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The 7 Most Innovative Trends in Kitchens That Will Simplify Your Life

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
Luxury kitchen with plenty of natural light

There are numerous design features that must be taken into account if you want an innovative kitchen. From determining the best layout for your needs to researching the best appliances and even choosing the best kitchen faucets. 

Kitchen trends are also important to consider, particularly when it comes to value addition for resale. Spending a lot of money on an odd kitchen that may not impress others is a bit of a waste of money. However, choosing a distinctive look with wide appeal will entice rather than scare away potential buyers.

In this article, we will list down the seven innovative trends in kitchens that will simplify your life. Let’s begin!

1. Smart Kitchen Faucets

If you haven't noticed, smart appliances have taken over our homes; from refrigerators to TVs to washer-dryers and so on. As more of us transition to contemporary and more eco-efficient living, brands have been producing their high-tech versions of voice-controlled, app-compatible, or touch-activated machines. One of these high-tech innovations is a smart kitchen faucet.

Kitchen faucets are undoubtedly necessary for the kitchen. They are needed for water supply and kitchen sink decor. However, kitchen faucets have had newer innovations that are "smarter." A smart faucet is a kind of water faucet that can turn on and off automatically. 

They can also be remotely controlled using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Because of their ability to save water and energy, smart kitchen faucets are becoming increasingly important in homes. They are also very useful for people with limited mobility. 

2. Electric Chimney

Electric chimneys are both trendy and useful. They are mainly used to remove grease particles from the air inside a kitchen. With an electric chimney, you can remove hot gasses and harmful emissions from the air in your kitchen. It can also help to lower carbon monoxide levels in the cooking area.

Filters in the chimney collect heat and trap grease particles as air moves through them. An electronic chimney is essential for keeping your kitchen cool and odor-free. Cool and clean air in the kitchen keeps bacteria and other germs at bay. This not only contributes to making cooking more comfortable but also safer.

3. Smart Storage Ideas 

Your kitchen, especially if you use a lot of things, can become choked with ingredients and other kitchen necessities. Hence, proper storage is absolutely essential.

In modern homes, kitchens and living rooms are merging. People want to socialize while cooking or making meals. Hence, this trend includes maximizing kitchen space usage. There are several smart storage ideas people adopt in recent times. They include:

  • Open up storage. Hide things you don't use in immersed shelving within kitchen table islands. With open storage, everyone in the kitchen can help themselves. Keeping crockery and glasses near the dishwasher and sink can speed up the process of restocking the shelves. 
  • Make use of the walls. Start using the walls as extra storage instead of drawers. It is more convenient to keep knives on a magnetic rack near your cooking area than to keep them all mixed up in a drawer.
  • Transparent boxes: People now store food ingredients in transparent boxes and jars so that it's easy to see where everything is. It's also useful to check what's running low before going to the supermarket.
  • Toe-kick drawers: These are extremely handy for extra storage space in a small kitchen.

4. Double Kitchen Islands

Double islands have always been popular in kitchen designs and will remain so. This is due to their sophisticated and luxurious look. Though double layouts are expensive, they are worth considering if you can afford them. This is unlikely an option in a tiny house, but think through these innovative kitchen ideas to help design your tiny house kitchen.

Having two kitchen islands has several advantages. Below are some examples:

  • You can direct the flow of foot traffic in the kitchen and designate distinct areas for various roles. As a result, you can have more room for food preparation, whereas the rest of the kitchen is still easily accessible to the rest of the family.
  • With two different kitchen islands, you can create two separate spaces for two distinct purposes. For example, one kitchen island can be used for storage and seating. While the other can be used for cooking and microwaving. This can make your kitchen more operational.
  • Storage is always an issue in many kitchens, no matter how small or large your kitchen is. However, with two kitchen islands, you can have twice the storage space.

Dual configurations are highly recommended for large, open-plan kitchens, and may even be considered essential.

5. Handless Kitchen Design 

The most recent design trends have revolved around the concept of comfortability and multitasking. The exterior handles of cupboards and drawers are removed in a handleless kitchen. These are replaced with inset grooves that allow you to open the door or touch open cabinets. 

A handless Kitchen can simplify your cooking experience as it's easier to navigate in a small kitchen. It also makes cleaning your cupboards easier because food and dirt do not get stuck in the handle grooves. If you choose touch close cabinets, it is also simpler to open handleless kitchen cabinets when your hands are full. 

6. Appliances in Built-in Drawers

Appliances in drawers have recently become popular in these modern times. And this is a result of people becoming more interested in the portability of their kitchen rooms. 

With the built-in feature, kitchen appliances can be built into kitchen cabinets or walls. Some examples are:

  • Built-In Oven
  • Built-In Refrigerator
  • Built-In Hob
  • Built-In Extractor Hood
  • Built-In Dishwasher

Aside from their aesthetic appeal, built-in appliances have several benefits over traditional appliances, as it helps in creating an integrated look in modern kitchens. However, appliances in built-in drawers cannot be moved because they are permanently installed in the kitchen. 

7. Kitchen as a Multipurpose Room

The need for multi-functional kitchen design has become extremely important. This is because people have been living more in their homes than ever before. The kitchen is the ideal multi-use room because people naturally find themselves here. 

This could take the form of a bar where children can do their school assignments, adults can work from home, friends can chat, and families can spend some time together while making a meal.


The smart kitchen is quickly becoming a concept in every household worldwide. The kitchen, in addition to being a cooking area, has also become a storage area. Thankfully, technology has been deliberately improving the kitchen and making it smarter than ever before. 

It is interesting to also know that you can use your kitchen for multi-purpose. So you don't have to yell in the kitchen while talking to a friend in the sitting room. This is because they can sit with you at the bar in your kitchen while you finish the meals.

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