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Tiny House Spotlight - Hola

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
tiny house in wooded area

We're excited to spotlight a really unique and funky tiny home. Meet Hola, the spunkiest tiny home of all. We've had the pleasure of speaking with Elise Akin, owner of Hola and she has a few thoughts on her mind to share with all of you!




My favorite word. When I initially wanted to go tiny, I was afraid I would have to miss
out on fun interior design aspects that I had always wanted. The main point of this sweet lil’ blog
post is to tell you to get creative with your tiny house design. It doesn’t have to look like the
cookie cutter tiny house blueprint if you don’t want it to, you can make it as funky and unique as
you are.

For a couple of months during the design brainstorming process, we would stay at a few tiny
houses to get some ideas on what we like and don’t like, and that helped a lot to really see how
much head space in a loft felt comfortable and what felt claustrophobic. Pictures online can only
go so far as to what it will actually be like when you live in one. Also my husband is 6’4” so
enough head space is a must. ;)

I don’t work well in dark places, so natural light is also a MUST. Hence, skylights. Five of them.
(A piece of advice I would like to give: please don’t skimp out on these. I originally got the
cheaper skylights and paid for it twice by having to get them redone when my whole roof leaked
after a bad storm at the beginning of the build. Not enjoyable, but I’m glad it happened before
any furniture or flooring was in.)

If you live in a state where there are “Floor & Decor”s, please utilize them. I got my octagon
bathroom shower tiles there for super cheap, for no other reason than what I assume to be
because they’re intended to be floor tiles. Who knows, maybe tiles labeled as “shower tiles” are
more expensive, just like the moment you add the word “wedding” in a google search, it’s three
times as much as regular florist. Anywho, I digress.

Mirrors! Mirrors make spaces look bigger! You have a tiny house! Enough said.
Another perk of a tiny house is that you can wake up one morning, see some new design
inspiration on Pinterest, and practically repaint your whole kitchen in one morning. Less space,
easier to renovate. (And less expensive, too.)

BUT keep your windows and doors open while you paint, because less space ALSO means less
ventilation for when you accidentally spray paint something inside and your entire house smells
like paint fumes.

I really just wanted to write this tiny (haha) piece to hopefully spark some ideas in your mind on
how you want to design a house. Your tiny house doesn’t have to have wooden slat walls and a
half kitchen and a composting toilet and a ladder to the loft, like the main ones you’ll see on
Pinterest. Nothing wrong with that style, I just want you to know you can get a little funky with it.
Like pink walls and Spanish tiles and lots of plants. AND you can have two bedrooms that fit
queen size beds in it, if you want guests.

If you only remember one thing from this, write this down: please don’t skimp on cheap


Make sure to check out the pictures below of this great tiny home!

Interested in seeing it in person? Stay in this tiny home!

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