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Tiny Living: Tiny Cabin Decorating Tips

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
inside a small rustic cabin

Just because you have a tiny space doesn't mean it has to look cramped and cluttered!

With some thoughtful design and clever hacks, even the smallest of spaces can look chic. You just need to have a little expert knowledge on your side to help you out.

If you have a tiny cabin, you can turn it into a gorgeous, fully-functioning home. Sounds crazy? It might right now, but with our tips and tricks, you'll soon see how it's possible!

Ready on for plenty of tiny house and cabin decorating tips.

1. Opt For a Loft Bedroom

If you're on the hunt for tiny cabins for sale, we recommend looking for one that either has a lot of height to it or comes with an attic. The more you can use a storage space, loft or attic in the cabin, the less cluttered it will be on the floor. There's also a lot of potential for turning old attic or disused height into a cosy bedroom!

Putting your bedroom in a loft space is the perfect way to separate yourself from your day to day life, adding a small nook that you can hide away in overnight. If you have little ones, this is also ideal for giving you some privacy overnight. If you have an attic, simply convert it into a super cosy bedroom.

If you don't have an attic but have a lot of height, you can create an attic-like space. Simply add a reinforced panel high up in one section of your tiny cabin. This panel will make up the floor of your new bedroom.

Make sure to have a pull-down ladder that you can use to access your bedroom but that hides away neatly during the day. Add a comfy mattress to your floor, avoiding unnecessary bedframes that will add height and weight, and use a couple of floor or wall lamps for a cosy atmosphere. For extra privacy, you can also have a fold-down panel that shuts your small room off from the rest of the cabin - just make sure you don't get claustrophobic!

Check out other people's loft beds for inspiration when creating your own.

2. Install Kitchen Shelves

One of the biggest worries about getting tiny log cabins in the kitchen space. How are you going to fit a fully-functioning kitchen into such a tiny area? Luckily, there are plenty of tips that'll make it a whole lot easier.

One of these is kitchen shelves. While kitchen cupboards are great, too many can start to make your space feel cluttered and crowded. To prevent this, use a blend of cupboards and open kitchen shelves.

An idea we love is to have two long shelves above a section of your countertop. On these shelves, place plenty of glass mason jars filled with your dry ingredients, such as pasta, flour, and sugar. It's a great way of storing your food that looks super chic and doesn't leave your space looking cluttered with cupboards.

3. Always Opt For a Bed With Drawers

If you have a small log cabin or a tiny house that can fit an actual bed, you should make the most of it! A bed is a large bit of furniture that often isn't used to its full potential. Turn yours into a storage solution by opting for a bed with under-bed storage.

The best way to do this is by choosing one with drawers already installed. These are much easier to access than under-bed storage boxes you pop under yourself, and will look far neater in your cabin.

If drawers aren't your thing, opt for a bed which has storage beneath the mattress. But, beware that it can be a hassle to access your things stored this way, so only pop in items you don't use often.

4. Turn Your Stairs Into Storage

Storage is always at a premium in log cabin tiny homes, and managing to fit all of your belongings in without cluttering up your space can be tough! One innovative way to add extra storage to your cabin without adding any additional items is by converting your stairs into secret storage. There are a number of ways you can do this.

The first is by creating lift-off tops on each of your stairs with hollow insides. You can then use these as hidden storage areas. You can also create a large, slide-out draw from the bottom stair that works as a large space for bigger items.

Under stair storage is also a great option. Take a look at this DIY idea for a budget-friendly project to maximize your space.

5. Fall in Love With Sliding Doors

In small spaces, doors that swing in and out usually aren't a good option. These need a large amount of space surrounding them to work, and can make your cabin feel more cramped when moving around it. Instead, kit your tiny cabin out in ultra-space saving sliding doors.

Rather than swinging, these doors move side to side on rails, sliding against the wall as a space-saving solution. They're fairly easy to install, make moving around your cabin much easier, and add a high-end feel to any home. For a cosy, rustic look to fit your cabin, opt for reclaimed wood doors that are budget-friendly and look great!

6. Decant Your Bathroom Supplies

This may sound like a tiny tip, but it can make a big difference! Bathrooms in tiny cabins are often small, and filling your space up with a variety of shampoo and shower gel bottles is guaranteed to leave it looking cluttered. But, if you have nowhere else to hide your bottles, what are you meant to do?

The answer lies in decanting. Decant your products into matching sets of bottles that are minimal in design, like brown glass bottles that are very trendy at the moment. If you're worried about not knowing what's what, add neat labels to each bottle.

By creating a matching set, your bathroom will instantly look neater and less busy. If you can, try and keep the bottles gathered together in a shower caddy, on a bath bridge, or on a side table.

7. Let the Light In

Small spaces rely on windows to open them up. Without enough natural light, your tiny cabin can quickly feel claustrophobic and smaller than it already is! Add as many windows to your space as you can, such as a long, narrow window by your sink and kitchen tops, and a large window in your living space.

You can maximize your light by adding rows of windows high up in your cabin, too. This help brighten up your space without compromising your privacy. Just make sure you have easily-accessible shutters or blinds to stop the sun from waking you up in the morning!

8. Invest in Sofa Beds

Anyone who owns a tiny cabin will know how amazing sofa beds are. These handy, multi-purpose solutions are ideal for creating a functioning living space that can fit plenty of people.

For small spaces, use lightweight foam sofa beds that are portable and minimalistic. You can even make your own by stacking large pieces of foam on top of each other and one as the back of your sofa, and laying the pieces on the floor when it needs to be made into a bed. Top with blankets and cushions for a stylish solution in your small space.

9. Use Foldable Benches

Foldable benches are a brilliant solution for creating hide-away work surfaces. These can be used for kitchen worktops, dining tables, desks, and anything else you might need a flat surface for!

The idea is to attach a worktop - usually made from a thick plank of wood - onto another surface using hinges. Some tiny cabins, for example, have them attached to one of their kitchen cupboards. It can then be pulled up and should fix onto something else, such as the cabinet opposite, creating a sturdy surface for you to work on.

If you don't like the hinge idea, you can also have sliding worktops. These will sit in a slot, such as the space between your cabinets and worktops, and can be easily pulled out when needed. It's a super simple idea that will be incredibly useful!

Start Planning Your Tiny Cabin

Creating a tiny cabin is a dream for many people, but there's nothing stopping your from making it a reality! With these ideas that can all be done on a budget (as long as you have some DIY skills, of course), you can create a functioning, stylish space that works for you in the smallest of homes.

For more tiny home inspiration, be sure to check out the Tiny Homes community. Or to buy your own tiny home, check out some amazing tiny homes and tiny cabins for sale here!

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