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Tiny Tips: Exterior Doors

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
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There are many factors of deciding what type of front door you should get for your tiny house. We’d consider the front door a major influencer on the overall aesthetic of your tiny homes so it’s worth spending a little more money on it to get the one you really like. You’ll be using it every day, and it’s generally the first impression everyone will have of your home. All that to say, it’s important!

Here are the most common options listed below, along with their pros and cons.

Metal Doors


-More affordable

-Generally comes pre-primed and ready for you to paint

-Lightest weight typically


-Ding and scratch really easy. Once they start getting marked up, it’s really hard to ever make them look nice again.

- Least efficient

Fiberglass(Painted, but some stain options too!) Doors


-Won’t dent very easily

-Often only a little more expensive than metal

-Generally comes pre-primed and ready for you to paint

-Some are stain ready as well

-Great efficiency


-A little more expensive.


Wood Doors


-Very classy look. A rich authentic look

-Many different unique design options

-Good efficiency


-Generally the most expensive option

-Wood can dent or scratch

-Stain grade will need more maintenance when exposed to harsh elements. - Make sure it’s well covered from the weather(Sun and Rain!)

-Very heavy

The most common design types (see pictures below):

- 6 panel standard

- Craftsman style with a ledge and 6 square windows

- Modern 5 Panel door

- Flat with side-light

- French doors

- Sliders

Painting Front Doors

The best way to get a smooth finish on your front door is to spray it - but watch out for those drips!

It is possible to use a roller/brush, just remember to be smooth and consistent with your strokes, as it all will show.

Stay tuned for future blog posts that give you master tricks of how to get the perfectly smooth spray finish! Ps. the secret ingredient is patience and consistency!

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