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15 Tiny Home Kitchen Hacks

Updated on:
March 7, 2024
tiny home kitchen hacks

Image Source: Canva

Just as a chef deftly crafts a gourmet meal from a handful of simple ingredients, you too can transform your compact kitchen into a space of efficiency and style. Let's consider the following kitchen hacks designed specifically for tiny homes.

With tips ranging from inventive storage solutions to clever use of vertical spaces, these ideas will equip you to make the most of every nook and cranny. 

By the end, you'll see your tiny kitchen in a whole new light. Ready to start cooking up some changes?

Maximizing Drawer Organization

When dealing with a tiny home kitchen, mastering the art of drawer organization can transform unopenable messes into highly functional storage spaces. You might feel limited by the small size, but with some innovative thinking, you can make every inch count.

Start by decluttering. It's surprising how many items you've hoarded over the years that you don't really need. If you haven't used it in a year, it's time to let it go. Once that's done, categorize your items. This will give you a clear idea of what goes where.

Next, invest in drawer dividers or organizers. These are your best friends in maintaining order within your drawers. They come in different shapes and sizes, so you're sure to find something that suits your needs.

Efficient Cabinet Organization Hacks

Looking to make the most of your tiny kitchen cabinets? Here are some clever hacks to help you maximize space and maintain an organized kitchen.

First, consider installing a corkboard or magnetic board inside cabinet doors. You can hang measuring spoons, small utensils, or even your shopping list. This keeps items within easy reach and saves space for larger cookware.

Next, use adjustable shelf risers or install extra shelves to double your storage space. You'll be able to stack more items without creating a cluttered mess.

Third, think about rolling cabinet shelves. They make it easier to access items at the back and utilize every inch of your cabinet space.

Don't forget the corners. Install a lazy Susan in corner cabinets to make the most of these awkward spots. You could also add hooks on the inside walls of cabinets to hang mugs or small pots.

Finally, consider IKEA's budget-friendly vertical storage systems. These wall-mounted designs utilize unused vertical space and keep frequently used items within easy reach.

Innovative Measuring Cup Storage

In the hustle and bustle of a busy kitchen, finding a practical storage solution for your measuring cups can be a game-changer. It can save you loads of time and help keep your limited counter space clutter-free. Let's investigate some innovative ways you can store your measuring cups in a tiny kitchen.

An easy and functional solution is to hang your measuring cups inside a kitchen cabinet door. A couple of adhesive hooks can do the trick, allowing you to hang each cup by its handle. This way, they're out of sight, yet within easy reach when you're whipping up your favorite recipes.

Alternatively, you can utilize a small drawer, creating a dedicated space for your measuring cups. You can keep them organized by cup size using drawer dividers or small containers.

If you're short on cabinet and drawer space, consider a hanging rack. Attach it to the underside of a shelf or cabinet, and hang your cups by their handles.

Each of these solutions provides easy access to your measuring cups, keeps them organized, and makes the most out of your tiny kitchen space. Now, you can enjoy cooking in your small kitchen without the hassle of digging around for a measuring cup again.

Chalkboard Paint Organization Tips

Image: Canva

Speaking of innovative storage solutions, have you ever considered using chalkboard paint in your kitchen? This ingenious idea combines functionality with style, proving to be a game-changer for those living in tiny homes. Not only does it add a unique aesthetic touch, but it also helps keep your kitchen organized.

Imagine never having to rummage through drawers and cabinets looking for that elusive spice or utensil. With chalkboard paint, you can label your jars, pots, and pans directly, creating a visually appealing and efficient kitchen setup. This way, you'll always know where everything is, saving you precious time and effort.

Additionally, chalkboard paint can be used on any surface, making it extremely versatile. You can paint an entire wall or just a small corner, depending on your needs and available space. This paint is also easy to apply and clean, making it a practical choice for small kitchens.

But what if you change your mind or need to update your labels? No worries! Chalkboard paint allows for easy alterations. Simply wipe off the old writing and replace it with the new one. This flexibility makes chalkboard paint an ideal organization tool for your tiny kitchen.

Pegboard Storage Solutions

If you're struggling to find adequate storage in your tiny kitchen, pegboard storage solutions might be the answer you're looking for. This versatile tool, inspired by none other than Julia Child, can be a game-changer in your small space. 

They're not just for tools in the garage, pegboards can create a stylish and functional storage solution in your tiny kitchen.

Try installing a pegboard on an empty wall or inside a cabinet door. You can customize it to your needs, rearranging hooks and shelves as your storage needs evolve. It's the perfect spot to hang pots, pans, utensils, and even your favorite mugs. You can find tutorials online, like the one on Apartment Therapy, to guide you in setting up your pegboard.

Pegboard storage doesn't have to sacrifice style for functionality. You can paint your pegboard to match your kitchen decor, or even use a metal pegboard for a sleek, modern look. 

Not only will you gain additional storage, but you'll also add a unique, personal touch to your kitchen. And the best part? It's a cost-effective solution that can work in any size kitchen. So why not give pegboard storage a try?

Smart Knife Storage Ideas

With a tiny kitchen, you don't have room to waste, and that's where smart knife storage comes into play. A simple yet effective solution is a magnetic knife strip. This tool not only keeps your knives easily accessible but also frees up valuable drawer and counter space. You can find a variety of styles and sizes at stores like The Container Store, ensuring that you'll find the perfect fit for your tiny kitchen.

Another smart knife storage idea is to use a knife block designed to fit inside a drawer. It keeps your knives organized and safely stowed away while leaving your counter space clear. You can even DIY this solution to customize it to your exact needs.

If your cabinets have a bit of unused space, consider hanging a magnetic strip there. This innovative solution keeps your knives out of sight yet within easy reach. Always remember, a well-organized tiny kitchen is all about making every inch work for you.

Shelving Solutions for Tiny Kitchens

Just as you've smartly stored your knives, you can also maximize your tiny kitchen space with creative shelving solutions. Open shelves are an excellent option for small spaces. They create additional storage and offer a chance to display your favorite mugs and dishes.

Consider installing adjustable shelves. They're flexible and allow you to fit items of various sizes. You can also add hooks under these shelves for hanging mugs or utensils, making them a two-in-one space saver.

Corner shelves are another great choice. They effectively utilize often ignored corner spaces and provide extra room for your pots, pans, or even a mini herb garden.

Don't overlook the potential of vertical space. Floor-to-ceiling shelving can offer ample storage without consuming valuable floor area.

For an innovative approach, consider floating shelves. They give an airy feel and can be placed anywhere, even above windows or doors.

Fridge Organization for Smaller Spaces

When living with limited kitchen space, organizing your fridge effectively can make a world of difference. To start, consider your fridge's layout. The door is ideal for condiments or other items you use regularly, while the upper shelves are best for leftovers or ready-to-eat foods. The lower shelves, which are the coldest, should house raw ingredients.

Next, get creative. Use clear bins to group similar items together. This helps you quickly locate what you need and also keeps spills contained. Additionally, consider using shelf risers to maximize vertical space, and lazy Susans to access items in the back easier.

Don't forget to utilize the sides of your fridge. Magnetic containers can stick to the sides, freeing up shelf space for other items.

Lastly, remember to regularly clean out your fridge. It's easy for small fridges to become cluttered. Making a habit of weekly clean-outs will assure your fridge stays organized and you're not wasting food.

In a tiny kitchen, every inch counts. With a little creativity and maintenance, you can make the most out of your fridge's limited space, making your cooking experience more enjoyable and efficient.

Rolling Cabinet Shelves Tactics

To maximize your tiny kitchen space, contemplate installing rolling cabinet shelves, a smart and accessible storage solution that can transform even the deepest cabinets into easily accessible spaces. These clever units are not only practical but also easy to install, providing a double win for small kitchen owners.

Rolling shelves allow you to reach items stored at the back of your cabinets without having to crawl inside or remove items in front first. This not only saves you time but also makes cooking and cleaning in your kitchen a much more enjoyable task.

You can find rolling cabinet shelves in various sizes and designs, ensuring there's a perfect fit for your specific cabinet dimensions. They're also incredibly versatile - use them for storing pots, pans, baking supplies, or even your recycling bins.

Don't forget to contemplate height when installing your shelves. Make sure there's enough room for your tallest items to stand upright. Once installed, you'll be amazed at how much extra storage space you have.

Add labels to the front of each shelf to help you remember what's stored where. This way, you'll always know where to find your favorite pot or that elusive spice jar. With rolling cabinet shelves, you'll get the most out of your tiny kitchen space.

Optimizing Wall Storage

Don't overlook the potential of your kitchen walls; they can be a goldmine for storage solutions in a tiny home kitchen. With some creativity, you can transform your kitchen walls into storage hubs.

Start by installing open shelving. They're not just stylish but also practical. You can store frequently used items like plates, cups, or spices on these shelves for easy access. For a more organized look, use baskets or small crates on the shelves to hold items.

You can also use hooks or pegboards to hang utensils, cups, and even pots and pans. This not only saves cabinet space but also makes these items easy to reach. Magnetic knife strips are another great wall storage solution that keeps your knives organized and at hand.

Don't forget the space above your windows and doors. Install small shelves here to display decorative items or store less frequently used kitchen tools.

Wall-mounted folding tables or drop-leaf tables can serve as additional prep space when needed and fold away when not in use.

Side Cabinet Storage Strategies

Just as your walls can be transformed into storage hubs, your side cabinets too hold immense untapped potential for effective organization in a tiny home kitchen. You can optimize this space by installing pull-out drawers or shelves. This way, you're not just stacking items in a jumbled mess, but you're creating a system where everything is easily accessible.

Consider adding hooks on the insides of the cabinet doors. These hooks can be a perfect spot for hanging utensils, oven mitts, or even small pots and pans. If your cabinet doors are wide enough, you can also affix narrow spice racks, giving you instant access to your seasonings without taking up valuable shelf space.

Another strategy is to use adjustable shelving. This allows you to customize the heights of your shelves based on what you're storing. You can fit taller pots and appliances on one shelf, while having another for shorter items like bowls and plates.

Don't forget the possibilities of under-shelf baskets. These baskets hang below your shelves, creating an extra layer of storage. They're perfect for storing items like dish towels, napkins, or other small kitchen necessities. With these strategies, you'll maximize your side cabinet's storage potential.

Creating Magnetic Fridge Racks

In the quest for maximizing storage in your tiny home kitchen, the sides of your fridge can become a valuable ally with the creation of magnetic fridge racks. It's a simple yet ingenious solution that doesn't require you to take up any additional floor or counter space.

To start, you'll need some magnetic spice containers or small baskets with magnets attached. These are readily available online or in home goods stores. If you're more of a DIY enthusiast, you can attach magnets to any lightweight container you have on hand. Remember, the stronger the magnet, the more weight it can hold.

Next, it's all about deciding what to store. Spices, condiments, and cooking utensils are all great candidates because they're light and you often need them close at hand while cooking. However, make sure to only store items that aren't sensitive to temperature changes.

You can also get creative and make magnetic racks for things like dish towels or your kitchen sponge. The sky's the limit with this hack, and it's a fantastic way to make use of every inch of your kitchen. So, why not give magnetic fridge racks a shot and see how they transform your tiny kitchen space?

Hanging Pots and Pans Effectively

When dealing with a tiny kitchen, every square inch counts, so why not look up and consider hanging your pots and pans from the ceiling? It's a practical solution that not only saves you precious cabinet space but also keeps your cooking essentials within easy reach.

Start by identifying a spot in your kitchen where you can hang a pot rack without bumping your head. You can purchase a hanging pot rack or get crafty and make one yourself. With a few hooks and a bit of imagination, you can turn an old ladder, a piece of reclaimed wood, or even a bicycle wheel into a unique pot rack.

Next, arrange your pots and pans strategically. Heavier items should go in the center to maintain balance, while frequently used pieces should be on the edges for easy access. Don't forget to add a bit of personality! Hang colanders, mugs, or herb pots to add visual interest.

Making the Most of Ceiling Shelving

Continuing with the idea of vertical storage, you might find that installing shelves just underneath your ceiling provides an excellent solution for those awkward corners and unused spaces. This clever option uses the higher regions of your room, often overlooked in design, to increase your storage capacity.

Imagine having your pots, pans, and other less frequently used items stored safely out of the way, yet still easily accessible when needed. Ceiling shelves can be a real game changer in a tiny home kitchen. They're great for storing items you don't use daily, like specialty cookware or holiday dishes.

You can take this concept a step further by choosing attractive containers or baskets to store your items in. This not only keeps everything organized but also enhances the aesthetic of your kitchen.

Installation is usually straightforward and can be a fun DIY project. But remember, safety first! Make sure the shelves are securely fastened to avoid accidents.

Corner Cabinet Organization Tricks

You might be surprised at how much extra storage you can squeeze out of those tricky corner cabinets with the right organization tricks. One of the first things you can do is install a lazy Susan. This revolving storage solution allows you to easily access items that would otherwise be hard to reach.

Another option is using tiered shelves. This maximizes vertical space, letting you stack items on top of each other. Dividers also help keep things neat and separated.

You can also install pull-out drawers or bins. They come out fully, so you aren't left fumbling in the dark corners of the cabinet.

Hooks on the inside of the cabinet door can be a great place to hang lighter items. Think pot holders, measuring spoons, or small utensils.

Finally, consider a corner cabinet that extends fully to the counter. This gives you an extra workspace you can use for chopping, mixing, or other kitchen tasks.

With these corner cabinet organization tricks, you'll find yourself with more storage options, making your tiny home kitchen more functional and efficient.


There you have it - ingenious hacks to revamp your tiny home kitchen. From clever cabinet organization to innovative ceiling shelving, every inch counts. Unlock the potential of mason jars, magnetic strips, and chalkboard paint. Remember, it's not about the space you don't have, but how well you use what you've got. So, maximize, organize, and enjoy your kitchen like never before. Here's to making your petite kitchen mighty!

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