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5 Tiny Home Villages in Michigan: A Comprehensive List

Updated on:
October 7, 2023

Are you intrigued by the tiny house movement in Michigan but wondering if it’s something you would enjoy? Do you yearn for a community where neighbors are more like family and the concept of "home" takes center stage? 

You can find the answers to these questions in Michigan in several tiny home villages such as Tiny Homes Detroit, Cottage Estates, and Huron Shores Tiny House Community. 

If you've been dreaming about downsizing your living space, embracing a minimalist lifestyle, or simply yearning for a stronger connection with nature and your neighbors, then you've come to the right place. 

In this post, we'll explore 5 tiny home villages in Michigan to act as your guiding light. 

Let’s get started!

1. Tiny Homes Detroit

Tiny Homes Detroit
View The Escher, a stunning example of architecture that skillfully combines contemporary luxury and little living.

Tiny Homes Detroit is a subdivision of modest, one- and two-person tiny homes built for low-income tenants by Cass Community Social Services. The development is between Woodrow Wilson and the Lodge Freeway on Elmhurst, Monterey, and Richton Streets in Detroit. 

The Lodge Freeway is one of Motor City's freeways with the busiest traffic. 

Rev. Faith Fowler, the executive director of Cass Community Social Services, launched the Tiny Homes project in 2016 to alleviate asset inequality and establish a financial safety net for Detroit's working poor.

The group acquired 25 property plots from Detroit, each measuring 30 by 100 feet (9.1 m by 30.5 m). A model home was built in late 2016, and the first six homes in the development were finished by early 2017. 

Nineteen homes were completed by 2019. And additional, larger homes for families are planned for the future. 

Cass Community Social Services raised money from various sources for the project, with an estimated total budget of $1.5 million. 

Donors included Ford, Jon Bon Jovi, General Motors, staffing agency Epitec, and the Birmingham First United Methodist Church.

The separate accessory dwelling units are intended for single people or couples and range in size from 250 to 400 square feet (23 to 37 m2). 

The homes stand out thanks to their unusual colors and architectural features. 

Every house has a unique architectural style, ranging from cottages to Colonial, Victorian, Tudor, and environmental homes. 


Each home has:

  • Appliances
  • Bed
  • Sofa
  • Dining table
  • Patios or porches

Since Cass Community Social Services is aggressively constructing solar and has ambitions to introduce solar farms to aid the larger community, each tiny home has access to solar electricity. 

The corporate philanthropy initiative of General Motors funded the solar panels for the tiny dwellings.

The development is designed to address the housing needs of low-income tenants making as little as $8,000 per year while setting them on the path to home ownership. 

Residents are allowed to rent the homes for one year but can own them after seven years.

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2. Cottage Estates

The cottage estates are suitable for people who want less environmental impact. These tiny houses are in an RV resort on one of Lake Michigan's bays. 

These tiny homes in Traverse Bay were placed on their lot apart from the other RV-based rental lots. They are all inhabited and are not for rent. 

Residents can take advantage of the facilities available to tenants, such as the stunning ponds and first-rate landscaping. The neighborhood has a pool and spa. 

The laid-back community's lifestyle at Traverse Bay RV Resort offers a great escape from the daily grind. The climate, which is greatly influenced by Lake Michigan's temperate climate, creates a relaxing summer getaway.

The Grand Traverse region is home to numerous crystal-clear lakes and rivers, miles of sandy beaches, breathtaking views of Lake Michigan, charming marinas, and harbor villages. It is undoubtedly a delight for water lovers.

With its central position and the fact that tourism accounts for a significant portion of the local economy, Traverse Bay RV Resort provides the ideal setting. You won't run out of things to do. 

Traverse City also offers picturesque sightseeing, beach time, boating, fishing, shopping, sightseeing, golfing, dining, hiking, biking, and entertainment.

The site design on the website shows "future phase" lots where the business may construct more lots for buyers.


Some of the amenities available include: 

  • Clubhouses
  • Pool and spa
  • Tennis court
  • Pickleball
  • Fitness center
  • Storage lot for boats
  • Motorcycle trailers
  • Jet skis and kayak trailers

The RV parking lots have rates that start at $79 per night. The location also provides permanent property sales for homeowners with campsites at least 28 feet long and under ten years old. The price for permanent lots is $105,000.

The site caters to adults, and fees are set based on the premise that each lot will house two people. Each additional person, including children, may be charged an additional $8.

They frequently offer free rent for a few nights. Your fourth night is half-priced, or your seventh night is free with a weeklong stay during the spring and fall seasons. The peak dates are exempt from these discounts.

This tiny home community is assisting many first-time homebuyers.

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3. Huron Shores Tiny House Community

Huron Shores Tiny House Community
View The Model 480, a stunning tiny home with a spacious modular studio or primary bedroom experience.

Huron Shores offers the ideal location for the prefabricated home lifestyle you've always wanted, with its lovely sandy beach and knowledgeable, helpful staff. Huron Shores is a great place to live, with lots to do nearby.

The community is 16 miles from Sandusky and 35 miles from Port Huron on Shoreline East, just east of M-25 in Port Sanilac, Michigan. 

Additionally, the Huron Shores Golf Club is a half-mile to the north, the Port Sanilac Marina is two miles, the Sanilac County Historical Museum is a mile to the south, and there are restaurants, schools, and cultural attractions all year long in this tranquil setting.

They have a community center with a view of Lake Huron that is completely furnished so that you may host friends and family events there. What’s more, the Shores Athletic Club, a shuffleboard court, horseshoes, volleyball, a library, laundry, and a kitchen are just a few of its many activities.

There are 12 full-hookup RV sites, houses for sale, and unoccupied sites where you may build a house. With a mile of sandy beach, the ambiance is laid-back resort living.


The amenities they have available include: 

  • Shores Athletic Club
  • Elliptical treadmill
  • Exercise bike

Huron Shores also gives you the option of purchasing your own lakeside house. Try them out by staying in Creekside, Huron Shores, for a season with your RV to experience all the perks of the resident. 

If you decide to settle there, you can choose a permanent home in their lovely lakeside community or decide to return every year in your RV. 

You will enjoy viewing the stunning sunrises and moonrises on the 1000 feet of sandy beach and being soothed to sleep by the waves of Lake Huron in either case. 

Watch the passing freighters, the tranquil waves, the birds, and perhaps even a bald eagle. Make your reservation immediately to escape every day and participate in the excitement!

4.  Tiny Tranquility Tiny Homes

Tiny Tranquility Tiny Homes
Check out the Vista Boho, a tiny house constructed by the reputed construction firm Escape Tiny Homes.

Tiny Tranquility was created to serve those who wish to live in their small houses and vintage trailers for an extended period or who want a permanent location for their trailer to be parked while they are away from it. 

They consciously decided to avoid having a steady flow of larger trailers and motorhomes arriving and departing the park for brief periods, as is customary at conventional RV parks. 

They exclusively rent out locations for long periods (the initial contract is 12 months, with the possibility of renewal). Tiny Tranquility emphasizes space and provides lots of opportunities for you to unwind and stretch your legs. 

The luxurious common rooms are ideal for relaxing, mingling, and enjoying the stunning ocean views while remaining indoors. They provide various amenities to ensure that every part of your stay is packed with comfort, convenience, and enjoyable experiences.

Some of the amenities they provide include: 


  • TV room
  • Newly built second common area 
  • A BBQ area
  • Two bonfire pits
  • A community garden
  • Fitness area 
  • Greenhouse
  • Dog Park

For those prepared to make a long-term commitment, long-term site rental costs (i.e., you rent the site and bring your own tiny home) range from $650 to $700 per month plus electricity. 

In addition, for an extra $65 to $150 per month, depending on the size of the area, they will make storage space or nursery space available to you in their sizable greenhouse.

5. Hope Village

Hope Village
View The Model 480, a stunning tiny home with a spacious modular studio or primary bedroom experience.

The Christian rescue organization Mel Trotter Ministries is looking at a fresh approach: tiny dwellings. The Grand Rapids City Commission permitted the group to start building Hope Village, a mixed-use project that would construct 16 tiny homes. 

The dwellings will be between 240 and 480 square feet in size and close to the intersection of Garden Street SE and Division Avenue.

The amenities are not set in stone yet, but they will include access to fresh food, a laundromat, and reasonably priced child care. 

The tiny homes would be offered for rent, with a possible path to ownership for tenants who choose to buy the buildings. The specifics are still being worked out.

The average monthly rental rate per square foot would be $1. With no utilities included, a 480-square-foot home with a kitchen, bathroom, and shower would cost $480 monthly.

Mel Trotter's proposal for a rezoning was granted on October 4 by the municipal commission, which was necessary for the organization to start construction on the roughly 1.5-acre site.

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Takeaway: Embrace the tiny living lifestyle in Michigan

Michigan's tiny home villages provide a wide choice of options and offer the luxury of a big house in a smaller home for anyone looking for an alternative, minimalist lifestyle. 

These villages offer a sense of community and the chance to lessen your environmental footprint, whether seeking a long-term home or a distinctive vacation experience. 

These communities in Michigan are prime examples of how sustainable and reasonably priced living can thrive in the Great Lakes State as the tiny home movement continues to expand. 

Remember to abide by your area's tiny house legislation and local building codes.

If you're intrigued by downsizing and embracing a minimalist lifestyle, why not explore these unique options in the Great Lakes State?

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