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Safest Places to Park your Tiny House in North Carolina

Updated on:
December 13, 2023
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Tiny houses have different variations nowadays which cater to different needs of individuals. One of these variations include homes that are on wheels which creates mobility for your home. Aside from thinking about your ultimate guide to Tiny House On Wheels, interior and exterior designs, or even color schemes, one of the important considerations to settle is where you are going to park your tiny house.

If you have chosen North Carolina because of its diverse landscapes, charming communities, and welcoming atmosphere, you can look through areas that are best suited for your small houses. To help you browse through places where you can park your home in North Carolina, here are some of the best places to park your home in the state.

Locations for Your Tiny House

The importance of safe locations cannot be overstated when it comes to tiny house parking. The safety of the location, the surrounding neighborhood, and the terrain's stability are all paramount considerations. Choosing a secure location ensures not only the physical security of the small houses and its occupants but also peace of mind.


Nestled in the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville is a vibrant city that has embraced the tiny house movement with open arms. With its artistic vibe, outdoor adventures, and a strong sense of community, Asheville provides an ideal setting for tiny house living. There are various tiny home communities and RV parks in and around Asheville, offering both mountain views and proximity to the city's cultural amenities.


For those who dream of waking up to the sound of ocean waves, Wilmington on the coast of North Carolina is an excellent choice as you pursue coastal living. This charming port city combines historic charm with a laid-back coastal lifestyle. Several RV parks and tiny house communities in the area cater to those looking to downsize without sacrificing the perks of coastal living. As Cape Fear has stated in their visitor’s guide: “The camping scene in the greater Wilmington area is just as diverse and inviting as the city itself.”


If you prefer the convenience of urban living with a touch of Southern charm, Durham may be the perfect spot for your home. Known for its cultural diversity, thriving tech scene, and culinary delights, Durham has embraced the tiny communities as part of its commitment to sustainable living. Explore the outskirts of the city for tranquil spots that provide a balance between urban amenities and a peaceful environment for your tiny abode.


Situated in the High Country region of North Carolina, Boone offers an escape to the great outdoors. Surrounded by the Appalachian Mountains, Boone is a haven for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Consider parking your home in one of the many RV parks or private lots in the area to enjoy the stunning views and access to hiking, skiing, and other recreational activities. You can check out different RV parks in or near Boone since as Hipcamp has said that you can even “RV camp along the Blue Ridge Mountains near Boone for whitewater rafting or cross-country skiing.”


As the largest city in North Carolina, Charlotte provides a bustling urban environment with a variety of attractions. While city living might not be the first choice for small house enthusiasts, Charlotte boasts several home communities that provide a sense of community within an urban setting. Explore the different neighborhoods to find the perfect spot that aligns with your lifestyle preferences.

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Factors to Consider Before Deciding on a Particular Area

Parking your house, often referring to living in a mobile or small houses, is a significant decision that involves careful consideration of various factors. Taking the time to thoroughly research and consider these factors will help you make an informed decision and ensure a smoother and more enjoyable living experience in your parked house.

Zoning Regulations

Check local zoning laws and regulations to ensure that parking a house on wheels or a small house is allowed in the chosen area. Some areas may have restrictions on the size and type of structures that can be used as permanent residences. As zoning rules vary greatly by region, you need to consider these regulations when you decide.

Land Ownership and Use

Determine whether you will own the land where you plan to park your house or if you will be renting space. Consider the long-term implications of land ownership, rental agreements, and the land's permitted use.

Utilities and Infrastructure

Ensure access to essential utilities such as water, electricity, and sewage. Verify if the infrastructure in the area can support your living arrangements, and understand any associated costs for connection or installation.

Community and Neighbors

Assess the community and neighborhood to ensure that it aligns with your lifestyle and values. Consider the proximity to amenities, services, and the compatibility of your house with the surrounding environment.

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Photo by Carolina Rincon on Unsplash

Permitting and Inspections

Be aware of any permits required for parking your house in a specific area. Additionally, understand the inspection process to ensure your dwelling complies with safety and building codes.

Climate and Weather Conditions

Consider the local climate and weather conditions. Ensure that your house is well-equipped to handle the climate, and be prepared for any seasonal challenges such as extreme temperatures, storms, or heavy rainfall.

Transportation and Accessibility

Evaluate the accessibility of the location, especially if your house is mobile. Consider road conditions, transportation options, and proximity to highways or public transportation.

Local Regulations and Restrictions

Research any local regulations or restrictions that might affect your living situation, such as parking rules, noise ordinances, or restrictions on certain types of structures.

Cost of Living

Analyze the overall cost of living in the area, including property taxes, utilities, and other living expenses. Ensure that your budget aligns with the financial requirements of the chosen location.

Community Engagement

Gauge the community's acceptance of alternative living arrangements and ensure you are comfortable with the level of community engagement and social interactions in the area.


North Carolina's diverse landscapes, vibrant cities, and welcoming communities make it an ideal destination for those embracing the tiny house lifestyle. Whether you prefer the mountainous terrain of Asheville, the coastal charm of Wilmington, or the urban amenities of Charlotte, North Carolina offers a plethora of options for parking your home. As you embark on this exciting journey, consider the unique characteristics of each region and find the perfect spot that aligns with your vision of small houses living in the State.

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