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Radiant Floor Heat Work Shop Gold Heat

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
Gold Heat Logo

Missed the Radiant Floor Heat Workshop?

You're in luck! Find the full recording of the workshop including the live demo installs below.

Here is what the video covers:

Introduce Gold Heat, manufacturer of Gold Heat® radiant floor heat mats and Black Gold.

Science of Heat RV+Tiny house
-Similarities between RV and Tiny House
-Heating Methods Pros & Cons

Explaining the different types of radiant floor heat
-Hydronic vs Electric Radiant Floor heat
-Radiant Heat Installation Methods

When you should start considering radiant floor heat
-At what stage should you start considering floor heat.
-What type of flooring is the best with radiant floor heat?
-Things to consider like budget, power source, and more!

Introducing 2 electric radiant floor heat products designed for a tiny house
-Gold Heat
-Black Gold

Wrap up and Giveaway!!
-Wrap up!


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