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5 Cozy and Inspirational Tiny Homes in the Snow

5 Cozy and Inspirational Tiny Homes in the Snow

We just put together our top 5 favorite tiny homes in the snow because who doesn't love a cozy tiny home and's about to snow here in the PDX!

1. Fritz

Well designed tiny house parked in the snow

The Fritz tiny home brings big living to a tiny space! With large windows, a spacious open floor plan and modern Scandinavian style threaded throughout, this new tiny house will surely make you swoon.

Explore the Fritz here.

02. Draper

Rustic Modern Tiny House parked in the mountains

Optimized to deliver a functional layout in a sophisticated package, the Draper is a true piece of art. Fully equipped with high-quality materials, a luxurious bathroom, built-in dining nook, a fold-down deck, and a modern galley kitchen this tiny home is built to go anywhere in style.

Explore the Draper Here.

03. Luna

A modern tiny house with large windows

Luna is a home that deserves the attention of all those in the market for a tiny house. All though it’s been paired down to the primary necessities, this has also brought the price to a lower than usual cost for a high-quality build.

Explore the Luna here.

04. Vista

Tiny house parked in the snow with someone working inside.

Vista is an escape that is both sheltering and directly connected to nature. Craftsmanship is everywhere in the quiet, clean, open design. Vista is perfect for a guest house, inspiring office and is just right for that special space of your own to escape the stresses that invade all of our lives.

Explore the Vista here.

05. Vantage

A cozy cabin tiny house parked in the snowy forest

Take advantage of the amazing views through the oversized windows throughout the main cabin and it's incomparable travel readiness through its lightweight design.

Explore the Vantage here.

Enjoy these 5 cozy and inspiration tiny homes from all around the country in the winter snow and check out many more here!

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