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Tiny Home Community Opening - Lotus Living

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
lotus tiny home community grand opening

We're super excited to announce the Lotus Living Tiny House Community! Back Porch Tiny Homes incredibly built they entire community of 26 homes in a record breaking 1 month!

This is such an amazing community that has the ability to inspire other communities, counties and jurisdictions to replicate its affordable and timely set up process. We're excited to see what doors are opened through this avenue!

Check out the full story below!

The City of El Centro and The Imperial Valley College officially had the ribbon cutting of the
Lotus Living Tiny Homes Project on May 7th, 2021. This project consisted of 26 tiny homes
manufactured by Back Porch Homes for students facing homelessness after their tenure in foster
care. Each home was modified to fit the needs of a college student. The 20 ft. Associate Model
Home came with a bed, a desk, combo washer and dryer, microwave conventional oven, and a
bathroom. The community is located at 12th Street Avenue, El Centro, California.

In hindsight, it seemed impossible because we were in the middle of a global pandemic with a
very tight initial deadline of a month. Our manufacturing plant was forced to shut down earlier in
the year because of specific state orders. But through all the obstacles, the purpose of these
homes kept us motivated to get the job done.

“In most cities in California, to build one home will take you anywhere to 9 to 18 months to
complete. We put 26 homes up in less than that time.” – Todd Bayer, Co- Founder. We cherish
this statement because every day we see examples of people, communities, and places where
affordable housing is needed. El Centro and Imperial Valley College can be the blueprint for
other communities to replicate to serve homeless students, veterans, single-family, senior, and
much more. Even during drastic times of natural disasters, these communities can be built and
provided at an amazing speed for communities.

We want this project to be an eye-opener for other cities, counties, and states to step up and act.
Also, bring awareness that Tiny Houses are here to stay and can serve as the solution for the
housing crisis in the United States. Local community leaders and citizens that have the resources
to help can use this project as a solution to any problems that they may be suffering from. Also,
that no matter the size of a city or community, organizations can come together to share
resources to use allow tiny homes to benefit their communities.

About Back Porch Homes

Back Porch Homes was founded by Stephen McKee and Todd Bayer, using their decades of experience in California real estate sales, development, and investing to chart a new course in
the housing market. They aim to deliver move-in ready tiny homes that come with simple luxury amenities, while offering an amazing blend of quality and relative affordability in a highly
competitive housing market. The different models, The Associate, The Companion, and The Companion+, are the ideal solutions for aging parents, recent college graduates, remote-
working professionals, non-profits, and manual/migrant workers.

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