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Waterfront Homes - How To Find The Perfect One For Your Family

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
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Waterfront homes have always been a popular real estate opportunity. From the scenic setting to the chance to build right on the water, there are many reasons to want one. If you are planning to live near water, it's important that you take some time to really look at your priorities. Here are four things you should consider before you start looking for the perfect waterfront house.

1. Your Ideal Budget

While most people think that any home on the water has to be expensive, that is simply not true. There are waterfront homes in all price ranges, but you should really take your budget into consideration beforehand so you don't limit yourself too quickly.

2. Your Ideal Location

While a waterfront house might look attractive no matter where it's located, some areas have more to offer than others. Make a list of the features you want in a home and then check out some homes that have those features nearby. For example, if you want to be near people who enjoy water activities, look for waterfront homes near state parks, beaches and other areas where folks go to have fun on the water.

Figuring out your ideal setting is important when purchasing a waterfront home. Are you looking to be oceanfront with white sand beaches? Do you prefer a rustic, wooded setting near a calm lake? These things are important to consider before deciding on the perfect waterfront home for you and your family.

3. Your Ideal Layout

Waterfront homes come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. You'll need to pick something that not only suits your needs but also gives you the most space for your money. For example, if you are planning on hosting family and friends in your waterfront abode, having a large living and kitchen area may be more of a priority than other features.

4. Your Ideal Quality

Just because you are buying a waterfront home doesn't mean you should take shortcuts. Make sure the house is in good shape before you invest your money, and make the time to go inspect it before signing on the dotted line. Look at all of its features, both inside and out. If possible, get an estimate for how much it will cost to fix up the house and bring it up to your standards.

5. Your Ideal Size

If your family is only two, you might not need a large home on the water. On the other hand, if you have several children and like to entertain, a larger home might appeal to you. Things you may want to consider when it comes to size are the number of bedrooms, entertainment spaces, outdoor areas and property size.

6. Your Ideal Use

Many people want to invest in waterfront homes for the additional income opportunities that they provide.  This is fine, but if you want to get the most for your money, make sure that the home's purpose reflects your own personal goals and lifestyle. For example, if you like to spend time on the water yourself, a waterfront cottage might be ideal. On the other hand, if you're thinking about renting out space to others who enjoy the water, a larger home would be better.

Other things to consider when looking for the perfect waterfront home

There are many other considerations you will need to make before pulling the trigger and buying a perfect waterfront home. Some of these include

Home Insurance:

Homes set near the water have unique insurance needs that other properties may not have.  Be sure and speak with a licensed insurance agent about your options before you buy.

Building Codes:

Depending on where the home is located, there may be certain codes that need to be followed. For example, if you live near a shoreline of water that freezes over in the winter months, you might need more insulation than someone else living by the same body of water. There are also homes that have special codes regarding how close they can be to large bodies of water.

Property Line:

This is another issue you will need to consider before buying a waterfront home, especially if you plan on building one someday. Do some research into local property line laws and make sure you know what's allowed on your property before you buy.

Property Usage:

Depending on where your waterfront home is located, it is a good idea to confirm that your intended use of the property is allowed. For example, if you are wanting to rent said home, it is a good idea to confirm with local authorities that you can legally rent there.

Local Amenities:

What about the shopping and dining options? Is a hospital close by? These are all questions you should ask yourself before considering a waterfront home. Remember, where you live has a lot to do with how much you can get out and about. If your home is too far from a large city, consider what kind of affects this might have on your lifestyle.

Waterfront homes can be a great investment, but it's important to do your research before you buy. Make sure you consider all of the factors we've mentioned in this article and don't forget to speak with an insurance agent and local authorities about any codes or regulations that might apply to your new home.

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