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The Ultimate 6 Ways to Keep Your Tiny House Clean

Updated on:
May 9, 2024
Ways to Keep Your Tiny House Clean

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In recent years, the tiny house movement has gained significant interest. Many people nowadays are leaning toward a more minimalist lifestyle that emphasizes simplicity, sustainability, and efficiency. The appeal of living in a tiny home is due to its compact and cozy nature, not to mention, one doesn't have to shed extra effort to keep it clean and comfortable as well!

Tiny houses are becoming even more on the rise among single adults who have no plan to marry. Not only is it cheaper to purchase or rent, but it can also help one to be able to live conveniently.

But it is important to note that a tiny house doesn't mean that you can always push around your schedule to clean it. Here are a few of the many reasons why you should still prioritize regular household cleaning, even when living in a tiny home:

  • Promotes Comfort and Relaxation: A clean and clutter-free living space can help you to foster a sense of calm and relation, which is essential for unwinding after a long day. In a tiny house where every square inch counts, a tidy environment will help to maximize available spaces and enhance your comfort.
  • Eliminates Dust and Other Impurities: Regular maintenance is essential to preserve the condition and longevity of your tiny house. Dust, moisture, and pests can cause damage to the surfaces and structure of your house. By implementing a proactive cleaning regimen and addressing maintenance issues promptly, you will be able to protect your investment for years to come.
  • Maintains Cleanliness and Hygiene: In a confined space, maintaining cleanliness is important to safeguard your health. Dust, dirt, and clutter can exacerbate allergies and respiratory issues, posing health risks in the long run. Regular cleaning routines can help eliminate allergens, bacteria, and germs - promoting a healthier indoor environment.

How to Keep Your Tiny House Clean?

Keeping a tiny house clean requires strategic planning and consistent effort. Here’s a comprehensive strategy that can help you maintain cleanliness and organization in your tiny home!

Establish a Cleaning Routine

The first thing you should do to keep your tiny house consistently clean is to establish a regular cleaning schedule that addresses all of your cleaning needs. To make one for your home, start by assessing each room and area before noting what cleaning tasks need to be done. Then, figure out how you want to spread these tasks out throughout the week to fit your daily schedule. 

By creating and following a cleaning routine, you’ll be able to take a much more organized, strategic, and sustainable approach to cleaning that addresses all of the unique cleaning requirements of each space inside your tiny home.

Vacuuming is Your Best Friend

There are many reasons why having a vacuum cleaner inside your tiny home can be extremely beneficial. Aside from helping you clean your floors more easily and efficiently, a vacuum cleaner can also be used on your upholstered furniture, carpets, and curtains, which can help get rid of any surface-level dirt and debris that may have accumulated. 

Needless to say, a vacuum cleaner will help you go through your long list of chores much more quickly, making it a must-have for any homeowner!

Image Source: Canva

Make Time to Declutter

You should also make time to declutter your belongings to minimize the amount of stuff you have in your house. Not only will this significantly free up your limited space, but it’ll also reduce the amount of contaminants that can build up inside your home, as dust and dirt are more likely to settle on cluttered spaces. This is the ultimate way you should follow to keep your tiny house organized at all times. 

It can help to embrace a minimalist lifestyle by keeping only the essentials and letting go of any items you no longer need or use. You can discard items that you don't need anymore, or make some extra money by selling them instead. If you want another option to choose, you can also donate those items to people who are in need. And it goes without saying that you’ll have to be much more careful and prudent when you go out shopping, making sure to stick to necessities.

Clean As You Go

They say that prevention is much better than a cure, and the same principle can be applied when it comes to keeping your home nice and clean. Incorporating the well-known habit of Clean as You Go can go a long way in keeping your tiny home nice and clean, especially since it reduces the chances of procrastination. 

Some things you can do include wiping down messy surfaces, washing dishes right after use, as well as tidying up after yourself rather than putting it off for later. If you live with other people, you should also encourage them to pitch in and contribute to the cleaning efforts. This will help to lighten the workload, and make sure that your home is always spotlessly clean.

Regularly Deep Clean

Aside from cleaning as you go, you should also schedule periodic deep cleaning sessions to tackle hard-to-reach areas and thorough cleaning tasks. You should focus more on areas that accumulate dust, dirt, and grime; such as behind furniture or under appliances. 

Hire a Professional Once In a While

Regularly cleaning your tiny home can massively help maintain its cleanliness and organization, but it might not always be possible to fit it into your schedule. Understandably, you won’t always have the time or energy to handle all the cleaning tasks by yourself, but there are trained professionals that can handle everything you need to do, from bathroom and kitchen to even sofa cleaning.

Hiring a professional can be the best thing you do, not only to keep your home clean but also as a way to treat yourself. Cleaning is full of hassle, it is only natural for you to feel lazy doing it. Especially if you’re already busy with your daily life. Thus when this situation happens, reaching out to a trusted professional cleaner can be the ultimate way!

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