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The Ultimate Guide to Designing a Tiny House Bathroom

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
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You’ve decided to join the tiny house community. Now that you’re here, let the adventure, designing, and planning begin. The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any home. Your tiny house bathroom is no different.

Living small has its advantages. In fact, 68% of tiny homeowners don't have a mortgage. Building a tiny home with a smaller bathroom space means getting creative with your budget and your design.

To help you design and layout your ultimate bathroom, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about bathrooms in tiny homes. From space-saving tips to key considerations, here are our favorite tiny house bathroom ideas.

1. Consider How Often You Use It

The first thing you’ll want to think about when it comes to the design of your bathroom is how often you use it. If your tiny home is your full-time residence, you might need something different than you would if you only use the home once a month or for guests.

How often you use the bathroom will really set the tone for the rest of the project. For full-time tiny home dwellers, storage and function are key. You need a place to store toiletries and bathroom essentials.

No matter how small it is, your tiny bathroom should still be a place you enjoy coming to. It needs to be a place to refresh and recharge just as with a large bathroom. For a guest home or a tiny vacation home, your bathroom needs are different.

You may not need as much storage or vanity space. A tiny home near a lake for example is more casual. It’s a place to rinse off and get back outside. A tiny home for guests doesn’t need a full closet for storage.

2. Measure It Out

Once you’ve got the purpose of your design down, you’ll need to measure it out. In a tiny home, you’ll want to make use of every square inch. Measure the floor, your doorway, ceiling height, and where your plumbing fixtures are.

Once you have your measurements down, you’ll be able to plan your space accordingly. Measurements will help you order or build your vanity, customize your shower, and create storage where you can.

3. Basic Tiny House Bathroom Plans

Designing a bathroom starts with the basics. Whether your bathroom is in a 6,000 square foot home or a tiny home, you still need the same fixtures. Every bathroom needs a toilet and a sink, for example.

In a tiny home, you’ll also need an efficient shower. From there, you can customize what type of shower you have, the looks, and the design.

Always start your design with the basic bathroom fixtures. Consider how you use your bathroom. Is it a place to put on make-up and do your hair or just a place to shower? This will help you decide on fixtures and sizes.

4. What’s On Your Must-Have List

Even in a small space, there are certain luxuries or amenities you have to have. This list will look different for everyone. Take some time to make a list of what’s non-negotiable for you.

Start with what features you need. If you live in a cooler climate, a towel warmer could be a nice luxury that doesn’t take much space. If you’re on the water, you’ll likely want several hooks to hang towels and wet suits.

If you’re using your bathroom as a primary place to get ready, maybe a large mirror or a full-length mirror on the back of the door would be helpful. If you love a long, luxurious shower, spend a little more on nicer fixtures.

5. Tiny House Bathroom Layout

Once you have your must-haves and basics chosen, it’s time to put the pieces together. Consider where you’d like to put everything and how you want to lay it out.

Designing your layout should always include your basics and the little luxuries and technology you need. Consider if your space allows for a tub and shower combination or maybe a wet bath only.

A wet bath is where the entire bathroom can get wet from the shower. If you don’t have space for a shower curtain or glass door, this is a great way to get a shower into a tiny space.

Larger tiny home bathrooms may still be able to accommodate a bathtub and shower combination. In some homes, it may not be a large jetted tub but it’s enough to soak in or wash little ones when needed. In other tiny homes, a bathtub is a showstopper. This can all be designed to your preference.

6. Space-Saving Tricks

When it comes to tiny homes, space is everything. You need to make the most of every space you have. To make sure you have room for everything you need, consider a few space-saving tricks.

To start, pocket doors will be your best friend in a tiny home. These allow your door to slide right into the wall without taking up additional space. Shower curtains or doors that pull into the shower are also helpful.

Your bathroom vanity and sink should also be small enough to allow people to get in and out with some clever storage. You’ll be surprised at how much you can fit under a bathroom sink. Don’t forget you can hang things above or behind a door.

7. Create More Storage

In a tiny bathroom, storage is even more important. You may be surprised at how much storage you can fit into a tiny bathroom. Start on your walls to avoid having more furniture.

Add shelving over sinks, toilets, and even in the shower to free up space. Any wall or nook can house some built-ins. Baskets and over-the-door hangers are also great for stashing supplies and toiletries.

Build-in any storage you can. On the sides of a tub, for example, or on a bare wall. If you have a bathroom closet, organizers will help give you storage from the top all the way to the floor.

8. Bring In the Light

In a small bathroom, the light will make it feel larger. Make your windows as large as possible. Even if they aren’t clear glass, you’ll still get a lot of light in through them.

To avoid showing everyone your bod in the shower, choose a glass that lets light in but that you can’t see through. Pull-down shades are also great for privacy when you need them.

Mirrors also help multiply light. Add mirrors to create more light and the allusion of more space. Whether it’s above a sink, behind a door, or on a wall, adding additional mirrors will help to reflect the light.

9. Go Vertical

When it comes to a tiny home bathroom, don’t forget all the space you have above. The area above your sink or toilet is prime space for storage. You can add shelves above to get things off the floor.

Vertical shelves offer much-needed places to store toiletries and extra bathroom items. If you don’t want everything on display, use baskets to keep things tidy. Baskets are a great way to fit more essentials while keeping things tidy.

If you can squeeze in a mirror along with an upper vanity cabinet, you can store even more. There’s also hidden potential under your sink for floor-to-ceiling storage.

10. Tiny House Bathroom Design: Have Fun With Color and Prints

In a tiny bathroom, you don’t want to skip on style. Colors and prints make an even bigger statement in a small space. Have fun with your favorite colors and patterns here.

Even in a small bathroom, you can have a lot of fun with the design. Make it a space that’s all your own. Your bathroom should be a place to recharge and start and end your day no matter what size it is.

Tiny House Bathroom 101

Your tiny house bathroom should be a room you can’t wait to see. Even if your vanity and shower are a little smaller, there doesn’t have to be any shortage on style. Even the tiniest bathroom can feel luxurious.

From space planning to clever use of storage, designing a tiny house bathroom is all about the thought you put into each item. Whether this is your full-time home, vacation spot, or a place for guests, a tiny house is a great place to call home. For more information on tiny homes, Check out our blog here!

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