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Where Can You Park a Tiny Home in Florida (Read This First!)

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
The Lee custom tiny home on wheels by Movable Roots

In Florida, you can park your tiny house in Tiny House Communities (like Circle Pond Tiny Community, The Outpost Park and Community, Gracious Tiny House Park, Braveheart Properties) or in RV Parks and Resorts (like Christmas RV Park and Lost Lake RV Park).

The tiny house revolution is sweeping the United States and helping people to live cheaply and save money.

Florida is a relatively friendly state when it comes to owning a tiny house. However, the sunshine state has rules regarding where to build or park a tiny home.

Knowing where you can park a tiny home in Florida is important if you do not want to get into trouble with the authorities. This article will reveal some of the best places to park a tiny house in Florida.

When it comes to where you can park your tiny house in Florida, there are two main parking options:

  • A tiny house community
  • An RV park or resort
Tiny Home on wheels with metal siding at a tiny house show
View the Henderson tiny house on wheels by Movable Roots

1. Park in a tiny house community in Florida

A tiny house community is a community intentionally built for people who want to live in tiny houses.

Tiny house communities have risen as a solution to the ongoing battle on tiny house parking. Certain individuals and groups are building these communities to offer tiny homeowners a place to park their small quarters legally.

Some tiny house communities have built structures that people who want to live in tiny spaces can rent. Other tiny house communities have lots that they rent to people for the placement of their tiny homes. You can rent a lot and legally park your tiny house on it.

Some popular tiny house communities in Florida where you can park your tiny home on wheel (THOW) are:

  • Circle Pond Tiny Community
  • The Outpost luxury RV resort park and community
  • Gracious tiny house park
  • Braveheart Properties
  • Orlando Lakefront Park

Circle Pond Tiny Community

The Circle Pond Tiny Community is a tiny home community in South Hillsborough County, Florida. The community puts you in a beautiful natural setting. It has lots for parking tiny houses surrounding Circle Pond, with each space offering a glorious view of the pond.

There is ample space between houses, walking paths throughout the community, access to a community garden, and access to all your common tiny home living needs.

Circle Pond Tiny house community also has options for long-term tiny home living.

The Outpost park and community

The Outpost is a luxury RV resort park and community on Lake Mariana. It is perfect for outdoor fun and camping, offering freshwater fishing and boating, float boat adventures, and more.

One part of The Outpost is the Preserve community, specifically for tiny houses on wheels. It offers beautiful park-like settings and access to everything you need for tiny home living.

Gracious Tiny House Park

Gracious Tiny House Park is a family-owned RV park along the shores of Lake Okeechobee in South Florida.

Gracious Tiny House Park offers beautiful natural settings and picturesque waterfronts. You can also enjoy fishing activities. 

The park accommodates tiny houses up to 40 feet long and provides full hookups (water, sewer, and electricity).

Every tiny house space has room for one additional vehicle. The park is also an easy commute to many Southern Florida destinations. Gracious Tiny House Community is great if you want permanent tiny house living, as it allows long-term leases.

Braveheart Properties

Braveheart Properties is a tiny home and small cottage community in Cocoa in Brevard County, Florida.

Braveheart was the first tiny home community in Brevard County. It has tens of lots that accommodate small living spaces, from tiny homes on wheels to traditional-sized cottages. All lots provide electricity and water and are sewer-ready. 

The community has fine walking trails, offers access to communal gardens, and is in the permitting process of creating a clubhouse that will include a recreational area and pool.

If you park your tiny house in Braveheart properties, you won’t run out of things to do as there are theme parks and other tourist attractions within a short drive.

Orlando Lakefront

Orlando Lakefront at College Park is a revitalized 1950s RV park offering solutions to the “where can I park my tiny house in Florida” question.

It has 40 lots for lease, where you can legally park your tiny house on wheels while enjoying full hookups to park utilities. You’ll enjoy the park’s other amenities, including fishing docks, a laundromat, a community garden, and a pet park.

With the beautiful lake, Orlando Lakefront allows waterfront living. You live on the shores of a beautiful lake. You can come with your kayaks, paddleboards, and boats and enjoy waterfront living activities.

Orlando Park offers a long-term stay when you come with your tiny house. If you’ll rather not come with your tiny house, Orlando Lakefront Park has tiny homes you can rent, but only for short-term vacation living.

2. Park your tiny house in a Florida RV Park and resort

An RV park or resort is a place where vacationing RV (recreational vehicle) owners can park their vehicles and stay temporarily for their vacation.

Interestingly, virtually all the RV parks and resorts accommodate tiny houses. However, unlike tiny home communities that allow long-term living, RV parks and resorts generally allow temporary stays.

Some popular RV parks and resorts in Florida where you can park your tiny house are:

  • Christmas RV Park
  • Lost Lake RV Park

Christmas RV Park

Christmas RV Park is an 8-acre park in Christmas, Orange County. The beautiful park, which features tall pine trees, welcomes all RVs (including tiny houses on wheels).

It offers full hookups and has many amenities, including a heated swimming pool, TV reception, BBQ area, and campfires.

When you park your tiny house here, you will not have to travel far to enjoy various attractions. The park is surrounded by state parks, hiking trails, wildlife and bird sanctuaries, fishing piers, and more.

Lost Lake RV Park

Lost Lake RV Park is a welcoming resort in Apopka, Florida. The park has 82 lots to hook up different RVs (including tiny houses).

You can park your tiny house in Lost Lake RV park and make the peaceful environment your home for a night, a week, a month, or all year.

The park has a lot of things to make your stay enjoyable - from diving into the pool to socializing in the shade of mature trees. It also has terrific trails, like the 22-mile West Orange trail that runs through downtown Apopka and along the edge of Lake Apopka.

Rules and regulations regarding tiny homes in Florida

While Florida is fast becoming one of the most friendly states for tiny houses, the sunshine state still has a lot of rules and regulations governing tiny houses.

Are tiny houses legal in Florida?

Florida does not have a state-wide regulation regarding tiny houses. Applicable laws vary from place to place, so whether owning a tiny home is legal in Florida depends on your location in Florida.

Zoning ordinances exclude the siting of tiny houses in many areas. It will be illegal to build or park a tiny home in an area that is not zoned for such purposes. It doesn’t matter if it is a very remote place. 

That said, Florida counties that are most welcoming of tiny homes include:

  • Sarasota
  • Orange
  • Hamilton
  • Pasco
  • Dixie
  • Suwannee

Can you add a tiny home to your property in Florida?

In Florida, it may be possible to build or park a tiny house on land you own or attach it as an addition to a residential property.

However, before attempting to add a tiny house to where you already live, you should ensure that the local regulations allow such.

For example, most residential areas are zoned for only one residence. However, a tiny house is a complete living unit, and adding it to your compound will amount to having two living units on your property.

What type of tiny homes are permitted in Florida?

The tiny house building standards differ from one jurisdiction to the other. For example, different jurisdictions have different regulations regarding tiny houses' sizing (square footage).

So, you should always check the building standards applicable in your area of Florida for what is permitted. For example, a 400-square-foot tiny house is permitted in Orange County, as its minimum acceptable size for a home is 400 square feet. But the 400-square-feet tiny house will not be permitted in Pasco County and Hamilton County, which have a minimum size requirement of 700 square feet.

In addition to sizing, you should ensure that your tiny house satisfies building standards set by the American National Standards Institute regarding electrical, heating, and plumbing works.

What about tiny homes on wheels?

Florida also allows tiny homes on wheels (THOW). However, if your tiny home has wheels, Florida will regard and treat it like an RV. 

You’ll have to register it under Florida’s Department of Motor Vehicles and get a license plate. It’ll also need brake lights to be street legal for towing.

Another regulation governing THOW is that you cannot park it in an RV park for more than 45 consecutive days. To stay longer, you’ll need to get a park trailer placement permit and install the THOW according to applicable codes for park trailer placement.


There are two tiny house parking options in Florida - tiny house communities and RV parks and resorts.

Some of the best tiny house communities in Florida are Circle Pond Tiny Community, The Outpost Park and community, Gracious Tiny House Park, Braveheart Properties, and Orlando Lakefront. The best RV parks and resorts include Christmas RV Park and Lost Lake RV Park. 

Now that you know where you can park your tiny house in Florida, all that remains is getting your tiny living space. If you are looking to buy one or just looking for inspiration about tiny living quarters, is the best place to start.

We can provide you with comprehensive step-by-step tiny house plans and guides to help you make your dream a reality. Our consultation services will give you actionable insights to guide you through the process of owning your tiny house.

Ready to join the tiny house revolution? Let us help you. Start your consultation journey today!

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