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Shutters Vs. Blinds: Which One is Right for You?

Updated on:
August 29, 2023
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The choice between shutters and blinds is not an easy one to make. Both have their advantages and their disadvantages. If your home is currently without window furnishings then now’s the time to make a decision relative to which one you want. Remember, you can always add curtains over the top of shutters and blinds, so having curtains does not necessarily make them redundant.

This post will explore this topic in more detail and help you to decide which one is right for you, shutters or blinds.

Consider Light Allowance

How much light do you want to allow into your house? If the answer’s none then a set of bay window wooden shutters (or any sized shutter) is right for you. Blinds have horizontal slats which means even when they are fully closed, light still gets through. Shutters have vertical slats that seal very tightly against one another, meaning they allow little to no light in. Shutters are the best option for people who do not want light to get into their houses. Likewise, shutters also prevent artificial light from getting inside at night, i.e., because of street lights or lanterns above people’s doors.

Think About Privacy

Seeing into somebody’s house when they have traditional vertical blinds furnishing their windows isn’t easy but is possible. As a consequence of this, there is always a chance that a burglar is going to be able to view the contents of your home when you are not around. Investing in a set of shutters means that you won’t ever have to worry about this. The reason for this is that, as noted above, shutters seal tightly together, making them the ideal window furnishing. Nobody will be able to see into your house if you have shutters fitted.

Saving Yourself Money

Between them, shutters are the more expensive. However, because of how tightly they seal, they can actually help to insulate your home. Energy prices have never been higher than they are right now, which means people around the country are looking for ways to save themselves money. Shutters are not going to magically transform a poorly insulated home into a sauna during winter, however, they can add a little bit of warmth and prevent hot air from getting out and cold air from getting in. Shutters are, because of their energy efficiency, a worthwhile investment for homeowners.

Much More Solid

Of the two, shutters are the more durable. Anybody who has ever owned a pair of blinds before will know that they have a tendency to break and deteriorate over time. Because of their solid construction, shutters can last a lifetime. You should try and invest in a wooden pair, as wooden shutters are more durable than metal or plastic ones. Metal or plastic shutters can rust and crack respectively. Wooden shutters, if cared for, can last generations and even be handed down to one’s loved ones as family heirlooms and antiques. There are many surviving shutters from bygone eras available in antique shops around the country, which are a testament to their durability.

Easier to Maintain

On the whole, shutters are a lot easier to maintain. Ask any professional cleaner which they prefer between blinds and shutters and the answer will always be shutters. Cleaning blinds can be an absolute nightmare because you have to go between each of the slats with a rug and clear away dust and dirt. In terms of actual maintenance, shutters are easier to look after because if there are any issues, you can unscrew the entire fitting and fix the parts you need individually, which you cannot do with blinds.

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Modern Design Trends

Shutters are very popular right now. In particular, plantation shutters are having a renaissance. If you are somebody whose main interest is in ensuring their home looks relevant and current, shutters are a worthwhile investment. The good thing about them is that they are, in a way, timeless. Even when their moment in the spotlight is over, shutters will still be a solid investment that will make your home look tasteful and beautifully designed. The same cannot be said for blinds, which never look that good.

Made to Measure

Blinds tend to be standardized, and sold in specific measurement sets. With shutters on the other hand, they are usually made to measure. The fact that they are typically bespoke is the reason they are as expensive as they are. However, because they are made to measure, blinds enable you to ensure your window furnishings fit perfectly. Perfectly fitting window furnishings can enhance your home’s visual appeal and ensure that no light or air gets into your home that you do not want in. You may be able to pay for bespoke blinds monthly as opposed to all at once, depending on the vendor you are working with.

Preventing Noise Pollution

Did you know that shutters, in addition to insulating your home, can actually prevent and fight noise pollution? In the United States today, noise pollution is a very big issue. People complain about it on an almost daily basis. If you are somebody who enjoys peace and quiet but is unfortunate enough to live in a large town or even a city, preventing noise pollution should be your primary concern. Make sure that you also take other steps to combat noise pollution, such as investing in thermal curtains and sealing gaps in doors and windows.

Price of Purchase

As mentioned several times already, blinds are a lot cheaper than shutters. If you are on a budget and care more about saving money than ensuring you have a properly insulated, beautifully designed house, then blinds are the better purchase. It is hard to call blinds an investment as they tend to deteriorate and fall apart over time, and even when they do not, age poorly. Even so, if you need quick window furnishings, blinds are a good way to ensure that at least some light doesn’t get into your home.  

Shutters or blinds? In truth, shutters are the better option. Shutters provide more protection from the sun and from noise, not to mention they look great. While more expensive, shutters are a worthwhile investment and can last a lifetime. All of the above said though, if you are on a budget then blinds can still make for a good purchase.

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