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Top SPC Flooring Manufacturer Globally in 2024

Updated on:
May 16, 2024
Top SPC Flooring Manufacturer Globally in 2024

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In the dynamic world of flooring, SPC flooring has emerged as one of the best choices for commercial and residential business. SPC flooring manufacturers take pride in the SPC dedication to excellence. The focus to SPC manufacturers is to design the essence of wood, stone or flooring tile to design the best preference and aesthetic appeal. 

SPC flooring manufacturers play an important role in quality throughout each phase of production. From procuring raw materials to the finished product, rigorous quality to deliver excellence. Manufacturing plants furnished with best technology and aesthetic appeal plays a pivotal role in the exceptional quality of SPC flooring.

Overview of SPC Flooring

SPC flooring has revolutionized the flooring industry that has gained popularity for homeowners and residential spaces by durability, aesthetics & functionality. Lets study the benefits of SPC flooring;

Durability: SPC flooring is designed in a way that it can handle the heavy foot traffic by making it an ideal choice for high traffic areas for both residential and commercial spaces. The combination with how it is made makes it stand out differently by maintaining it to last for a longer duration.

Waterproof: SPC flooring is known for its waterproof properties, the main characteristic is that it is prone to moisture and one reason to fix this is kitchens, bathrooms so that spills and damage are no more worries.

Easy Installation: The other aspect is easy installation, the DIY kit or any other installation technique is designed such that by following the manufacturer guidelines we can fix the SPC flooring tile which saves time and cost.

Designs/Patterns: SPC flooring offers a variety of designs from realistic wood to stone textures also offering colors and patterns basis the aesthetics and preferences.

Market Analysis of SPC Flooring

SPC flooring market is displaying a positive pattern, as outlined in the latest market report. The trend suggests a continuous growth and market stability in the SPC flooring segment as it has the continued demand for durable, versatile and appealing flooring solutions. There is an increasing emphasis on environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly products within the SPC flooring market. Consumers are looking for flooring solutions that are not only durable and aesthetically appealing but also eco-conscious. This trend highlights a shift towards greener practices and materials in response to environmental awareness.

The Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) Flooring Market Research Report for 2024 throws light on trends, growth prospects, and potential scenarios up to the year 2032. This comprehensive analysis provides valuable insights into the growing landscape of the SPC flooring market, offering a glimpse into future opportunities, challenges, and developments that may shape the industry in the coming years. 

The Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) Flooring market comprises a few elements: size, share, scope, growth, and industry potential. This information equips businesses with valuable insights to pinpoint opportunities and assess potential risks within the market. The global market for SPC flooring in the year 2023 was estimated to be USD 4.56 billion while the prediction for the year 2031 is forecasted to be at a CAGR 6.6%.

Image Source: Canva

Top Manufacturers of SPC Flooring

SPC flooring, although commonly used in residential & commercial spaces,is also one of the top choices for high-traffic areas such as hotels or offices. The term "SPC" stands for Solid Polymer Composite, highlighting the material's rigid structure that surpasses traditional vinyl flooring. The core composition of stabilizers and limestone, making SPC flooring ideal for commercial spaces that experience heavy footfall.

Installing new flooring or replacing existing flooring in a home can be time-consuming, requiring careful measurement, cutting of tiles or planks, and precise arrangement of sections to achieve the desired pattern. Additionally, the type of SPC flooring chosen can significantly impact the final look and functionality of the floor. Therefore, it is mandatory to do proper research to identify top SPC flooring manufacturers that ensures a successful and visually appealing flooring installation. Let's study about a leading manufacturer in the field of SPC flooring:

Shaw: Shaw is a leading manufacturer in the SPC flooring industry, known for its commitment to quality and innovation. The company offers a range of SPC flooring solutions under three distinct brands: DuraTru, Floorté, and Floorté Pro, catering to the high-end luxury vinyl plank market. Each brand offers a diverse range of colors and variation, with options available in both four and twelve variants to meet various design preferences and needs.

CoreTec: USFloors introduced the COREtec brand of vinyl flooring in 2013, focusing on durability and water resistance as key features.COREtec is primarily recognized in the US market, its international presence has solidified its position as one of the top manufacturers of SPC flooring solutions globally.Customers can expect to pay a premium for COREtec products, which are known for their superior quality and aesthetics. COREtec products typically command higher prices due to their visual appeal, durability, and focus on styling when compared to traditional features.

ArmStrong: Armstrong, known for its legacy in manufacturing quality flooring solutions, provides a diverse range of products that include luxury vinyl planks and an exclusive line of SPC flooring. The classification system on good, better & best simplifies the decision-making process for consumers, offering varying levels of quality and features to meet different preferences and budget considerations.

WIN-TEL Surfaces LLP: Wintel surfaces offers high quality SPC flooring options from 2021. The core focus to deliver innovative, stylish and durable flooring solutions aligns with customer and market demand offering quality, durability, innovation and customer satisfaction. By choosing Wintel Surfaces LLP, customers can expect flooring that not only enhances their space but also seamlessly blends style and strength for a truly elevated experience. Wintel's SPC Flooring stands out for its exceptional durability, water resistance, and versatility. The flooring tile is designed with comfort in mind, your tiles and planks feature various designs and finishes suitable for both residential and commercial spaces. Your luxury vinyl flooring strikes a balance between practicality and aesthetics, making it a great choice for kitchens and moisture-prone areas. Easy to install and maintain, it offers a blend of style and functionality. Your commitment to sustainability is evident in your eco-friendly luxury vinyl flooring options, which merge style and environmental consciousness. For customers valuing the timeless elegance of wood, your exquisite wood flooring options meticulously replicate the look and feel of authentic wood, prioritizing elegance, warmth, and comfort in every design.

Price Range and Affordability 

The price of SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) flooring often fluctuates based on factors like quality, brand, thickness, and design. SPC flooring offers a cost-effective flooring tile when compared to other options such as hardwood, laminate, or ceramic tile flooring.

The average cost to expect for SPC flooring ranges from $2 to $7 per square foot for raw materials only .Installation cost ranges from $1 to $3 depending on the area and location to which it is going to be fixed.

SPC flooring is cost-effective, when compared to materials such as hardwood or natural stone. Its durability and low maintenance needs contribute to its reputation as a budget-friendly, long-lasting flooring option. To choose the best value for your investment, it's advisable to compare prices from different suppliers and assess the quality and warranty provisions offered by each.

The comparison decision for flooring will ensure to make an informed decision to cater for your investment. Well, if you look at the pricing point for Wintel surface. They offer the best price with the best quality of product plus they also have various designs and patterns to offer to you to choose the best design for your decor space.


SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) flooring presents an attractive blend of affordability, durability, and visual appeal. While pricing may fluctuate based on quality and design variations, SPC flooring often falls within the mid-range cost bracket when compared to alternative flooring materials plus its affordable medium. Right from ranging multiple flooring options to offering environmental friendly,SPC flooring covers it all. 

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