About this tiny home:

Designed for indoor / outdoor entertainment in good ol’ Texas the home was equipped with an in-house Bose sound system, a wet bar, a spacious full kitchen and the large garage door that opens up to bring the outdoors in, and vice versa, on those days where it’s just too nice to shut the weather out.

The full kitchen is outfitted with a 3 burner gas stovetop, oven, full-size microwave, and full size fridge as well as a dishwasher. The wet bar is on the opposite side of the kitchen and large opening windows create a bar like feel when the deck is placed outside the house at the final destination in Texas.  

The master bath suite was finished with marble styled walls, porcelain tiled shower, and half glass no door entrance appealing to all the senses. Topped off with storage and a washer and dryer combo this bath suite has it all in less than 30 square feet of space. Read our in-depth review to learn more!

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