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14 Vital Relationship Tips for Tiny Home Couples

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
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Recently there's been a 67% increase in tiny home sales.

It's not hard to see why, considering the numerous benefits that tiny home living can bring people. What is surprising is how many of these sales are for couples.

Being in a relationship can be difficult with all the space in the world, so how do people make it work living in such a tiny place? Read on to learn the top 14 relationship tips that can help tiny home couples thrive.

1. Good Communication

The backbone of any healthy relationship is good communication, but that's even more true when it comes to couples living in tiny homes.

Work on communicating regularly in a way that both can respect and appreciate. Talk to one another about the small things so that it doesn't feel like a challenge when it comes time to discuss more significant matters.

You will no doubt experience obstacles and frustrations along the way, but there will be countless memories made and laughs to be had too. Communicate about it all.

2. Regular Date Nights

One thing about living in a tiny home is that you will spend much more time together than couples living in a full-sized home.

Because of this, it's easy to rationalize that you don't need to go out of your way to spend time together, but that's not the case. Planning regular date nights is even more critical than ever before because it will get you both out of the house and into a new environment.

This will give you the opportunity to connect on a different level than you do during your day-to-day life.

3. Schedule Outside Activities

Along with scheduling regular date nights, it's also a good idea to work outside activities into your schedule.

This can mean literally going outside or just going somewhere new and different than the four walls of your home. One major benefit to tiny house living is the ability to travel more easily.

Take advantage of this and explore new areas around you. Whether you choose to go for a hike, visit a store, browse books in the library, or do something else, this will bring tremendous balance to your life.

A nice way to take this to the next level is by doing outside activities separately on occasion. Chances are, you both have different interests, so separate for the day and come home to the opportunity to share all about your day.

4. Let Go of the Past

Holding grudges is a common pain point for all relationships. It can be a natural human tendency to have a hard time letting things go, but in order to have one of the healthy tiny house relationships, it's essential to try.

Be open and honest about how you feel (that's part of the good communication that we talked about before) but after that, work toward letting things roll off your shoulders.

5. Give Each Other Space

It might seem funny to mention giving space on this list, but it's possible even within a couple hundred square feet of space.

If you work from home together during the day, see if you can set up workstations in separate areas. Even this small amount of separation can be refreshing. You might even try working outside if the weather permits.

Put headphones in and try to pretend you're on your own. This gives a sense of privacy despite the close quarters and will likely help you to focus better on whatever task you have at hand.

6. Minimize Stuff

Nothing is more stressful than a tiny home filled with too many things. This can cause stress and anxiety that will bleed into your relationship and cause rifts over minor issues.

Part of the draw of living in a tiny home is simple living, so try to live by this standard when it comes to your possessions as well.

If you notice things getting too cramped, take an honest look at what you might be able to get rid of. This can even be a nice way to make some extra money.

Finally, before making any purchases, it's a good idea to have a discussion with your partner. This prevents any surprises, helps lay the groundwork for better communication, and allows you to work on making decisions as a team.

7. Focus On the Blessings

What better way to strengthen a relationship than to focus on all of the good aspects of it? So instead of dwelling on the bad, consider all of the amazing parts of it.

What do you appreciate about your partner? What have they helped you through recently?

Asking yourself these questions and sharing the answers with them can be a wonderful bonding activity, and it can help keep building frustrations at bay.

When times are particularly rough, try making a list of all of the things that you love about them. This will reaffirm things in your heart and help you to see the lightness in a dark situation.

8. Maintain a Good Schedule

Maintaining a good schedule is vital when living in a small space. Your moves will always impact your significant other's.

You will no doubt learn each other's patterns over time, but try setting a loose schedule that you both can follow. This might include:

  • When to wake up
  • What times you will cook
  • Who will do the cooking
  • Work schedules
  • When you will go to sleep

Knowing the schedule will keep you out of one another's way, which will help the space you're in to feel larger and more open.

9. Learn One Another's Boundaries

Setting boundaries is one prime way to avoid needless confrontations.

If you're unsure if something is crossing a line, just ask. If they do something that you feel is too much, simply tell them. Over time one another's boundaries will become clear, and it will be easy to stop yourself from causing an issue.

10. Learn One Another's Love Language

Learning each other's love languages is a unique way to stay connected and show them how much you cherish them in a way that they will truly appreciate.

Take a quiz online if you have to. Being armed with this knowledge will allow you to go out of your way to do special things for one another that will help your love and affection grow.

You might even discover new things about yourself that help you to grow as a person and feel more comfortable and confident within your relationship.

11. Remember to Say Thank You

Saying thank you is such a small gesture, but it can go a long way.

Did your partner wash the dishes unexpectedly? Did they get you a simple gift? Did they research local coffee spots to go to because they know coffee is like air to you?

Show your appreciation by saying thank you, no matter how small it might seem.

12. Bring Up Issues Immediately

If something goes wrong and you don't speak up, your only option is to dwell on it and let yourself get more and more upset with the situation.

Something that might have been a minor annoyance is now a severe problem when it could have been fixed immediately. Don't let this happen to you!

Bring up any issues immediately so that you can talk through them and prevent similar things from happening again.

13. Visit with Friends

Whether you choose to have friends over or go visit where they live, spending time doing social activities is a must.

Being around others will help you to relax a bit and enjoy company other than your partner's, whom you're likely around all day.

If you like to be the hosts, try taking the fun outdoors and sitting around a fire, having an outdoor movie night, or cocktails on the porch. But, no matter what you choose to do, visiting with friends regularly will refresh you and help you appreciate your alone time even more.

14. Look to the Tiny House Community

There are plenty of online resources for people living a tiny home life. These communities will provide tips and advice on how to make tiny home life easier, how to design your home in a way that makes it more comfortable to live in, and how to deal with the people that live with you.

The information that you find from people in the same situation as you will no doubt help you to live your life to the fullest.

Refreshing Relationship Tips

This article highlights 14 relationship tips that should help you to refresh and renew your relationship with your tiny home partner.

Living in a tiny house is a unique and beneficial experience, and living with someone in this space doesn't have to be overwhelming. If you follow the tips in this article, you should see progress in no time!

Click here to find more resources that will help you to live your best life in your tiny home!

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