:

  • Spring Canyon Park
  • Gardens on Spring Creek
  • Fort Collins Museum of Discovery
  • Cache La Poudre
  • Horsetooth Reservoir
  • New Belgium's Fort Collins Brewery


Fort Collins is home to many institutions of learning including Colorado State University (CSU) and IBMC College. Over 30 schools in the city are under the Poudre School District, including several top-rated public and private schools. 

Poudre school district has a district quality rating better than 88.6% of all U.S. school districts. It serves over 30,000 students, and its higher institutes of education awarded over 8,000 degrees in 2021.

Keeping it Moving — Traffic Situation in Fort Collins

Among the many places to live in Fort Collins, CO, you'll find that the average commute time is about 17 minutes. Although the traffic situation can vary depending on the area and time of day

Fort Collins has many trails spanning hundreds of miles, making it great for two wheels. The city is popular for its bike-friendly infrastructure, so you can get around town on your bike. 

Moreover, the system in Fort Collins is so well-developed that they have ride-sharing programs. But if ride-sharing isn't your thing, the MAX Bus Rapid Transit Service is reliable. 

It operates around CSU downtown and consists of one route serving 12 stations. One sure thing in Fort Collins, though, is that you need a means of transportation to get around.

Image Source: Canva

Weather Condition: Sunshine or Snow?

When moving to a new location, many people scout for apartments that will afford them adequate protection during extreme weather. But the best apartments in Fort Collins are practically everywhere, as the entire city enjoys an average of 300 days of sunshine.

The winter season is also mild, with an average of 48 inches of snow, and January is the coldest month. Even though summer is hot, it has relatively less humidity and is suitable for people with breathing difficulties.

Fort Collins has also maintained a top 10 rank as an environmentally friendly city. Plus, the city encourages tree planting to reduce stormwater runoff and filter the air. 

Green living is possible courtesy of the Arbor Day Foundation, which has been in close partnership with the city for almost 40 years.

Crime Rate: Keeping Safe in the Choice City

Crime is the bane of most big cities, and unlike many sleepy towns, Fort Collins is no exception. But how bad is it? Is Fort Collins, Colorado, a good place to live?

There is a 1 in 307 chance of being a victim of violent crime in the Choice City. Sounds scary, right? Don't worry. You have a higher chance of winning three straight poker games in Las Vegas than getting mugged in Fort Collins. 

To put this in context, the violent crime median in Fort Collins is 3.26, lower than the national median of 4.

Most crimes in Fort Collins are property crimes anyway. When out on the streets, you may want to clutch your pearls and take security measures to safeguard your property.

Finding your Neighborhood Fort Collins Nook

Some of the best neighborhoods in Fort Collins are among the top areas in the state of Colorado. Surely, you must know that one area Fort Collins never lacks is the diverse neighborhoods, each with its unique appeal. 

From the lively downtown to the peaceful, idyllic residential areas, Fort Collins comes packed with options.

Some of these neighborhoods include:

  • Old Town Fort Collins — a historic district featuring century-old architecture
  • Huntington Hills
  • Nelson Farm
  • Granada Heights — safest neighborhood in Fort Collins
  • South Fort Collins — most family-friendly area

Final Words

A little awareness goes a long way when taking such a big step as relocation. If you've decided that moving to Fort Collins is for you, then you said yes to a flourishing job market, a high quality of life, and a vibrant community of people. 

Fort Collins is a fantastic place to live. Now you're in the know, get out there and enjoy the city.

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