Gold Heat

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What makes the Gold Heat brand the Gold Standard of underfloor electric radiant heating?

Gold Heat

Oregon, USA

For almost 20 years, Gold Heat has continued to proudly manufacture its award-winning, custom-designed radiant floor heat mats to RV manufacturers, home builders, and remodelers throughout America, supported at Gold Heat’s headquarters outside Portland, Oregon.

The company staffs an exceptionally knowledgeable team of radiant heat experts, engineers and designers, that provides tiny house and residential home builders, and RV / motor coach manufacturers electric radiant floor heat mats with 1-step installation, diagnostics help, troubleshooting assistance, and reliable after-sales support.

Gold Heat is a Proud Sponsor of the Global Tiny House Conference

Plus, don't miss the upcoming FREE Workshop on March 27th, 2021 to learn more about efficiently heating a small space, how easy it is to install Radiant Heat Flooring, and have a chance to win a Flir Thermal Imaging Camera Attachment ($300 Value)


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