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The Best Neighborhoods in Fairfax Virginia: Ideas for Newcomers

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
Virginia City Skyline with river

Fairfax, Virginia, is a fantastic city that has so much going for it, including its beautiful homes and great schools. Residents who live there enjoy the amazing scenery along with the incredible location. If you have thought about moving to Fairfax, Virginia, keep reading to see some great neighborhoods for newcomers to check out. 

Tiny Home Builders are abundant in Virginia, creating the perfect location to move to go Tiny! A few of the local tiny home builders would be Build Tiny, Tiny House Building Company, and Bayside Tiny Homes, and there are a handful of local DIY workshops if you're looking to build your own.

Here's a quick run down on the neighborhoods in Fairfax, and what to expect!

Random Hills

This area is one of the best spots for homes that are lower in price, and it's ideal for those who want to be closer to downtown Fairfax. The median sale price for Random Hills is in the lower 500k range, and the rental price is about $2,800. This is a densely populated neighborhood that is full of smaller homes and apartment complexes. 

The neighborhood has about 5% vacancy, which means there are a few different places available for buyers or renters. Most of the homes are also considered to be "row houses," which means they are very close or slightly attached, which is similar to a townhouse. Residents in the area love the nearby parks and the proximity to the local highways. 

Carriage Park/ Fairfax Center Landbay

The Carriage Park area is one of the best areas to look at if you want an excellent-priced home that is close to many of the city's great amenities. It is located near many of the city's schools, and it is very close to the fantastic Fairfax Mall, which has everything you need when it comes to your shopping. Homes in this area are in the mid 500k range, and rentals are close to $2600. 

This area has quite a few apartments and townhouse complexes, but it also has plenty of delightful medium-sized homes. The neighborhood has mostly newer buildings that have been built after 2000, and the current vacancy rate is around 2%. People who live in the carriage Park area enjoy being so close to everything they need 

Century Oak/Highland Oak

The best homes in Fairfax are in the Century Oak and Highland Oak area, where you will find many of the city's luxury homes. It's the best place to go if you want a home that has 3+ bedrooms and a large lot. The area is right beside the incredible International Country Club golf course, so you get amazing views of the rolling hills.

The median sale price for homes in this area is in the 1mil range, and the average rental is about $3,000, but the majority of homes in this neighborhood are actually owner-occupied. Residents in the community enjoy living among the beautiful estate-style homes, and they love the scenic views of the local golf course. 

Row Houses with sunset glow

Mantua Hills

Mantua Hills is a residential area that has been spliced with nature to ensure that the local greenery can thrive. This has made a fabulous-looking community that is full of trees and fantastic-looking homes. The neighborhood is also close to the Army Navy Country club and plenty of parks, so there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

Homes in this area sell in the 900k range and rent for approximately $2,400. The neighborhood has mostly larger (4+ bedrooms) homes and some smaller single-family homes that are great for growing families. The vacancy rate is around 7% which is higher than many other areas in the city. 

Fair Oaks

Nestled in the center of the town is the delightful area of Fair Oaks that has many of the town's major features. The community is close to many schools and the city's most popular park, Fairfax Memorial Park. There is a large shopping center just minutes away that has everything you could need, plus you are right beside George Mason University, so it's an ideal spot for anyone who is attending or working there. 

Homes in Fair Oaks sell in the upper 600k range, and they are renting for close to $2,800. The neighborhood has single-family homes primarily, with a few larger homes and townhouses scattered throughout. The vacancy rate in this area is about 3%, so you have quite a few options available for you. 

Fairfax is a wonderful town with plenty of amazing places and incredible homes. It's a great place to look at if you are considering moving to Virginia. Take a look online at some of the homes available in Fairfax today to find the home of your dreams. 

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