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10 Undeniable Reasons You Might Need A Shed

Updated on:
September 6, 2023
Backyard Shed

We all know the frustrations that come with not having enough storage space. Whether it's in our homes or in our yards, storage is a necessary part of preserving order and maximizing efficiency. And when it comes to outdoor storage, sheds are essential for keeping infrequently used items close at hand without taking up valuable indoor space. Here are ten reasons why you might need a shed:

1. You do not have a garage

If you don't have a garage, a shed can provide the necessary storage space for your vehicles. A good-size shed can easily accommodate many of your outdoor equipment such as lawnmowers, gardening tools, children's toys, and can even be outfitted with a workbench and electricity to serve as a small garage.

2. Your garage is full

If your garage is already full of items that you don't have room for inside your house, or there is not a lot of usable space after parking your vehicles, a shed can provide the extra storage space you need. Many times what storage is available in garages is used for items that may not be used all the time, but we still want convenient access too.

PS. We'd also recommend downsizing and decluttering!

3. You have a large backyard

If you have a large backyard, chances are you could use a little more organization. A well designed shed can provide the perfect solution for storing items that you don't need access to on a daily basis. This can include lawn furniture, sporting equipment, holiday decorations, and so on. A shed is also a great way to store toys, seasonal items and more.

4. You are an avid gardener

If you are an avid gardener, you know the importance of having a place to store your tools and equipment. Not only will proper storage protect and increase the life expectancy of your gardening tools, but having them close to your backyard garden is also more convenient than in the basement or garage.

Shed and barn on a farm

5. You are an animal lover

If you are an animal lover, you know that they need a lot of space to run and play. If you don't have a lot of room in your backyard, a shed can provide an ideal space for housing your pet's food, water bowls, toys and bedding.

Depending on your property type and animal (i.e. outdoor dog), a shed can also act as a quiet and warm space for them to sleep.

6. You have a home business

If you have a home business, it can be hard to find a dedicated space to work and/or store equipment, supplies and more. A shed can provide the necessary space for a small office, workshop or storage area. It can also be used to store inventory and larger pieces of equipment.

7. You need a place to work on projects

If you are someone who enjoys working on projects around the house, you know that it's often difficult to find a place to do this inside the home. A shed can provide a great area for a dedicated workspace. It can be outfitted with a workbench, storage shelves, and even electricity to make it more functional.

8. You need a place to store your holiday decorations

If you are the type of person who likes to decorate their home for the holidays, you know that space can quickly become an issue. Due to the infrequent need to bring out decorations, a shed can be the perfect place to store them. This will free up precious indoor space and keep your holiday decorations safe and organized.

9. You are an artist or crafter

If you are an artist or crafter, you know that there are generally a ton of supplies needed. A well-organized shed can help keep them organized and easily accessible when you need them.

10. You have a pool

Pools come with a lot of additional and necessary equipment. From pool skimmers to chemicals, floaties and more, a shed can provide the perfect place to store all of this equipment. It can also be used as a space to change into and out of your swimsuit keeping your indoors clean and dry. Having everything in one place will make pool season much easier and more organized.

A shed is a great way to add extra storage space to your home, and there are many reasons why you might need one. From gardener to artist, crafter or pet lover, a shed can provide the perfect solution for your storage needs. So, if you are considering adding a shed to your property, keep these ten reasons in mind. They just might be the deciding factor you need!

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