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June 9, 2023
Mobile home on the waters edge

There is so much to learn about the tiny home industry. We are so thankful to find the tiny home industry full of amazing people who are willing to share their knowledge about living tiny, building tiny and going tiny. Here is a bundle of information Jay has compiled to help you in your search!

Take it away, Jay!


To say that we at ThinHaus are students of the art of tiny houses might be a bit romantic, but not far from the truth. We watch industry trends, scan Facebook and Twitter for new ideas and watch what the competition is doing as well as what the customers ask for. We like to think that we have some ability to shape the tiny house world. But like you, we are simply travelers on the river of change that is tiny houses.

It is our hope, of course, that sometime in your search for all things tiny house, you come across ThinHaus (like this blog), see what we are doing and give us a hard look when you actually are ready to buy a new home. Everyone over here would certainly like you to actually buy a ThinHaus, but asking you to give us a shot is about all we can really ask. Our ThinHaus, itself will just have to be great enough to get us over the goal line.

If you Google “tiny houses,” you get 941,000,000 responses. They tell us that nearly two million people search for tiny house every month in the western United States alone. It’s a big deal and getting bigger. While that’s a very good thing, it’s also becoming a very confusing and complex thing. So, we thought it might make things a little easier to share with you a few of our favorite websites and experts on tiny houses. These are links to individual sites and we are not paid by any of them. They own the rights to all the content. Some are competitors. Some are blogs. Some are news organizations and some of them are just folks who have a particularly interesting take on tiny houses.

ThinHaus does not endorse, advocate or profit in any way from any of these sites. We just think they are interesting and worth a look.

Here’s one you already know, since these nice folks are hosting this blog. Take a few minutes to look around and see some of the other stuff they are doing and some of the other blog entries ... including those from other tiny home makers. There is enough going on here and enough new stuff coming on line all the time including tiny home community events and conferences that you should make this one of those places on the web that you come back and visit from time to time.


These guys are our heros! Watching and learning from them was the start of the ThinHaus steel frame. There are things they do that we love and some things that we think we now do better, but if you want to see great steel framing and be exposed to other things besides just tiny houses, this is the place to go.

Flying the tiny house flag in the southern hemisphere, Ahna & James Brownlee at Podlife provide versatile Pods that are perfect for creating space in your life, family, or business. Not a New Zealander? Not to worry! The space-making duo regularly share invaluable insights into living a big life in a tiny space, covering everything from living off grid to turning your tiny house into an Airbnb investment property.

There may not be anyone who knows more about tiny houses than Ethan Waldman ... and certainly no one who will share what they know more generously or educationally. Even if building a tiny house is not for you, Ethan’s experiences in building and living the tiny house life should be one of the first places you go in your web travels on this subject.

Shou Sugi Ban

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest impact. Our ThinHaus craftspeople have spent a lot of time learning the ancient Japanese art of Shou Sugi Ban (flamed wood) and bring this passion to our customers with every ThinHaus we build. This is one of those things that is very hard to DIY because it requires uncommon tools along with dedicated construction spaces and extraordinary safety precautions. Truly a “don’t do this at home” kind of practice. Our results are fantastic and this website is a terrific introduction to this art.


Our marketing folks go crazy when we share information about other tiny house builders, but let’s be honest here ... if you are searching for tiny house builders, you already know about Tumbleweed. They are the real deal and offer a lot of interesting stuff. If you want to “play” in the big leagues of tiny house builders, then you really need to go to bat against these folks.

Tiny Home Industry Association

There are several tiny house associations and so far, they all are important and have something to add. You would do well to search them out and see what they offer. If you are living “tiny” or think that you might in the future, joining one or more of these is a good thing (even if you just want to stay “in the loop”). The THIA is a great place to start and we find their knowledge and approach to be complete and easy to understand.

Jamaica Cottage Shop

A more interesting, inventive and wild ride of a website dealing with all things small and shed-like, including tiny homes. There are ideas here that will lead you in a million directions and end up back at home with a better, more creative living space. These folks have been doing small construction for a while and it shows, but just building small is not enough. They do it with style and we are big fans.

Tiny House Blog

This is another someone you should know ... Kent Griswold. He knows a ton of stuff and shares it with anyone who asks. He has a Tiny House Magazine app that is nuts and worth every penny. You can learn about tiny houses, tiny house living and all manner of things that interest us. This is a site that you can visit over and over and be sure to download and subscribe to the magazine.

There are so many more folks and sites to tell you about in later blogs. There are architects, engineers, interior designers, real estate folks, investment people and all manner of professionals who bring their knowledge and passion to our little corner of the world. Check them out and see what this new industry has to offer.

For more data and building details concerning ThinHaus, email to: and we’ll share the specifications and techniques that we use to build our industry leading homes.



We couldn’t agree more. There are so many good resources online to help you on your tiny home journey. Each person has something to add, and might be just a little more your style. The tiny home industry is so vast, and it’s the individuals themselves that all contribute to making it such a unique and fun industry.

Don’t forget to subscribe so you can be updated with the latest in the tiny home industry!

Keep exploring,

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