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7 Distinct Tiny House Styles To Consider

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
Yurt cabin tiny house in the backyard

The tiny home movement has penetrated our hearts and it isn’t going anywhere. Everyone either secretly or openly wants to be the proud owner of a well built tiny home. Zack Giffin from Tiny Home Nation will be the first to explain the pleasures of owning a tiny home. He’s traveled around the country in his tiny house living a lifestyle that is attractive to many of us. A freedom first lifestyle. Tiny Homes promote a life of freedom, minimalism, and flexibility that will keep you grounded. Here are 7 types of tiny homes we love to see around the world.

The Skoolie

One of the most widely recognized and talked about tiny home designs is the converted school bus. AKA the skoolie. There’s something about the interior size and exterior uniqueness that makes school bus tiny homes loveable. Not to mention you can just fire her up and hit the coast whenever you want!

The Remote Cabin

Own a remote piece of land? A tiny home built to resemble a hunting cabin or scandinavian minimalist small home can be the perfect piece of real estate for a weekend vacation, hunting trips, and just good ol rest and relaxation. For added impact, design a rustic style that resembles something out of the swiss alps - it’s true minimalism at its finest!

Depending on your preferences you can build your own tiny home cabin or have one built for you. Another great option is buying a kit that you assemble. This seems to be the best of both worlds as it speeds up the building process and allows you to save some money!

Shipping Containers

Tiny home builders love using shipping containers to construct small homes. Due to their rigid structures the options with architecture and design are nearly limitless. However, be aware of the structural safety of your container. Try not to cut away too many walls or panels without considering structural integrity. Other than that, shipping containers make great tiny homes, swimming pools, tiny businesses, and storage units. They are a great option to consider. Check out this shipping container turned into a stunning retreat by a DIYer!

Tiny Home On Wheels

Tiny Homes on wheels are what really took the world by storm. Their utility and homeyness are hard to beat! Once built, you can simply hook up your truck and hit the road. A truck and tiny home trailer give you ultimate freedom. Using a trailer for a foundation helps plan your space accordingly. Go outside and look at your trailer or follow these steps with tape to mock up a real life-size tiny house layout to visualize the space.  It will be a fun thought experiment. Find more inspiration here!

The Backyard Tiny Home(ADU)

Everyone loves Sunday barbecues in the backyard. Take that to the next level with a backyard tiny home to maximize your property. Alternative Dwelling Units are a perfect way to add value to your property and build your very own tiny home on your property legally.

The A-Frame

Any tiny home builder would love to create A-frame tiny home. They are quite popular on the east coast and can add a spacious vaulted ceiling feel to any tiny home. We’ve seen a few A-frame homes on Tiny Home Nation with Zack Giffin and they never disappoint. Check out this one here!

The Yurt

The Yurt has also risen to fame due to its economical construction and high functionality. With the ability to create all sorts of shapes and sizes, yurts give you flexibility over the design process and allow you to build it to best suit your needs. We’ve seen yurts in backyards of homes in the city and deep in the wilderness. They are a great option to consider when going tiny.

What is your favorite type of Tiny House?

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