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The Best Water Filter Types That Fit Tiny Homes

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
Fresh filtered water pouring into clear glass cup

Tiny homes have become very popular in the last couple of years. People will opt for smaller spaces
as long as they are cheaper, assure comfort, and provide stability.

Going tiny can be a delight, but it comes with its challenges. You'll be living in a 600-square-foot
space at the very max, and you may have to deal with an inconsistent, low-quality water supply. Low-
quality water is very common among tiny homeowners, but you can improve your water's quality by
using water filters. The right type of water filter can work wonders for your home. Go through this
article to see the best water filter types for your tiny home.

All tiny homeowners struggle with space. The five water filters we're discussing fit tiny homes
perfectly because they only take up little space and can fit into small storage spaces like cabinets or
under the sink. They include:

1. Water Pitchers

Water filter pitchers are jug-like, portable filtration devices usually kept on table tops or in

Water pitchers have an upper chamber, where you add feed water, and a lower part, where the
filtered water is stored. There's a membrane between the compartments that filter the water.
To filter your water with a water pitcher, fill the upper compartment of the pitcher, then wait for 5-
10 minutes. The unfiltered water will pass through the filtering membrane and into the lower
chamber, where it's stored as clean, safe water.

Water filter pitchers can effectively remove both physical and chemical contaminants from water
and improve the taste and smell of drinking water. There are a few different kinds of water filter
pitchers. Some work better at removing contaminants than others, so it's best to do thorough
research before choosing a brand from your convenience store.

Water pitchers are small, making them suitable for a tiny home. They also require no installation; you
can simply place them on your dinner table or a small refrigerator. Apart from providing filtered
water, nice water pitchers can add aesthetic value to your home.

2. Under Sink Water Filters

An under sink water filter is water filtration equipment that filters water at a single outlet or faucet in
the home, usually the kitchen sink.

Under sink water filters are made with one or more filter compartments. It purifies the water flowing
through a faucet by disinfecting water and removing excess chemicals.

An under sink water filter is very convenient for tiny homes because it's small and doesn't take up
valuable kitchen space.

It is also very affordable and easy to install and maintain. With an under sink water filter, you
instantly get clean water from the tap whenever you need it, without worrying about cabinet space.

If you live in a tiny home and get your water from wells or public taps, under sink filters are worth
checking out. They improve the taste and smell of your water and remove lead and pesticides from
agricultural run-offs. But, again, there are different kinds of under sink water filters, so if you're
planning to choose the best under sink water filter for your tiny home, you'll need to learn about the
different types.

3. Countertop Water Filters

The countertop filter is a water filter typically placed over the kitchen counter. It could be
temporarily connected to your kitchen faucet or standing alone on the counter.

A countertop filter often uses activated carbon or ceramics to remove chlorine, metals, and even
bacteria from the water. Countertop filters are small filter types as well. They take up only a little
space on the counter and don't require any installation, making them perfect for tiny homes.

4. Faucet Filters

Faucet filters are the type of water filter you attach directly to a faucet in your tiny home. They filter
water as it comes out of the faucet.

Faucet filters have carbon pores that remove chemical contaminants like pesticides and solid

Faucet filters can be mounted or built-in. A mounted faucet filter gets attached to an existing faucet
and filters the water that flows through it. In contrast, the built-in faucet filter is bought as a new
faucet with a built-in filtering element.

Faucet filters are small and portable, just like water pitchers, so they fit perfectly with the tiny home.
But unlike pitchers, faucet filters filter water instantly, making them more preferable. With faucet
filters, there's no need to wait minutes to get filtered water.

5. Backpacking Water Filters

Backpacking filters are unique filters that travelers and campers usually use to filter drinking water.
However, they are also suitable for tiny home dwellers who want to filter their drinking water.

Most backpacking filters are water bottles built with filtering pores. Those pores block the passage of
dangerous contaminants in water. So instead of drinking water directly from your tap, fill a
backpacking filter with water from your home's tap and drink from it.

One of the keys to enjoying your tiny home is effective space management. With the water filter
types we've recommended, you can enjoy stable and quality drinking water in a small living space
and be assured of decent living standards.

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