Nomad Tiny House Builder Review

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Nomad Tiny House Builder Review

At the center of every great home, there is a sense of passion, comfort, and security. And that’s exactly what Nomad Tiny Homes are fueled by. Their passion and innovation, along with their clean aesthetic is inspiring.

The Worlows, founders of Nomad, have all the experience you could ever need to be experts in the tiny home industry. From the many homes they’ve built to the life experience of living in an RV with two children, they know tiny living.

That’s why we are super excited to feature them this month! Their attention to detail and hard work they put into each product is truly amazing. Their build practices are tried and true, along with eco-friendly design features built in to every tiny house.

Each home they build is completely custom and unique. There’s no challenge they can’t overcome, and their builds are on time. You know you’ll get the tiny home you’re dreaming of.

Here’s a couple of reasons Nomad stands out to us:

-  They are NOAH certified as of November 2017.

-  They have a 3-month Warranty that covers your complete tiny home.

-  All of their trailers are professionally custom built by a local company in Texas. They are inspected to meet DOT standards and titled.  They are also designed to give you the most interior space possible, still meeting regulation heights and widths.

-They have been featured on HGTV - Check out their episode here Episode 8, Nomad’s Tiny Home base.

-  They have 10+ years of building traditional homes prior to tiny homes.  They now solely build tiny homes with a full-time crew in their personal climate-controlled warehouse.   This means your home will stay dry and clean during the entire build process as well as stay on time because there are no weather delays.

-  Each one of their tiny homes is built custom to your needs. To be effective, tiny homes need to cater to your lifestyle. Find out more about how to design your tiny home on our Tips for Designing your Tiny Home blog.

-  Lastly, they understand tiny living. Having lived in a 32-foot bumper pull RV with their two children they have learned things that they wish all people had a chance to - even if only for a few months. From experience, they truly appreciate a well-built energy-efficient home being that an RV, let's just say, is not really known for that. Their life experiences are carried with them daily and impact each design choice they make.


Overall, Nomad is a great option if you’re looking for a custom tiny home builder. Their pricing is very competitive, and their designs and builds pack a punch! And best of all, it’s super rewarding knowing you are supporting a family run and operated business. Now that’s making an impact!

To learn more about Nomad, and to start building the tiny home of your dreams, get in touch with Nomad Tiny Homes! is an all-in-one platform for all of your tiny house and small living needs. We will be sharing about various aspects of this lifestyle and the products and services that go with it.


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