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7 Tips for Moving Across the Country Easily

Updated on:
May 16, 2024
Tips for Moving Across the Country

Image Source: Canva

While the reason for moving across the country is different for every individual, rushing the process can turn out to be expensive and time-consuming. This makes it incredibly crucial to plan your long distance moving priorities in advance so that you are able to take the necessary steps to ensure a smooth transition.

Here are some tips to make moving across the country less of a hassle:

Plan everything in utmost detail

Shifting to a different part of the country is a massive life event that shouldn’t be taken lightly especially if your planning on downsizing and moving into a tiny house. Every aspect of your living needs to be planned from the most significant chunk down to the smallest element.

This will eliminate stress and give you room to prioritize packing belongings with sentimental value. Additionally, as you cannot move everything using cardboard boxes, you might even need time to weigh in all available storage and moving options.

Furthermore, it is also recommended to plan for the worst-case scenarios (sudden weather changes, surprise expenses, etc.) and how you will be able to make your way out of these situations. In most cases, renting containers from brands like PODS can significantly reduce the typical issues involved with storage. These containers can be delivered to your destination, and you can use them for storage for as long as needed or even salvage their space if your move is complex.

Once you have developed a solid approach, you can create a budget covering all the moving-related costs, emergency funds (specifically for moving), and everyday expenses as soon as your belongings are packed.

Say goodbye to things you no longer need

An effective way to store more and save time on unpacking is to take only the things you will need. For instance, you can sell the furniture pieces and buy replacements once you have moved into the new home. This will also give you the opportunity to declutter while making money from the sales.

You can use platforms like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace to sell or even consider donating the things you don’t need to a thrift store. Aside from saving costs, this step also ensures that you have room to start afresh with things that meet your new life’s needs and purposes. Make a list of essential furniture pieces you need, and you can donate or sell the rest. Similarly, if you have books that you no longer read, you can consider donating them to the local library. The key is to identify things that are not serving a purpose and pass them on for someone else to use.

Spend time learning about the area you will be living in

The aspect of moving into a new home is exciting and something that many people are looking forward to. However, not knowing the area you are relocating to can limit your experience. Working with a great moving agent will help you find a home in an area of your preference while having access to the amenities of your choice.

This can include bars, restaurants, grocery stores, and nearby convenience stores. Additionally, as you finally join the office (or university, for that matter), your colleagues or classmates can show you around. You should also check for nearby hospitals and pharmacies in case you are on medication of any kind.

Be creative while packing your clothes

Even if we do not realize this, clothes often take up a lot of space and can be a hurdle when you are packing. If you are taking flights to reach your destination, there’s a strict limit for extra weight, which can cause extra charges. On the other hand, if you are traveling by train or by road, they may end up taking up a lot of space. Due to this, it is recommended to sort your clothing before packing.

You can create categories (common ones include selling, thrifting, and keeping) and then sort clothes accordingly. At the end of this, you will only be left with the clothes that you need and lighter, easy-to-carry luggage. Additionally, if you are moving to a place that has a different climate, you might need to shop for more clothes, so having the space is always beneficial.

Now that you know what you are taking with you, here are some creative ways to pack your clothes:

  • Roll the clothes.
  • Flat fold clothes into boxes.
  • Get vacuum bags to store bulky clothes.
  • Use drawstring trash bags to cover clothing that needs to be hung.

Label each box with clear signs and indicators

Source: Canva

If your boxes are not labeled, there’s a chance you might spend an eternity looking for what you need. Room-wise labeling your boxes makes unpacking significantly more straightforward. Labeling also helps prioritize the room you will be unpacking first. It also ensures that you are keeping track of how these boxes are being arranged in storage containers.

Here are some ways you can label your boxes for easy unpacking:

  • Color code the boxes, assigning a specific color to a room. You can use colorful sealing tape as well.
  • Create a labeling format, for instance, Room - what the box contains
  • List the items that have been kept in the box in detail and stick it to the side.
  • Assign each room a number and pack items from the room in corresponding numbered boxes.
  • Use fragile box labels as needed. Ensure they are placed separately from the rest of the boxes to avoid accidental damage during loading and unloading.

Create a dedicated folder with all your documents

Keeping your documents in a suitcase or storage container can make it difficult to have access to them. There’s also a risk of losing them during the transition. Instead, invest in a dedicated document folder that can easily store all your documents in one place.

Having your documents accessible at all times ensures that you can quickly access the required or relevant documents in case of any hiccups. Ensure that the folder is kept separate from everything else and is always within your reach.

Update your address everywhere

Once you have signed the documents and have the keys to your new home, the most crucial step should be to update all your government-issued documents with the new address. You can do this by filling out a form on the respective department’s website. The change of address should not take long, so by the time you have relocated, your documents will be updated as well.

Aside from this, you should also update your address on websites you frequently shop from. Other documents you must get updated include your vehicle’s registration details and pet’s registration number (if applicable), and have them vaccinated as per the local area guidelines. You should also consider getting your voter information updated.

Moving into a new life, hassle-free

Irrespective of where you are moving, the feeling of excitement and stress should not hamper the experience. It is a monumental life change that should be planned carefully so that you are able to embrace the process and take the necessary steps to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Planning everything in advance will help you prepare for the best and worst-case scenarios while having enough budget to sustain a few weeks of the move comfortably. Avoid packing everything you own but rather spend time decluttering and analyzing if the item is needed or if you can find replacements where you relocate.

A significant cause of worry that keeps many people awake during the moving process is expensive storage and moving needs. Be sure you are getting in touch with a reliable and trustworthy provider to streamline the process and have a worry-free experience.

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