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What is an A-Frame Camper and How to Choose the Best One?

Updated on:
November 29, 2023
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Popularity of A-frame campers

The resurgence of the RV lifestyle is undeniable, resulting in a spike in camper sales. A notable key player in the tiny house scene is the A Frame camper, winning hearts with simplicity, elegance, and durability. It's a popular choice for campers ranging from novices to seasoned RV travelers.

Importance of camper selection for enjoyable camping

Choosing the right tiny home camper significantly affects your camping experience. The camper has to fit your lifestyle, travel habits, and budget. A suitable A Frame camper could provide unforgettable memories or a cumbersome burden.

Understanding A Frame Campers

Definition of an A-Frame Tiny House camper

It is a hard sided camper that collapses and folds down into a compact size. It derives its name from the distinct A shape visible when assembled. It combines the best of traditional travel trailers and pop up campers.

Highlighting its features

Light weight, easy to tow and set up, these campers are a charming hybrid, combining the best of tent trailers and conventional hard sided travel trailers. Most models have amenities such as a cooktop, refrigerator, storage compartments, and ample sleeping space.

Different types

They come in various styles, including classic, high wall, and off- road. The Classic model is the original design, while High Wall has taller sidewalls, and Off Road is designed for rough terrains.


Advantages of compact campers

A compact camper offers the comfort and convenience of more massive RVs in a smaller package. It is easier to maneuver, especially in tight spaces and consumes less fuel during towing.

Portability and camper versatility

Portability is one of its biggest appeals. Not only do they fit into most campsites, but they're versatile too, doubling as a guest house, an office, or a personal retreat. This versatility can significantly enhance your outdoors experience.

Highlighting lightweight A-Frame campers

Lightweight campers which weigh about 600 KG, are compact, efficient, and perfect for a quick getaway. Such lightweight small home campers are less stressful to pull, cause less wear on your tow vehicle, and save on fuel costs.

tiny house the a-frame park model interior
View The A-Frame Park Model by Zook Cabins

Key Factors to Consider

Assessing your size needs

Once you've decided that this is your RV of choice, you need to determine the appropriate size. Consider the number of people that will typically utilize the camper, your storage needs, and your towing vehicle's capacity.

Clarifying your budget

Prices are as varied as their features. It's crucial to define a budget early in your purchase journey. While being budget conscious, it's just as important to ensure you strike a balance between affordability and the quality and features you desire.

Considering camper towing capacity

Camper towing capacity is determined by the tow vehicle's capacity and the camper's weight. This is crucial in choosing a camper as exceeding your vehicle's towing capacity can pose significant safety risks and potentially damage your vehicle.

Important Amenities

Ensuring comfort

Despite their compact size, most tiny home campers come equipped with amenities that ensure comfort including beds, mini kitchens, and dining areas. Additional features like air conditioning, heaters, water heaters, and toilets contribute to a comfortable camping experience.

Availability of camping gear storage

Good storage capacity is crucial when choosing your A Frame Camper. Most models are built to provide storage space, both internally and externally, for camping gear and personal items. However, storage space can vary widely between models, making it crucial to factor this into your purchasing decision.

Special features for weather resistance

Weather resistant features are an essential factor for year round campers. These include sealed underbellies, insulated roofs, double pane windows, and the provision for heat tape on water hoses.

Highlighting off grid options

Off grid camping is increasingly popular. Thanks to solar panels, onboard fresh water capacity, and robust construction, certain A Frame Campers provide a perfect companion for unconditional explorers who love the call of the wild.

tiny house the a-frame park model bedroom
View The A-Frame Park Model by Zook Cabins

Walking Through The Buying Process

Preparing the camper purchase guide

Preparation is an invaluable step in buying your small home. Understanding your requirements, budget, and conducting market research can streamline the buying process.

appreciate or regret about their campers can aid and shorten your decision making process.

Safety Features

Safety features, like reliable braking systems, safety glass, good visibility, and well designed entry and exit points are not to be overlooked. Make safety a top priority when choosing your A frame camper.

Stressing safety in your decision ensures peace of mind during your journey. A safe camper makes for less fretting and more enjoyment out in the open.

Maintenance and Resale Value

Regular maintenance is key to enjoying a long and smooth relationship with your tiny house camper. Proactive care can prevent wear and tear, extending the life of your camper.

Resale value is often overlooked when buying a camper, but savvy buyers will consider it. A well maintained camper, particularly from recognized brands, retains much of its value.

Long term cost involves more than the upfront price. Maintenance, insurance costs, and potential resale value are influencing factors. Prioritizing long term benefits over immediate costs can be a smart choice.


Deciding on the perfect A frame camper involves due consideration of various elements. Looking at each of these will ensure you select an ideal tiny house that will serve you for years.

Choosing the right A Frame camper is the beginning of an exciting journey. Take your time, make an informed decision, and hit the road without regret. It's time to make memories, let the journey begin!

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