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Moving To Kent, WA: Things To Know

Updated on:
March 27, 2024
Moving To Kent, WA

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It is crucial to gather all the necessary information needed to make a smooth transition when considering moving to Kent, Washington. Located in the heart of the Puget Sound area, it combines urban facilities with a rural environment. 

Whatever your reasons for coming here—business opportunities, beautiful scenery, or vibrant community life–there is always something for everyone in Kent. 

This comprehensive guide will tell you everything you need to know about this dynamic city from its economy and housing market to recreational activities and educational opportunities.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Kent, WA is higher than the national average with some categories like housing and transportation contributing significantly towards this trend. 

The overall cost of living in Kent is reported as 22% higher than that for the whole country while housing costs are indicated as being 34% above national figures. 

This also manifests itself through Washington’s general sales tax rate which is at 7% compared to a nationwide rate of 5%. For instance: there is no state income tax making their general sales tax and income tax rates respectively about 27% higher and more than twice lower than national averages. 

A meal for two people at an inexpensive restaurant may be around $25 while ordering for two people at a mid-range restaurant can range around $120 with three courses; whereas the basic utilities for an apartment measuring 915 sq ft could go up to $257.34 per month indicating a relatively high cost of essential items​.

Housing in Kent

The Kent real estate market has been very alive with aggressive buyers and sellers driving current trends within this industry due to increasing competition. 

As of early last year, homes in Kent were mostly sold at asking prices, yielding a sale-to-list price ratio of approximately 100.4%, slightly higher than what was observed earlier on. 

In terms of sold price vs list price percentage difference, it was seen that several homeowners had paid more than their asking price. 

The market is considered to be very competitive with hot homes typically selling for about 1% above list price and becoming pending within 5 days. Moreover, a significant number of home buyers in Kent (79%) wish to move within the metropolitan area, possibly reflecting a broader national trend whereby there is an increasing preference for staying local.

As of December last year, the median listing home price in Kent was $624.9K while the median listing price per square foot was $339. 

This comparing prices indicates that Kent offers affordable alternatives as compared to other areas within King County although the median sold home price still stands at around $610K.

Education and Learning 

Quality education is provided by Kent School District; this becomes even more effective because quality happens here at Kent where students are valued as individuals and families involved in their learning process. 

You can also find alternative schools or special schools such as charter schools which have unique educational systems and curricula like the Montessori method for teaching.

Besides K-12, the closeness of Kent to Seattle gives it a perfect opportunity to connect with prestigious universities such as the University of Washington, Seattle University, and Green River College that offer higher education paths and avenues for career development. 

There are various adult education programs and libraries within the city that suggest lifelong learning and skills upgrades.

Crime Rate

In terms of safety, Kent, WA is a bit of a mixed bag according to recent data. It has one of the highest crime rates in America with an above-average chance of becoming a victim either physically or property-wise. 

In general terms, its overall crime rate is much higher than that of other areas in America as it is greater than nearly every community across the United States. 

The high likelihood of encountering violent crimes in Kent gives rise to concern because it is currently worse off in comparison with many places having populations similar in size; more so since the number of violent crimes per 1,000 residents here markedly exceeds the country’s median heightening risks for inhabitants when compared to their peers from different locations.

Kent’s crime rates are significantly higher compared to those nationally while the city saw a 11% increase in overall crime this past year. 

Violent crimes have seen a 16.6% increase, while property crimes have risen by 11.1%. This shows how unsafe the majority of local people feel at night time when walking alone.

Transportation and Accessibility

Commuting and transportation are made easier by the strategic location and developed infrastructure found in Kent. 

One can access any part of Seattle easily due to its good connections between Interstate 5 and State Route 167 which are major highways that surround this city center area as well as Tacoma Public transit alternatives such as King County Metro buses serve both business persons who commute every day within their urban dwelling locality also offering eco-friendly modes daily work journey searches.

These bikes and footways also help in promoting a healthy lifestyle as well as sustainability. The ongoing transportation infrastructure investments by the city have been aimed at facilitating accessibility and connectivity, which make it easier for the residents to move around the region and enjoy its attractions.

Lettuce farm ready to harvest in Kent, Washington, USA | Image Source: Canva

Community Life and Local Amenities

Various events, markets, and local businesses that are involved in bringing people together help foster a vibrant community spirit in Kent. 

This area is known for its many farmers’ markets; for instance, the Kent Farmers Market which is one of them displays an array of local produce while several local restaurants feature diverse cuisines from around the world. 

To get engaged with others and improve their welfare, they frequent community centers, libraries, and parks that are meeting grounds where people interact on several issues.

Volunteer opportunities offer chances to support the welfare of this town leading to stronger neighborhood relationships. 

Kent has numerous ways through which individuals can take part actively in environmental conservation and cultural celebrations among others thus making changes that matter.

Tips and Resources

A person can have an exciting time moving to Kent if only he or she plans well. In addition, consider researching key issues concerning your movement such as housing, schools (if any), and transport alternatives among other things. 

There are checklists provided by moving companies that may be used to organize relocation tasks like address changing or unpacking techniques if nothing else works out during the packing stages.

Engaging services from within the environment can also accelerate familiarization hence hastening adaptation to new surroundings within a short period.

For the newbies, connecting with local community groups and social networks is very useful. Such platforms like Nextdoor or Facebook groups for your locality provide information about neighborhood activities, services, and events. 

Moreover, it is possible to go to the local landmarks, parks, and businesses in person which will help you get used to a new place and learn about the peculiarities of Kent life.


Kent is loved by those looking for a mix of things such as a strong job market, diverse housing options and excellent educational resources not forgetting numerous recreational activities that are available. 

It’s this amalgamation that has seen many testify their joy of relocating here often attributing how they were helped into this vibrant community by movers in Kent, WA. 

Now equipped with what it takes to immerse oneself into Kent life you are now prepared for an easy transition into your new home in the Pacific Northwest area. 

Welcome to Kent — where everyone can fit in.

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