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10 Welcoming Tiny House Communities From Around the United States

Updated on:
February 12, 2024
Cedar Tiny House on wheels

Tiny homes come with big benefits. For starters, you get to save money on things like your mortgage payment and utilities.

You'll also have fewer household chores to complete, leaving more time to spend on the things you are truly passionate about. And most people who make the leap into tiny home living also report a deeper connection with nature and the outdoors.

But if you are considering a tiny house, you might be wondering where you can put it. After all, you can't build a tiny house just anywhere.

Luckily, there are a growing number of tiny house communities around the country where you can live next door to other like-minded people who share many of the same values as you.

Wondering where to find these tiny house community locations? Wondering where you can build your dream home, or buy an existing tiny house? Keep reading to discover 10 tiny home-friendly communities in the US.

What are Tiny House Communities?

A tiny house community is a designated area that tiny homes can legally occupy. They can have as few as two or three homes, or upwards of 200.

Some exist as neighborhoods of their own, in the midst of a larger city or town. Smaller communities may just occupy some extra space on urban or rural properties.

Some function similarly to an RV park since many tiny homes are built on wheels, able to be towed just like an RV. Certain communities cater to mobile tiny houses, while others require a tiny house to be permanent dwellings.

Basically, a tiny housing community allows you to legally park or build a home next to other tiny home dwellers. You'll have neighbors, just like you would in a normal neighborhood. But you'll all enjoy the camaraderie that comes with knowing your economic and environmental footprint are far smaller than most.

Considerations When Choosing a Tiny Home Community

No two tiny home communities are the same. They all offer something different, while also having different requirements.

As mentioned earlier some cater to mobile homes while others require a permanent dwelling. Some communities offer on-site amenities. These often include a laundromat, a community center, parks or green space, fitness centers, and more.

Some allow for temporary stays, ranging from a few days to a few weeks, while others require a lease commitment of six months or longer. When scoping out tiny home cities, it's important to know what you are going to need and want before packing up and moving to the first community you find.

10 Incredible Tiny House Communities

Now that you know what to consider when looking for a tiny home community, here are some of our favorites from around the country. These communities range from urban living to mountain getaways, and everything in between.

1. Orlando Lakefront - Orlando, Florida

Many people dream of living in Florida, either part-time or full-time. But now it's even more accessible with Orlando Lakefront at College Park, in Orlando.

One of America's most beloved cities, you now call Orlando home, enjoying year-round warm weather in this recently converted RV park. First built in the 1950s, Orlando Lakefront served as an urban RV park before spending years in decline.

But now, those with tiny homes on wheels can park their house right on the shore of Lake Fairview, just a few minutes from downtown. Each lot contains full hookups for only $350 to $650 per month.

Tiny home dwellers can call settle down full-time, or rent a lot for a night, a week, or any length of time. It's perfect for those who still like to travel, but want to spend time in Florida during the winter.

The lake is large enough for paddling, fishing, and boating. And when you feel like exploring the surrounding neighborhood, College Park is loaded with restaurants, shopping, and entertainment options.

2. Whispering Aspen Village - Aspen, Colorado

Maybe mountains are more your thing. In that case, Aspen, Colorado might be calling your name.

Whispering Aspen Village has over 20 permanent cabins and tiny houses on wheels. Surrounded by the Mosquito Mountains, this community is less than an hour away from the countries greatest ski destination; Breckenridge.

If you value the slopes in the winter and hiking, fly-fishing, and climbing in the summer, then this is an incredible place to call home. Rentals are available for vacationers as well as those looking to live in the mountains full-time.

With that many outdoor activities at your doorstep, you'll never need to go anywhere else.

3. Traverse Bay RV Resort - Traverse Bay, Michigan

Traverse Bay is the Midwest's best-kept secret. Located just minutes away from downtown Traverse City, the Traverse Bay RV Resort has it all. Stunning fall colors, glistening water in the bay, and all of Michigan's best wineries call this area home.

With over 80 tiny home lots, each with 5,000 sqft of space, you'll feel spoiled. Homes average around 400 square feet with the option of building a studio shed to match the home. You can use it as additional living space, or for storage of toys such as bikes, motorcycles, or snowmobiles.

Oh, and did we mention that this community is adjacent to three breathtaking golf courses? That, combined with a clubhouse, pool, spa, fitness center, and more will have you ready to sign a lease in no time.

4. Sanctuary Minnesota Village - St. Paul, Minnesota

Looking for a wilderness oasis, free from the noise of city life? At The Sanctuary Minnesota Village, you'll not only peace and quiet from the hustle and bustle of the big city, but also of suburban living as well.

This little community is adults only. Oh, and there's no dogs allowed, either. Good luck cat lovers, your quiet, feline friend is definitely welcome.

This St. Paul community caters to mobile tiny homes looking to settle down for a bit. The minimum lease requirement is six months.

The 80-acre property is covered with woods, trails, and ponds and offers true solitude. There is also a tiny events center that frequently hosts workshops and retreated.

5. LuxTiny - Lakeside, Arizona

LuxTiny is a tiny home community in the White Mountains of Arizona. They prioritize luxury in the midst of a manageable lifestyle.

At this tiny home community, you can expect an affordable, environmentally friendly lifestyle. A beautiful property, a large community garden, and large lot sizes will make this a great place to live full or part-time.

If you'd like to travel, you can also rent out your LuxTiny home while you're gone.

6. Cedar Springs Tiny Village - New Paris, Ohio

Cedar Springs Tiny Village, Ohio's first tiny home village, is conveniently located about an hour from the cities of Columbus, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis. But instead of big city views, you'll enjoy views of a beautiful lake.

Catering to tiny homes on wheels, you can enjoy full hookups while paying less than $500 per month. Dogs are welcome and they'll enjoy the expansive walking trails.

New Paris, Ohio comes loaded with fun activities year-round, from tubing in the winter and shopping at the nearby farmer's market in the summer. You can even walk across the lake to access the nearby resort's pool, as well as fishing and scuba diving opportunities.

7. Little River Escape - Cloudland, Georgia

Located in the mountains of Georgia, Little River Escape is the perfect escape for those wanting their tiny home to be surrounded by nature.

But not only are you surrounded by the forest and incredible views of the hills but you're also surrounded by modern amenities. These include a pool, a fitness center, a dog park, and storage options for your boat or RV.

Plus, you have immediate access to world-class hiking along the nearby Appalachian Trail as well as Cloudland State Park. This is a hot destination, so expect to be put on the waiting list. Luckily, the developer also has a number of other tiny home communities nearby.

8. SpurFreedom - Spur, Texas

Do you enjoy the big, open country? Then SpurFreedom located in western Texas has a spot for you. With a population of 1,000, you'll get plenty of wide-open countrysides and endless blue skies.

Tiny homes in Spur need to be stick-built or situated atop a concrete foundation with a fully functional toilet. But you can build atop a normal city lot, anywhere in the town, thanks to Spur's tiny home welcoming city proclamation.

If you have a home on wheels, you'll still be welcome. You'll find help removing the axles so that your house can sit on the concrete foundation.

9. Lemon Cove - California

Do you wish you can live near national parks? At Lemon Cove Village in California, you can park your tiny home just a few miles away from Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park.

Even though it's one of California's most beautiful areas, it's often overshadowed by nearby Yosemite National Park. But this area has all of the mountains and wilderness you can ask for.

And this tiny home community comes with a pool, high-speed internet, laundry facilities, and shuttle service to the park itself.

10. Tiny Estates - Pennsylvania & South Carolina

If you're looking for a tiny house community with lots for lease, short-term rentals, and tiny homes for rent, Tiny Estates in Pennsylvania & South Carolina might be what you're looking for.

You can commission them to build a tiny home for you or park your already built tiny home.

Beginning Your Tiny Home Journey

With more and more tiny house communities popping up all the time, there's never been a better time to join the movement. Whether you love the mountains, the desert, or the big cities, you can find a tiny home community that is perfect for you.

If you are looking to start your tiny house journey, or if you are looking to connect with other like-minded individuals, make sure you join our online community to find inspiration, ideas, and new friends today.

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