7:00pm - 8:00pm PT

Building a Tiny Home the Right Way

Explore Tiny Home Essentials :

- Foundation: Discover Trailer Made's stable foundation system.

- Steel Framing: Learn the strength of light gauge steel framing.

- Roofing & Exterior: Discuss roofing and siding options.

- Best Practices: Uncover space utilization and insulation tips.

- Codes & Certifications: Understand compliance and certifications.

- Size Limits: Learn about size considerations and mobility.

- Budget: Gain insights into budgeting and cost-effective methods.

- DIY vs. Pre-Built: Compare DIY and pre-built options.

- Tiny House Kits: Explore the convenience of tiny house kits .

Engage in Q&A: Get expert answers to your tiny home queries.

Join us for an hour of invaluable insights into crafting the perfect tiny home !

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