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What Makes Bloomington, MN, a Good Place to Live?

Updated on:
June 21, 2024
What Makes Bloomington, MN, a Good Place to Live

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Is Bloomington, MN, a good place to live? With the presence of a diverse and friendly environment, strong economy, top-notch healthcare facilities, excellent public schools, and all-round high-quality of life, what's there not to love about Bloomington, MN?

Is Bloomington, MN, a good place to live? With the presence of a diverse and friendly environment, strong economy, top-notch healthcare facilities, excellent public schools, and all-round high-quality of life, what's there not to love about Bloomington, MN?

It's the perfect place for both individuals and families, young and old, the working class and retired! Over the years, Bloomington has constantly ranked amongst the top 100 cities in the U.S. in terms of livability and livelihood.

What makes this Hennepin County city so special?

Why does this city on the North Bank of the Minnesota River get a lot of traction?

What makes Bloomington, MN, a good place to live?

Let's dive right into it: the good, the not-so-great, and the gray areas!

Diverse and Family-friendly Community

You can't even make this up. Ask the 87,398 residents in this city what they think about Bloomington, and it's a bet that 80% of the responses are nothing short of praise.

The median age here is 42.2; however, a nice share of younglings and retirees swarm the city. While Caucasians have the largest population, there's also a fine mix of ethnic diversity that makes everyone feel right at home.

Bloomington's community friendliness is a major sell in the city, especially for young adults and growing families.

A simple survey through the movers in Bloomington, MN, suggests that the sense of community, diversity, and cultural immersion are among the top reasons many people come here and choose to stay.

Affordable Real Estate

Even with a living cost that's 3% higher than the national average, the real estate market is considerably more lenient on the residents.

Compared to other cities its size, Bloomington offers a better reach for your dollar, allowing you to have a high-rise apartment or a small, modest home in this city.

Plus, in terms of investing in its real estate, Bloomington is an excellent place to kickstart your housing portfolio. Homes value ranges from the lows of $79,900 to the highs of $3.5m, and this city has shown to have impressive appreciation rates.

  • Average House Rent: $1,691
  • Median Home Value: $357,500
  • 1-Year Home Value Change: +2.1%
  • Mortgage Rates: 6.04% - 7.32%

Flourishing Economy with Plenty of Employment Opportunities

Moving to Minnesota, no matter which city is a fine opportunity to be part of an economic system you can be proud of. Through the tax system, the city and its residents benefit significantly from government spending, which improves various aspects of livelihood here.

Just the Mall of America alone in Bloomington—being one of the largest employers—generates sufficient income and tax revenues for development in the city.

  • Income Tax Rate: 5.35% - 9.85%
  • Sales Tax Rate: 9.03%
  • Property Tax Rate: 1.32%

For the new folks coming here and in need of employment, you should know that the largest industries are hospitality, tourism, and retail. Your major employers in the city will most likely be MOA, Best Buy, HealthPartners, and Seagate Technology.

Unemployment is of little worry here; about 90,000+ people work in Bloomington. For those coming over to live in the city, there's a slightly better advantage than job seekers from areas like Edina, Minnesota, or Richfield.

  • Median Household Income: $87,381
  • Unemployment Rate: 2.70%
  • Poverty Rate: 7.90%

Top-Quality Healthcare Facilities

Is Bloomington, MN, a good place to live if you prioritize your health?

The answer is a straight yes. Here's why: a good number of specialty and primary healthcare facilities are available around the city. 

That's not all. HealthPartners—an integrated healthcare network—partners with local and national organizations to foster better health practices in Bloomington.

Moreover, the city—and the state at large—has one of the highest life expectancy in the country at 81.

Some of the best hospitals and clinics in and around the city include:

  • The University of Minnesota Medical Center
  • Hennepin County Medical Center
  • Abbott Northwestern Hospital
  • Methodist Hospital

Easy Accessibility and Functional Transport Services

It might not be Minnesota's largest city, but it isn't in some remote, deserted area.

Where is Bloomington, Minnesota?

Access to this city is easy from the North and South via I-35W. Bordered by I-494 to the North and U.S. Highway 169 on the West.

As a resident of this city, you can expect to use the ever-efficient Light Rail System that goes through MOA, 28th Ave, Bloomington Central, and American Blvd routes.

Here are a few facts about transit in Bloomington, MN:

  • The average commute time here is 26 minutes
  • 77.5% of commuters drive their cars
  • Only 4.4% use public transportation
  • Due to easy accessibility, 2.8% of commuters prefer to walk
  • About 0.7% commute with bicycles


The city is currently implementing an Active Transportation Action Plan (ATAP) to expand safe and convenient non-motorized transit options.

Exceptional Educational System

What Bloomington has achieved with its educational system is nothing short of exceptional!

From early childhood to postgraduate level, there's a school in the city ready to educate you. There's a sense of commitment to educational excellence in Bloomington, and its numerous national recognitions and awards are a few testaments.

For instance, the city's public system records nine of its schools as Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence, and an extra six have merited the Minnesota School of Excellence honors.

Examples of good school options to consider for your kids include:

  • Ridgeview Elementary School
  • Seven Hills Preparatory Academy
  • Normandale Community College
  • Northwestern Health Sciences University
  • Bethany Global University
Image Source: Canva

Excellent Weather Conditions

Summer, winter, spring, and fall are all here, and they're stunning. If you already live in the Midwest, Bloomington's weather is no stranger to you.

For those coming from other distant areas, know this: the winters here can be crazy. It will be cold, it will snow, and it will turn icy, but in the end, you'll love it (there are plenty of fun activities during this season).

In the coldest months, expect temperatures to swing between the lows of 27° and 11°. The warmer summer months bring the highs of 62° to 83°.

Nothing too extreme on both ends.

On average, it's lovely throughout the four seasons. Natural disasters like earthquakes or hurricanes are rare, but tornadoes coupled with severe storms can be more frequent.


In the wet months (mid-May through October), use bug-proof nets and sprays because the state birds—mosquitoes—come out to play.

The Mall of America

When it comes to amenities, the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN County, has you covered.

The Mall of America or MOA—as you would often hear it being called in the city—is America's single largest enclosed shopping complex.

It's, shop til you drop, inside this massive 5.6 million sq. ft. Whatever you are looking to buy, it's here; if you can't find it there, you probably don't need it.

MOA is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city and has welcomed approximately 1.2 billion people on its grounds since its opening. 

The mall features more than you know; you get:

  • 500+ stores to shop
  • 60 amazing restaurants to dine
  • A 7-acre Nickelodeon Universe amusement park
  • An Aquarium
  • World-class gaming and entertainment centers
  • Mini-golfing zones
  • A comedy club and lots more.

Tons of Outdoor Activities

When outside the mall, the fun doesn't stop! The city of Bloomington has enough well-maintained parks (about 97 of them) with amazing sports fields for a good family time out.

Plus, there's the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge and Hyland Lake Park Reserve, where residents and tourists can hike, bike, ski, and snowboard—all in the city.

Remember, it's the land of 10,000 lakes. If you ever need to cool off or take a break by the water, just head out to any of the 12,034 lakes for scenic moments.

Other fun sites you can visit include:

  • The Bloomington Ice Garden
  • Bush Lake Beach
  • The Japanese Garden at Normandale College Campus

Final Remarks—the not-so-great aspects

While there are tons of excellent appeals about Bloomington, you might want to know something that could cause you to re-evaluate your stance on the city.

Remember the affordable real estate? There's a reason it's that way. Many houses here are dated, especially on the East side.

New constructions exist, but they aren't many, as the city is pretty much set with the older structures. However, the Western part is much better. It still has a few old homes, but most of the newer structures are there.

So, is Bloomington, MN, a good place to live?

For the 80,000+ residents, it is! If you can, take time to visit the city and tour the neighborhoods to get a good feel of what life here might be like before making the decision.

Good luck!

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