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Replacing Your Roof: 6 Tips on Making the Process Easier

Updated on:
June 11, 2024
Replacing Your Roof

Image Source: Canva

If you haven’t done roof replacement in the past, then you probably think that you won’t be able to pull this off at all. However, even though it’s not the simplest task in the world, it’s also far from the most demanding one.

Of course, if you want to make sure everything goes smoothly, you first need to properly plan and organize everything, and take a couple of things into consideration before you begin this venture.

At the end of the day, if you do everything the right way, you’ll end up having a roof that’s going to serve you for at least twenty years or so. So are you ready to get started? If the answer is yes, then focus on the tips below!

Will You Be At Home During This Process Or Not?

A roof replacement sound that you’ll be hearing is definitely far from the music to your ears. Not to mention the fact that this whole project isn’t very entertaining, hence it would be smart to first determine whether you’ll be staying at your house during it or not.

If by any chance you work from home, then it would be recommended to find a place where you’ll be able to work in peace. After all, these are just some suggestions. You’re the one who has to decide if they’ll feel comfortable enough to stay at home or not.

When it comes to roofing contractors, they usually do not have problems when homeowners are at home. You just need to be aware of all the tools and equipment they'll be using and make sure not to trip over anything and hurt yourself.

Another thing that you can do is to develop an exit strategy, in case you decide you want to leave during this entire process.

Do You Have A Roofing Contractor?

This is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll need to make as far as this project is concerned. After all, these professionals are going to be the ones who are going to affect the entire outcome. Although there are a lot of phenomenal roofing contractors in this industry, it doesn't mean that it's going to be easy to hunt down a good one.

If you want to make sure you’ve made the right choice, then first start with the online reviews that can be found on Google, and focus solely on the ones that are not older than six or seven months.

Besides Google, you can also put your trust in the hands of the Better Business Bureau because it is also an excellent source of information when it comes to this. Speaking of this, a lot of homeowners from Florida who’ve previously replaced their roofs, decided to opt for an Orlando roof replacement solution because they read online that people have great experience with it. That's why you should always see what others say about something or someone before taking any further steps.

Found A Roofing Contractor? What Could You Possibly Ask Them?

Now, that you’ve managed to successfully hunt down a roofing contractor, it’s time to ask them a couple of questions before you finally decide if you’ll hire them or not. This should include the following:

  1. Do you provide any insurance coverage, and if so what type of coverage do you offer?
  2. Are you bonded or licensed?
  3. What warranties do you give for the labor and material?
  4. Do you offer an extended warranty as well? And if that's the case, then what does it involve and how long is it going to last? 
  5. What is the price of the extended warranty?
  6. Who’s going to get the necessary permits?
  7. Have you ever worked in my area?
Image Source: Canva

Make Sure To Keep Your Pets And Kids Safe During This Project

Before you schedule your next roof replacement, you need to take care of one thing first. If you have small children and/or pets, then you need to do whatever is necessary to ensure they are safe.

The best thing that you can do in these types of situations is to keep them away from your house. This is especially important if your fur babies generally easily get scared. Then you can only imagine how they are going to react during a roof replacement.

What you need to remember is that there are some things such as hammering, that simply cannot be avoided, yet that can be pretty loud. Therefore, if you want your kids and pets to feel comfortable and safe, then you should send them to your family members, friends, or anyone else who’s going to watch over them until everything is finished.

Don’t Forget The Attic

Before taking further steps, you should determine whether you want to cover your attic or not. Why is this important? Well, that's because, during roof replacement projects, attics typically receive huge amounts of sawdust, debris, and wood splinters which is going to make your attic look like a total mess.

That's exactly one of the main reasons you should take this into account. If you think that that's a good idea, then you should make some sort of plastic tent that you're going to attach to the ceiling in order to protect your attic the right way.

Once this whole project is done, you can simply roll the plastic that contains all the dirt and debris and just get rid of it.

Prioritize Quality Over Price

Replacing the roof is not cost-effective, however, what you need to know is that is a replacement worth every penny, hence you shouldn’t be tightening your belt in these instances. Instead, you should prioritize quality and value over anything else.

 Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should only hire roofing contractors who are pricey, but for starters, get estimates and ask what’s included in the price and what isn’t.

Roof replacement isn’t something that you do every day, therefore, it’s of huge importance to take all these tips that were compiled today into consideration if you want this whole project to be successful.

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