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DIY Modern Shipping Container Home

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
Modern DIT shipping container tiny home

This modern shipping container home was built by Pavel Dolezal and has some amazing features for how quick and inexpensive he put it together. Inside you'll find a very clean and modern aesthetic. The smooth and refined woodwork and cabinetry remind us of many Scandinavian designs which we absolutely love.

But come on, what can compete with the expansive glass door system?! From the inside it really opens up the tiny house to allow plenty of natural light in and takes advantages of a breath taking view.

Shipping Container with Full Kitchen, Glass Doors and Sleeping Accommodations

Inside you'll find the smooth ply wood work, and modern matte black cabinetry that creates a stark and refined contrast. The tiny home fire place is a perfect touch. It adds a sense of comfort and warmth to the home that makes us want to go spend a cozy weekend there with a book and bottle of wine!

The shower is also very modern and quite spacious considering it's in a tiny home bathroom. We really love the inset wood shower floor and the stucco styled walls. This tiny house bathroom has spa written all over it!

Overall, we think the design and layout fit really well in this space. It's now being used even as a COVID bunker :) What a great place to escape and spend some time looking out over an amazing view.

What do you think about this home? What do you love and what would you have done differently?

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