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Top 3 Ways to Make Coffee in a Tiny House Kitchen

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
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We all love coffee. When it comes to coffee in a tiny house, you may not have a regular coffee bar set up or even a coffee machine. So what’s the best way to make coffee in a tiny house? We’ll explore the top 3 ways to make coffee in small spaces in this article below.

Instant Coffee

By far the most convenient and space-saving way to make coffee in a tiny home is instant coffee. Instant coffee is simply coffee that has already extracted all the caffeine and coffee flavor and aroma from the coffee bean. Then it preserves and makes it soluble by it taking out all the moisture.

With a great shelf life of around 12-24 months and the fact that all you need is the instant coffee and some water, it makes it a great option to have on hand in a small space. Because of this, it’s great for backpacking, camping, cabins, yurts, and tiny houses. It’s also 100% recyclable and sustainably and responsibly made!

In fact, we love Organic Instant coffee so much we made ¡Feliz! to provide a healthy and delicious instant coffee. We’ve spent many mornings in sailboats, cabins, and small spaces with instant coffee that just doesn’t taste like coffee. So we have focused on making an instant coffee that provides all the conveniences while not sacrificing taste, quality, and ethics.

Small Coffee Machine with a Grinder

The second best option is a small coffee machine that has a built-in grinder. This allows you to make high-quality coffee while sacrificing as little countertop or cabinet space as possible.

We like the Viante Mini Coffee Maker. It’s compact, has a grinder, reasonably priced and it’s fairly well-reviewed. It makes up to 4 cups of coffee and allows you to optimize the strength of each brewed pot of coffee.

Pour Over Coffee

The third option is a pour-over coffee. This is known to make great coffee, and takes up less space than a coffee maker but it does take more work and cleaning.

You can get a decent pour-over coffee set up for under $20. We like this all in one pour-over setup as it’s compact, reasonably priced, and has a permanent filter that eliminates the throwing away filters after every coffee. Plus it saves some money!

Overall, coffee in small tiny house kitchens can be a challenge when each square foot is vital. These three options give you some flexibility to choose what makes the most sense for your tiny house kitchen while still being able to make great coffee.

So make a coffee, find a good book from your small coffee table, and sit back and relax!


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