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11 Must Read Tiny House Books for Living Tiny

Updated on:
March 19, 2024
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Whether it's the appeal of a lower environmental impact, the dream of financial freedom, or the simple desire to declutter your life, tiny houses present a unique opportunity to rethink what home means.

From practical guides on how to build your own tiny house to inspirational stories from those who've made the leap, these books cover every facet of tiny living. Learn how to maximize small spaces in stylish and innovative ways, navigate the challenges of downsizing, and discover the joy of living with less

Whether you're a tiny house enthusiast or simply curious about this lifestyle, the following books offer a wealth of knowledge, tips, and inspiration for anyone looking to make a big change in a small way.

Compact Cabins: Simple Living in 1000 Square Feet or Less

by Gerald Rowan (Author)

Image Source: Compact Cabins

If you're considering a shift to minimalist living, 'Compact Cabins: Simple Living in 1000 Square Feet or Less' by Gerald Rowan is a must-read, offering practical and creative solutions for small, sustainable living. This book dives deep into the trend of minimalist living, presenting 62 unique designs for compact and creative cabins. Each design is focused on efficiency, adaptability, and sustainability, ensuring you can make the most of your tiny living space.

Rowan's designs are anything but cookie-cutter. They're practical, featuring modular elements that let you tweak them based on your needs. This flexibility makes it clear that a smaller home can be just as comfortable and inviting as a larger one.

The book isn't just a collection of blueprints. It's about rethinking what home means. It suggests that you don't need a lot of space to have a fulfilling home life. Rowan's straightforward approach to minimalist design provides useful insights on living better with less, making 'Compact Cabins' an invaluable resource for anyone interested in downsizing and focusing on the essentials in life.

Microshelters: 59 Creative Cabins, Tiny Houses, Tree Houses, and Other Small Structures

by Derek Diedricksen (Author)

Image Source: Microshelters

For those dreaming of a unique, petite dwelling, 'Microshelters: 59 Creative Cabins, Tiny Houses, Tree Houses, and Other Small Structures' by Derek Diedricksen is an absolute wealth of ideas. This book showcases a stunning collection of innovative tiny shelters from around the United States and beyond. Each one is a testament to creativity and innovation in the domain of small space living.

Diedricksen takes you on a visual journey through 59 distinct structures, each brought to life with full-color photographs and insightful commentary. You'll see everything from tiny homes and cabins to treehouses and studios. These designs push the boundaries of what you might think is possible in a small space.

More than just a pretty picture book, 'Microshelters' also helps you get started on your own project. It includes six sets of building plans from leading designers. Plus, it has guidelines on how to build with recycled and salvaged materials. This book is a precious collection of tips and techniques for making your small space comfortable, functional, and truly yours. You'll see how embracing the tiny house movement can lead to big changes in your life.

Small Space Style: Because You Don't Need to Live Large to Live Beautifully

by Whitney Leigh Morris (Author)

Image Source: Small Space Style

Moving from the unique and innovative designs of microshelters, let's explore the elegance of compact living in 'Small Space Style: Because You Don't Need to Live Large to Live Beautifully'. This book, penned by interior design maestro Whitney Leigh Morris, is a wealth of ideas for living stylishly in under 400 square feet.

It's not about cramming your life into a small space, but rather about embracing the possibilities that compact living provides. Whitney showcases how, with careful planning and innovative design, you can create a home that's both functional and beautiful.

She shares more than 200 tips on making the most of your space. You'll learn how to keep clutter to a minimum, create double-duty layouts, and even entertain a crowd within confined square footage. Each chapter focuses on a key area of the home, from living and sleeping to eating and bathing.

'Small Space Style' is more than just a guide, it's an invitation to reimagine your living space. So, if you're contemplating a move to a smaller home, or if you're already living tiny and need some inspiration, this book is for you.

Tiny House Design & Construction Guide: Your Guide to Building a Mortgage Free, Environmentally Sustainable Home

by Dan S Louche (Author)

Image Source: Tiny House Design & Construction Guide

Taking the plunge into tiny living becomes less intimidating with 'Tiny House Design & Construction Guide: Your Guide to Building a Mortgage Free, Environmentally Sustainable Home' by Dan S Louche. This book serves as your roadmap throughout the entire construction process of your dream tiny house. It's a thorough guide that instills confidence in you as you begin on this exciting journey towards a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle.

Louche's guide doesn't just cover the basics; it goes deep into each stage of construction, from framing, electrical, to plumbing. This expanded second edition includes over 50% more content, with detailed images and illustrations to guide you. The author's meticulous approach will leave you with a solid understanding of not just how to build your tiny home, but also how to make it efficient and environmentally friendly.

The book empowers you to take control of your living situation, to free yourself from the burden of a mortgage, and to reduce your environmental impact. It's more than a guide; it's a stepping stone to a lifestyle that values quality over quantity, sustainability over excess.

Tiny House Designing, Building, & Living (Idiot's Guides)

by Andrew Morrison (Author), Gabriella Morrison (Author)

Image Source: Tiny House Designing, Building, and Living

If you're wondering whether the tiny house lifestyle suits you, 'Tiny House Designing, Building, & Living (Idiot's Guides)' by Andrew Morrison and Gabriella Morrison is a thorough guide you'd want to get your hands on. With over 20 years of experience in the field, the Morrisons offer insights into the minimalist living concept that's sweeping the nation.

The book gives you a detailed understanding of what it truly means to live tiny. From the nuances of different foundation types, financing and insurance options, to legal standards, you're provided with a wealth of knowledge to make informed decisions. By highlighting building techniques, essential utilities, and the possibilities of off-the-grid living, this guide arms you with the practical skills needed to construct your own tiny haven.

But it's not just about building. The Morrisons also inspire you with functional décor ideas and smart storage solutions. They even include three detailed tiny house floor plans to kickstart your design process. So, if living large in a small space appeals to you, this guide could be your first step towards realizing that dream.

Tiny House Living: Ideas For Building and Living Well In Less than 400 Square Feet

by Ryan Mitchell (Author)

Image Source: Tiny House Living: Ideas For Building and Living Well In Less than 400 Square Feet

Continuing on this journey towards compact living, 'Tiny House Living: Ideas For Building and Living Well In Less than 400 Square Feet' by Ryan Mitchell is another gem you'd want to contemplate. This book isn't just about squeezing into a smaller space; it's about thriving in one. Mitchell offers unique insights into maximizing each square foot of your tiny home, making you rethink what's necessary for a comfortable life.

Would you believe that a home of less than 400 square feet can accommodate everything you need and more? Mitchell does, and he's got the ideas to prove it. From innovative storage solutions to multifunctional furniture, he presents a variety of strategies to make your tiny space work for you.

But this book isn't just about practical tips. It's also about the philosophy of tiny living. Mitchell discusses the benefits of downsizing, from financial savings to a lower environmental impact. He'll challenge you to reassess your needs, values, and lifestyle, pushing you to not just live tiny, but live well. In other words, this isn't just a guide—it's a manifesto for a simpler, more intentional life.

How To Build Your Own Tiny House

by Roger Marshall (Author)

Image Source: How To Build Your Own Tiny House

How To Build Your Own Tiny House is pretty much your chill guide to building a tiny house. It's not about showing off glossy pics but getting down to the real deal of building one of these cool, tiny spaces. It's perfect for anyone wanting to scale down their life or just wanting a little project.

Marshall walks you through the whole process, from dealing with building codes to actually putting up walls. He even covers the eco-friendly side of things, which is nice. Plus, there's advice on making tiny furniture, which is pretty handy. Whether you're a carpentry newbie or somewhat handy, this book has got your back, guiding you from a pile of materials to a snug, little home that's all yours.

Micro Living: 40 Innovative Tiny Houses Equipped for Full-Time Living, in 400 Square Feet or Less

by Derek Diedricksen (Author)

Image Source: Micro Living

While exploring the concept of tiny living, you might come across 'Micro Living: 40 Innovative Tiny Houses Equipped for Full-Time Living, in 400 Square Feet or Less'. This insightful book is a goldmine of designs and ideas that challenge conventional living. The author, Derek Diedricksen, brings together a collection of 40 innovative tiny houses, each unique and beautifully designed to maximize comfort and functionality in considerably small spaces.

The houses introduced in the book are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also equipped for full-time living. They offer practical solutions for those seeking to adopt the tiny house lifestyle. You'll discover ingenious storage options, multi-purpose furniture, and smart layouts that make the most out of every square foot.

'Micro Living' also provides inspiration for your tiny home project, showcasing a variety of styles from rustic to modern. The homes featured are less than 400 square feet, proving that size doesn't limit style or comfort. This book is an essential addition to your tiny house library, offering a wealth of creative ideas and practical solutions for living small.

Tiny House Basics: Living the Good Life in Small Spaces

by Joshua Engberg (Author), Shelley Engberg (Author), Derek Diedricksen (Foreword)

Image Source: Tiny House Basics

If you're contemplating a move to a smaller abode, 'Tiny House Basics: Living the Good Life in Small Spaces' is a book you'll want to devour. It's a complete guide that demystifies the process of moving to a tiny house lifestyle, providing practical advice and insightful anecdotes that'll inspire you to make the leap.

The book is jam-packed with tips on how to maximize every square inch of your tiny house. From the layout and design to the choice of sustainable materials, the authors, Joshua and Shelley Engberg, cover all aspects of tiny house living. They even explore the legalities and logistics of finding suitable land to park your tiny house.

One of the book's highlights is its real-life stories from tiny house dwellers. Their experiences, challenges, and triumphs bring a human element to the book, making it more relatable and engaging. Also, the Engbergs' own journey from a 1,500 square foot house to a tiny house on wheels adds a personal touch, enhancing the book's credibility.

Tiny House: Live Small, Dream Big

by Brent Heavener (Author)

Image Source: Tiny House: Live Small, Dream Big

Shifting gears a bit, let's explore the book 'Tiny House: Live Small, Dream Big'. This book is a wonderful addition to your tiny house library. It's centered around the philosophy that living small doesn't mean you have to compromise on your dreams. On the contrary, it invites you to redefine what your 'big dream' looks like in the context of a smaller, simpler lifestyle.

The author takes you on a journey through the concept of tiny living, providing practical advice on how to achieve a comfortable, fulfilling lifestyle in a small space. The book offers key insights into circumnavigating zoning laws, construction costs, and design principles, making it a handy guide for those starting their tiny house journey.

Chock full of real-life examples, 'Tiny House: Live Small, Dream Big' also includes interviews with tiny house dwellers. These personal stories offer a glimpse into the joys and challenges of tiny living, adding a personal touch to the book.

In short, the book challenges you to think differently about your living space and encourages you to embrace the potential of tiny living. It's a must-read for anyone considering this lifestyle shift.

150 Best Tiny Home Ideas

by Manel Gutiérrez Couto (Author)

Image Source: 150 Best Tiny Home Ideas

For those of you dreaming of a simpler, downsized lifestyle, the book 'Best Tiny Home Ideas' offers a wealth of creative and practical solutions to help you make the most of your small living space. It's packed with innovative ideas that maximize the use of every square foot. Each concept is cleverly designed to make your tiny home feel spacious and comfortable.

The book covers various tiny home designs, from sleek modern lofts to cozy rustic cottages. You'll discover clever storage solutions and space-saving furniture ideas that don't compromise style. It will also guide you through the importance of choosing the right materials and colors to create the illusion of space.

The book doesn't just focus on interior design. It also offers valuable tips on how to maximize your outdoor living space, making it an extension of your tiny home. From compact vegetable gardens to miniature patios, these ideas will help you enjoy the outdoors right on your doorstep.

'Best Tiny Home Ideas' is a must-read for anyone considering the tiny house lifestyle. It's brimming with inspiration and practical advice to help you design a tiny home that's big on style and functionality.


So, ready to take the plunge into tiny living? These books are your roadmap to a minimalist, sustainable life. They'll guide you through designing, constructing, and enjoying your tiny home. Remember, living small doesn't mean sacrificing comfort or style.

Start your journey to a meaningful, low-impact lifestyle today. Dream big, live small, and discover the joy of less with these essential tiny house reads. Your adventure awaits!

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