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Ala Köl

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A turnkey tiny house on wheels that blends modern simplicity with functional living. Named after a beautiful European lake, this small house has charm and a sense of calm that making it a safe haven for its owners.
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Tiny House on Wheels

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8' x 20'
The Details:

Ala Köl, a stunning European Tiny House displays a resolutely contemporary architecture. Its off-center ridge, the facade entirely dressed in black aluminum, the large joinery and the skeleton cladding give it a clean and modern look while maintaining a homey feel.

You access the tiny house through the living rooms large glass door and window combination that brings natural light straight into the house. The living room is fits a comfortable size sofa-bed and a table that can accommodate up to four guests when the extension is in place.

The simplistic yet essential packed kitchen is made up of two pieces of furniture with solid French walnut worktops (the same for the table and the staircase) and includes a refrigerator, a gas stove with an oven and four burners, a sink, as well as several drawers / cupboards storage.

The bathroom boasts a large shower, a dry toilet with stainless steel bucket and chip compartment, a large wardrobe and a washing machine.

Finally, a staircase with several storage spaces allows you to go up to the mezzanine loft bedroom. You'll find plenty of large storage spaces, opening window for fresh air, and enough room to fit a queen size bed.

The first thing that anyone notices about any house is its exterior and appearance and the Ala Köl is an elite tiny house that comes with a stellar modern exterior look. The structure, the style, the design, everything is on point and the house surely has a high curb appeal. This tiny house on wheels is easily transportable and truly holds the power to make some heads turn as it passes by. The appropriate use of materials and their perfect combination in building the Ala Köl shows the vision behind the creation of this house. 

Most portion of the exteriors exhibits a beautiful black board and batten aluminium siding while a substantial amount of the exterior showcases skeleton cladding. Both these styles go very well together and make a fine combination. The strikingly huge and modish glass windows add on to the beauty of the Ala Köl while also proving to be a very practical feature. The main front door is also made up entirely of glass and comes with a thick black frame that sits seamlessly in the exterior’s color scheme. 

The main door leads you into the house which emulates the classiness of the exterior. When you enter the living room you are greeted with the sight of an aesthetically pleasing wooden world map that is hard to miss as it presents itself as an excellent interior décor item while also holding some significance for the residents. A comfortable couch is placed here for lounging along with a fold down table that qualifies as a great dining table. 

The light colored walls and the wooden vinyl flooring make the interiors look posh. The two kitchen counters are decent in size and not too big which may pose as a drawback, however, the silver lining of this is that these counters don’t get in your way while you cook. The French walnut worktop of these counters looks chic and you get a 4 burner stovetop and oven combination along with a sink and faucet combination. A chest style fridge is also placed next to the cabinets. 

There is space for a washer/dryer combo and the bathroom offers all the basic amenities such as a dry toilet with a stainless steel bucket, a full length mirror and a showering area that is 80 x 80 cm big. The stairs also have a French walnut top and come with in-built storage space. The sleeping loft can conveniently accommodate up to two people and it remains well-lit 24 x 7 thanks to the availability of ceiling lights and wall lamps along with two large windows. 

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Our Thoughts

The Ala Köl Tiny House is a brilliantly designed tiny house with all the standard necessary features and appliances, some extra space, and a stunning design aesthetic that flows from the exterior to the interior.

Functionally, it is has a nice layout that keeps the living room and kitchen feeling open while packing a lot of utility in such a small space.

Overall, it's a good value buy if you're looking for a well built tiny house by a reputable builder in Europe.

Our Ratings

Layout: 8/10

Design: 8/10

Quality: 8/10

Value: 8/10

Overall Rating

8 / 10

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