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Update: SOLD! New Tiny Home For Sale!

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
tiny home interior

Listed here is a brand new 24 foot long tiny home. It is decked out with all of the bells and whistles, and truly brings luxury into a tiny space! (Contact info at the bottom of this article)

Treat Tiny House for Sale

This is the perfect tiny home setup if you intend to have it hooked up to the grid! You will have all the standard luxuries of a regular home, from a flushing toilet, to tankless water heater, without the systems that require costly maintenance if you don’t need them.

Luxury Bathroom

History about the builder:

Treat Tiny House Company

Doug has been building for almost 30 years specializing in high end custom homes. Doug realized he could bring the quality he had been used to building in the high end homes and create a tiny home that has the same level of attention to detail, and yet make it affordable.

Fine Attention to Details

The tiny home currently resides in Redding California and is looking for a place to call home! This tiny home is the perfect starting point for anyone looking to go tiny!

Day Dream

The entire build process has been inspected and certified by NOAH (National Organization of Alternative Housing.) NOAH Inspection & Certification guarantees the Tiny House bearing the NOAH SEAL has successfully passed inspection at specific stages of construction for compliance to safety, structure, and energy efficiency standards currently used by the recreational vehicle and home building industries.

We have personally vetted the builder and he has done an incredible job of bringing quality through and through this tiny home. We are excited to get to the details, so without further adieu, read on!

While you read all about this amazing tiny home, you can check out the virtual tour here:


The house is built on a 24 ft. Iron Eagle tiny house trailer. This is a double-axle trailer with each axle rated at 7,000 lbs. Dropped belly pan of aluminum sheets, 2x6 floor joists to achieve the tallest ceilings inside, with R-19 insulation.


The roofing is a galvanized corrugated metal roof that has been dulled to create an elegant aged look.

The siding is a clean looking rough sawn plywood and fir Board & Batten.

Painted in a classic grey with white trim, and a red front door that gives it the very cute and timeless look.

Classic and Timeless

Wood framed 2x4 walls with R-13 Insulation and high quality vinyl windows make this a very energy efficient home.

Night Time Glow

The transitioning roofline between the dormer and the steeper pitched roof makes the home feel very iconic and the little awning above the front door really adds the last touch to top off the home!

Elegant Custom Roofline


The A/C and heating unit comfortably heats and cools the whole house. There is a Rheem propane, tankless hot water heater. The electric is set up for a 220/50 amp shore power line, but can also be connected to solar for off-grid living.

It is set up with a full kitchen, a 4-burner, 20" stove and oven combo, with a range hood. There is space for a full-sized fridge and a ventless washer/dryer combo. The kitchen and bathroom feature wooden countertop and under-mount sinks.

Full Size Kitchen with plenty of storage

Custom accent wall around the front door that is from reclaimed shiplap, and a historic barn sliding door. Open living room floor plan with ample space to hang out. Tons of storage and shelving throughout the home, making the most of the space. Sleek recessed LED lighting for the main lighting, and galvanized sconces accent lighting to bring the farmhouse look inside. Shiplap walls and vinyl plank floors finish off the modern farmhouse look.

Open Living room with Reclaimed shiplap feature wall.
Historic Barn Slider door to the bathroom
Accent lighting with shelving
Shiplap walls and vinyl plank floors finish off the modern farmhouse look

Access up to the loft through solid wood stairs, with lots of built in storage in the stairs.

Stairs to Loft
Solid Wood Treads


Spacious loft that is 8 foot by 8 foot with huge windows all around. Plenty of natural light pours in as you bask in the extra tall sleeping loft. Open the windows and feel the breeze with the large sliding windows that will make for the perfect sleep. Plenty of room to sprawl out.

Spacious Loft
Lots of Windows!

Price: $58,000

(note: price does not include shipping to your location, however they can help coordinate shipping)

Incase you Cheated and skipped to the end, here is a bullet point recap of the highlights


- It is 24’x8.5’x13.5’ high

-Quality grade siding and metal roof meticulously installed to create a perfect water tight seal.

-Iron Eagle trailer with dual axles each rated at 7,000 lbs

-Installed belly pan to protect everything underneath


-Open floor plan

-A/C and Heating rated for up to 350sqft of living space: 8,000 BTU cooling capacity / 7,000 BTU heat pump / 3,500 BTU supplemental heating capacity

-Tons of storage and shelving

-The kitchen and bathroom feature wooden counters and under-mount sinks

-Plumbing: CPVC and copper (copper anywhere the pipes are visible and CPVC inside the walls).

-50A Electrical Service

-Bathroom Vent Fan


-Tankless water heater

-Flushing Toilet with no tanks to worry about.(Not Pictured)

-Stairs to get up into the loft

-Extremely open feeling with 8 windows throughout the tiny home

-36” x 36” custom galvanized shower

-Full size, single basin kitchen sink

-Large 8’ x 8’ loft

Safety features:

-Abides by the NOAH codes

-Proper Egress in the loft

-Smoke detector

-CO2 Detector

-Fire Extinguisher

-Safety Rails

And so many more features!

Looking to customize?

Here’s a list of possible add-ons!

-Swap flush toilet with a composting toilet

-Help coordinate shipping to your location

-And more!

You can find more photos on their instagram: @treat_tiny_houses

Please reach out to Doug at Treat Tiny House if you are interested in this value purchase. Doug can be reached at (970) 685-SEVEN925 for calls or text or

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