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June 9, 2023
City skyline of LA for a tiny homes lifestyle

Living is the most real thing any of us can do - and we do it every day. Deciding how and where we live determines so much for each of us, and it affects every moment of our daily lives.

Today we have Jay from Thinhaus Tiny Homes with us to discuss his thoughts on the beauty of living a tiny home lifestyle.


There are many articles and blogs about the tiny house experience. Some are clearly trying to convince themselves and you that this is the way to live your life. Downsizing, rightsizing, minimizing and tiny-sizing are all words bandied about in an effort to make living in a smaller footprint seem to be the most desirable way to go. Maybe they are right? Clearly, they are right for some and not so much for others.

It seems impossible to believe that any of these pieces would convince someone who has not already decided that tiny living is the way to go. Perhaps, the writings help reinforce a newly found decision or offer a new viewpoint for someone who is looking for something different ... but if anyone thinks you can convert a large home owning baby boomer that going small will work for them ... well, we are not believers in that.

Where Do You Want to Be?®

This is what we think tiny house living is really all about for most folks. It’s not that they particularly want a small living space. It’s all about where their living space is ... and perhaps, what they want to budget for that space.

Fresno CA Welcomes Tiny Houses - Image by Creative Commons via Wikipedia

What do you do if you want to live and work in or near Seattle or San Francisco or even Boise and you don’t have a zillion dollars or think that you might want to go somewhere else in the next few years? Buying a stick-built house on a foundation, no matter the size, simply reduces your options. Renting an apartment might provide the flexibility you want, but the economics of it are not appealing ... and living in that type of space is also not ideal for you.

Maybe your folks bought a piece of land in the lakes region of Minnesota or Tennessee or Montana and you want to live there ... for now. How do you do that? How do you do that without a contractor or permits or hassles and costs that come with building a house? What if you want to make a decision that lasts only a few years and not forever? The easy answer is a tiny house ... but you already knew that.

Salida CO also says “yes” to Tiny Houses - Image by Creative Commons via Wikipedia

It’s not “How do you want to be?” or “Why do you want this lifestyle?” It’s mostly “where” and then work out the details from there.

My Uncle Peter worked for Sears in the mid-twentieth century and moved around a lot for his job. In fact, he and my Aunt moved to a new city every three or four years, not unlike a military family. He once said, “If you don’t wake up in a place you want to be, the rest of the day will kinda suck.” He didn’t know at the time that he was talking about how many people would feel some fifty years later … but that’s exactly what’s happening all over America in the 21st century!

Want to go big? LA is now Tiny House Friendly
Image by Creative Commons via Wikipedia

Our ThinHaus is an answer to waking up in a place you want to spend the rest of the day ... while still solving a lot of other problems and doing it in a very timely fashion. You may not have thought about this as a primary motivation for going to a tiny house, but if you think about it, this may be the primary reason after all.

Where Do You Want to Be?® is really the same as “I want to wake up here ...” and I want to do it in my own place with more options and financial control than an apartment or house gives me. That’s ThinHaus ... but you already knew that, too.

For more data and building details concerning the ThinHaus Model A2410~Onyx, email to: and we’ll share the specifications and techniques that we use to build our industry leading ThinHaus.


ThinHaus Tiny homes


We definitely will be quoting Uncle Peter. Those are some pretty real words and I can feel the effect of them whenever I wake up in a place I don’t want to be! The beauty of a mobile lifestyle is not something that is taught to people, but it is the vision that you must catch.

From those who’ve caught it,

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